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What to Consider When Designing the Perfect Writing Room for A Home Office Addition

Is your online writing job growing by leaps and bounds?

You may have started working at the dining room table or in that little cove off the foyer. But with your workload increasing, these makeshift spaces aren’t allowing you to do your best work.

You’ve probably considered the benefits of your own writing room, perhaps just to wave away the idea. It might just seem like too much work.

But it’s not!

Even if you don’t have an available space in your dwelling, it’s not that difficult to add a home office addition to use for a new writing space.

And isn’t your writing work worth it?

Having Your Own Writing Room Doesn’t Have to Be A Pipe Dream

And adding an office addition for your writing room can be a great investment.

But before you launch into designing your ideal dream writing room, you need to consider a few things.

What will be your needs when it comes to the following:


Whether you’re envisioning a large and airy space or a small cozy office fit for a hobbit, you’ll need to take think about what sort of furniture, equipment, and storage you’ll need.


If you’re sitting at a computer all day, you want to consider the right kind of lighting. You may also want your plan to include some natural lighting. It will be less strain on your eyes.

Your contractor can recommend window options or skylight possibilities when creating your design plan.


Be sure you know that the space will be able to receive wireless connections clearly. And plan for the possibility of adding new electrical circuits.

Talk to a professional about installing additional lines and any other electrical needs.


As a writer, you know that privacy is crucial.

Work with the contractor to ensure that your room will be away from the noise and action of your home. Avoid major traffic zones.

So you’ve worked things through with a professional – such as you might find at this company. And you’ve taken all of the above factors into consideration.

Now it’s time to make it into a writing room.

This Is Where the Real Work Begins

Here are five suggestions to take that new room addition and make it into something that’s truly yours.

1. Invest in Yourself

You’ve invested in the room. So what do you need to invest in now to be a productive writer?

It could be something as simple as new notepads and good pens, to a new laptop and headphones.

You don’t have to go way overboard on expenses, but you can splurge a little on nicer office essentials – such as metal paper and mail holders versus plastic ones.

After all, aesthetics can go a long way toward making your more productive and your space comfortable.

And speaking of comfortable, find the ideal office chair. You’ll be spending a lot of time in it so you want it will be comfortable, but supportive too.

You don’t have to spend a fortune. Check stores like IKEA or high-end resale shops. And remember, you can write off all of these investments at tax time.

2. Claim It As Your Own

You went through all of the design preparation to get the perfect writing room. But some other members of the household might have their sights set on it too.

Make it yours.

Sure, you can still use the space as a guest room for out-of-town visitors, even if the inflatable mattress is next to your desk. They won’t mind. Especially if they’re saving on hotel fares.

And of course, the other members in the household will not be prohibited from entering it. But it’s important you set up writing hours so they know when your writing room is off limits.

For instance, maybe every weekday from 9-12 and 1-4 are your designated hours to write uninterrupted. Those would be the hours with the most natural daylight. But you might need a different schedule.

Also, be open to the possibility that you won’t always want to stick to those hours, or that maybe someone else in the family might need it occasionally during that time.

This is where flexibility is important.

3. Make the Great Escape

Yeah, you’ve jumped through all of the hoops to get this great new writing room. And it’s everything you want. But that doesn’t mean you’re going to always want to only work in there.

Give yourself permission to stray from the space as needed. Sometimes a change of scenery can do wonders for your writing.

You might experiment with coffee shops, the front porch or the even return to the kitchen table! Certain environments are better for different types of writing.

So while your writing space will be the space where you do a lot of your writing, give yourself the freedom to explore others spaces when it seems right.

Your perfect writing room will always be right there waiting for you.

4. Seek Support from Your Family Members

Once you have a designated writing space, it can be a bit of an adjustment for those with whom you share your household.

Having their support is key.

Although your writing room is ideally out of the traffic zone of your house, there will still be times when other members in the house will forget that you’re working. Or that you need to work.

If you’re able, try to work out agreements with other family members so that conflicts don’t arise. Organize hours for housework and childcare, if needed, so that no one person is getting the load of the work.

You can always get additional support from friends and family who want to see you succeed as a writer.

With your new writing room, success is just a matter of time. As long as you follow this final step:

5. Continue Writing

Yes, a writing room can help propel you to success – but only if you’re still putting in the work.

Don’t forget that you put on this home office addition to further your writing business. As compelling as designing and redesigning your writing space might be, you need to keep your focus on your writing!

Keep Up the Good Work

Your writing has brought you to this place where you’re strongly considering your own writing space.

Isn’t it time? You’ve earned it!

Get out there and find that perfect contractor to make your dream a reality.

And congratulations on the great work. We wish you the best in your continued success.

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