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Damage Free Hair Extensions Perth

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The hair extension market is forever expanding, with new products, applications, and wholesale suppliers. But not all hair extensions are equal, and not all hair extensions are unfortunately good for your natural hair.

Great Lengths Hair extensions have been an absolute game changer on the market, and continue to out-perform their competition on quality, damage free application, and ethical standard. The aim is to support your own natural hair growth whilst not having to wait for years for the results you want. These instant, damage free bonds work with your natural hair, to give you not only the best natural look, but also the best care for your hair.

The ‘No damage’ is achieved partly because of the molecular structure of the bond. When your hair is wet it expands (the cuticle absorbs a portion of the water and products you use) then when you dry it, it contracts. Just imagine trying to breathe with something tight around your waist? Over long periods of time this will cause a number of issues, not to mention the pain. This is the same with hair and extensions.

Other products on the market use synthetic applications such as glue or metal, and the hair is unable to naturally expand and contract with each hair wash swim, or sweaty gym session, the hair is effectively suffocated.

This weakened hair grows and then is coloured or styled using products that also compromise the quality of your hair which results in overall breakage and split ends.

How is Great Lengths Hair Extensions Different? 

Great Lengths are the ultimate solution for damage free hair due to our amazing Patent Technology. The bond allows our keratin fibres to expand and contract with your natural hair meaning there is no possibility of damage to the original hair structure.

The application process also has the unique ability to be personalised, as each individual extension is matched to your hair density so that there is no chance of breakage there either.

Over time the hair is designed to shed along with your natural hair so that there is not too much weight in the extension compared with your natural hair and therefore also reducing the stress/damage on your hair. That’s a massive 4-6 months of no stress to the scalp or hair, no continual damage or strangulation to the hair and your little bundle of hair is cocooned safely inside our bond allowing for an extra 4-6cm of healthy hair growth.

If you truly want to achieve not only fabulous instant hair, but the most natural, manageable and long-term hair growth then book in your consultation with our amazing hair extension specialist today.

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