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The Benefits Craft Brewers Get When Using Aluminum Cans

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Are you a craft brewer wanting to expand your reach? Aluminum cans are just the thing for you! Not only do they allow for easy portability and transport, but their lightweight nature also reduces shipping costs. Furthermore, aluminum beer cans can be stacked and stored with ease — leading to further cost savings in brewery operations. Not to mention, 95% of materials used in these containers can be recycled – thus generating less waste while remaining highly eco-friendly. Keep reading to learn more benefits of aluminum beer cans.

Aluminum Cans are Light Weight


Aluminum beer cans are becoming increasingly popular for craft brewers for many reasons, but one of the main draws is their weight. Aluminum cans are extremely lightweight, which significantly reduces the cost of transporting them to different countries around the globe. This means that craft brewers can save on shipping costs, making it possible for them to increase the number of products they deliver and expand into new markets. The lightweight nature of aluminum beer cans opens up exciting opportunities not only for craft brewers but for consumers all over the world who can now enjoy their favorite brews wherever they go.

Aluminum Cans are Sturdy

The craft brewing industry has found significant benefits in using aluminum cans. Not only are these cans resilient and able to withstand damage when mishandled during shipment, but they also require less expensive equipment resulting in a significantly reduced cost. This makes them a great option for brewers wanting to quickly expand operations without sacrificing quality or budget constraints.

Aluminum Beer Cans Keep Beer Fresh for a Long Time

For craft brewers, beer cans are becoming increasingly sought after for their capacity to maintain the freshness of the brew. When it comes to shielding your beverage from “lightstruck,” metal is a great option – and aluminum cans take it one step further by completely blocking out light and oxygen. Aluminum also makes it easier to have a good seal on your container, adding an extra layer of protection against spoilage that can come from outside influences. Craft brewers recognize this, leading them to put more and more of their product in cans so that consumers can enjoy beers as they’re intended – fresh.

Craft Brewers Can Print Their Own Designs on Beer Cans

Craft brewers now have the exciting opportunity to customize their beer cans, boosting their marketing opportunities on shelves among the many other craft and large-scale brewers. Printed cans allow brands to make their own designs, stand out more in the beer aisle, and increase customer engagement. With printed cans, it has never been easier for craft brewers to distinguish and promote their beers. Moreover, printed cans provide convenience for breweries so that they can quickly package large runs of seasonal beers or limited-edition batches for special releases. Now breweries have even greater creative freedom when crafting unique printed designs to capture and keep customers’ attention every time they reach for a beer.


Aluminum Beer Cans are Very Portable for Customers

Craft brewers are increasingly turning to aluminum beer cans for their customers, as they offer convenience and portability. Aluminum is a lightweight material that can be easily packed in coolers or beach bags – perfect for outdoor activities like concerts and festivals. Moreover, because aluminum cans are stackable and occupy minimal space, it’s easy to transport large amounts of craft beer! With the newfound ease of carrying around one’s favorite beers from place to place, beer drinkers can now enjoy the great outdoors with both friends and brews!

Aluminum Beer Cans are Inexpensive to Produce

Not only does aluminum provide a cost-friendly solution for craft brewers, but its production and delivery also necessitate fewer resources. Its lightweight structure helps producers save on supply chain costs while its recyclability creates an opportunity to continue saving money – all while making sure their environmental impact remains low.

Aluminum Cans are Infinitely Recyclable


Recycling aluminum cans is an important way to help minimize our environmental impact. Aluminum is a highly durable and versatile material, so it can be recycled and reused many times over. Aluminum can be melted down and made into new cans quickly and inexpensively. Consumers can play a major role in helping to reduce waste by recycling aluminum cans whenever possible. The result is better stewardship of our environment and increased sustainability for generations to come.

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