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Top Eyelash Serums Compared

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Eyelash serums are the rave of the moment now. Not only are they an item every lady who wants a long and a luscious looking lash should have, but they also serve as an affordable and more comfortable alternative to false lashes.

The questions many always ask is, is it possible to achieve the right amount of lashes, with just a few drops of a serum or with the application of a serum every night before bedtime? The answer is yes! Most women have been experimenting with different brands of eyelash serums and we have decided to compare a number of the best ones currently on sale online and offline.

They contain the finest of extracts, they contain the richest of protein and peptides, they nourish, nurture and repair damaged lashes in some cases. Check them out.

#1 BIOLUMA Eyelash Growth Serum

If you are looking for an eyelash growth serum which is made with the most natural of ‘natural ingredients’, then you must grab Bioluma eyelash growth serum. This eyelash is very affordable and it is also easy to use as it can be applied like a conventional eyeliner.

How does bioluma Eyelash Growth serum work?

Bioluma is made with plant extract Malus domestica (an apple fruit cell culture extract) which is an essential ingredient that has been clinically tested for increasing hair growth and strengthening the hair.

It is also made from bark extract, glycerine and panathenol, all of which are purely organic. These plant extracts make the eyelash growth serum hypoallergenic and a strong non-irritant when compared to others.


These are the reasons why customers buy Bioluma and why we recommend it the most.

  • Bioluma eyelash growth serum is one of the hypoallergenic and non- irritating eyelash growth serum.
  • It is affordable, easy to use and has been certified by the natural product association.
  • Contains ingredients that support hair strengthening and hair growth with noticeable results after 2-3weeks.


  • Some customers didn’t find detailed information about the product on their websites.
  • Other customers claim it finishes fast because of the small size of the tube.
  • Some customers don’t see results.

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#2 Grande lash

If you are not satisfied with the natural ingredients found in Bioluma, you will love the unique blend of panax ginseng root, radish root and chamollila rectitua flower all loaded with vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants that make up the iconic product called Grandelash. This amazing looking Grandelash is made by the award winning company: Grand cosmetics.

How does Grandelash work

Grandelash is made with rich vitamins, and amino acids which are combined in the right proportions to give the eyelashes of the users a richer, a fuller and a darker lash. This serum is designed to reduce the limit of eyelash breakage and they are safe for individuals with sensitive eyes or those that use contact lenses.

Pros (why customers love this product)

  • Grandelash is specially made to promote lash growth and to ensure that lashes are waterproof.
  • They contain the all-powerful hyaluronic acid and other prostaglandins which is responsible for making lashes darker and glossier.
  • Non-reactive to contact lens and can be use by individuals with sensitive eyes.

Cons (why customers don’t like about the product)

  • Tingling and burning sensation especially after first use
  • Incidence of eye pain and dark spots around the eye.

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#3 IdolLash

Ladies love this great product because of several reasons which include the affordable price, the optimum performance, and the positive reviews from previous customers. If you have been dissatisfied with the performance of other eyelash growth serums, you would love this one because it’s known for enhancing the length and texture of your eyelash using because of the richness of the ingredients used in its production.

How does idolLash Eyelash Growth serum work?

Idol lash eyelash Growth serum is made with different types of natural extracts which are all combined to produce a distinct and unique product.

These extracts include nettle extract, chamomile extract, honey extract, alfalfa extract, and several other powerful vitamins, peptides, minerals, proteins, nutrients. The honey extract in the serum is a strong emollient, strengthener and conditioner for the eyelash while the nettle extract is responsible for giving the eyelash its lustrous appeal.

The eyelash contains proteins like keratin, biotin and traces of melanin and a healthy dose of vitamins A, B, C, D and E.

Pros (why customers love it)

  • Made with natural agents like honey, alfalfa and chamomile extracts. Which make the product gentle on the lash without all the allergies and irritations associated with chemicals.
  • With one or two use in a day, idol lash can last for about two months.
  • most users experienced noticeable results in their eyelashes between two to four weeks after use
  • Idol lashes can be used with contact lenses because it is neither toxic nor doesn’t react with it.
  • It is free from chemicals like parabens, which damage the lashes and can cause serious eye damage.

Cons (why customers frown at it)

  •  Some users complained of irritations in the eye, especially after first use.
  • Majorly found in online store, so it needs to be shipped.
  • Takes a long time to become effective in some cases

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#4 Rapid lash

If you are looking for the best eyelash and eyebrow enhancing serum that is affordable and beautiful, then you should go for the Rapid lash eyelash and eyebrow enhancing serum.

How Rapid lash works

Rapid lash is made up of the all-powerful hyaluronic acid, biotin protein, vitamins and peptides all of which boost the thickness and the luster of the eyelash


  • Rapid lash is effective for the eyelash and the eyelids
  • It is easy to use with fast and lasting results
  • It is very affordable


  • Reported cases of rash and itches
  • Reacts with sensitive eyes.

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#5 WooLash

This eyelash serum may not have all the natural extracts and proteins that other eyelash growth serums have but the healing effect is much more than all combined.

How Wooash works

WooLash is made from Allergan which is a unique synthetic prostaglandin for treating defective eyelashes.


  • Woolash is used in treating severe eye lash issues
  • Each product comes with a pack of sterile applicators


  • Intraocular swelling
  • Lid and iris pigmentation often associated with prolonged use of the product.

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