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A Social Community That Nurtures Positivity & Anonymity Is Here!

VillageTalk is a revolutionary virtual social community app, built on the foundation of creating a judgement-free space for love and support.


Greenwood, SC, July 14, 2022— VillageTalk is a judgement-free space, created to build collective consciousness towards a positive atmosphere of hope and inspiration. Today, the world is more intimately linked than ever, but society has become a collection of isolated individuals. VillageTalk app invokes the innate sense of community living by providing a supportive environment to grow and inspire.

People all over the world understood the need to share and talk after the two years of isolation since 2020. VillageTalk has channelized this innate need of sharing everyday thoughts by creating a “What Just Happened” feature in their app, where everyone can feel part of a community without judgement and share thoughts and regain positive productivity.

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VillageTalk has successfully created a space that promotes anonymity and ensures positivity. It is a dedicated space designed to give hope, love, and faith to those who need it the most. Seeking support for day-to-day issues is harder than seeking support for major life events. Emotional issues come with pre-conditioned social construct, i.e., only particular groups or genders faced certain issues. This stresses the problem further and makes it distressing for people to seek help and receive love. Social communities like VillageTalk are a safe place for individuals to open up without the fear of judgment, the pressure to share more, and the struggle of feeling uncomfortable.

As per the report from the National Center of Health Statistics (NCHS), social and emotional support is significantly lower among people from certain races, ethnicities, economic backgrounds, literacy levels, and marital statuses as compared to married, non-Hispanic whites, and economically stable adults. In the last two years, VillageTalk has significantly reduced the polarity between the percentage of people who need support in society and those who receive it by creating an inclusive social community that is accessible to all without bias or prejudice.

“VillageTalk was developed to create a global yet intimate space for people to share and receive love, support, inspiration, and hope. Everyone can use some extra love and support in life, from kids to young adults to middle-aged people, each and every person faces issues, and sometimes all it needs to resolve them is an active listener who cares. Social issues are unending and we had to start somewhere, so the 15 villages in the app were finalized after a lot of research and thought. Anonymity and freedom have been the core thought of the app all along and we make sure it is strictly followed in the community. The idea is simple, VillageTalk spreads love and hope in a world that is unkind sometimes,” said the Founder of VillageTalk.

The majority of people live in the fear of being monitored and tracked. Roughly six-in-ten U.S. adults say they do not think it is possible to go through daily life without having data collected about them. As the lack of privacy in society grows, people are becoming less and less likely to share personal information on the internet. Anonymous social communities such as VillageTalk reassured individuals that their data is private and protected and a safe space for support is accessible, anonymous, and available. This assurance of anonymity makes it easier for people to open up about difficult subjects and get the love and support they deserve.

Studies have verified that support from someone who has gone through the same issue has a very long-lasting and effective impact on receivers as compared to armchair inspiration. The ‘What Just Happened?’ feature offers peer support in social communities and contributes to greater chances of positive transformation and upliftment and reduces the impact of trauma.

The Internet is flooding with social communities that deal with broad issues, but individuals claim it is harder to locate a community that talks about their issues in particular. VillageTalk has categorized several social issues into fifteen-plus categories, such as single parenting, insecurities, addiction, and suicide, further divided into sub-categories to encourage specific issue-driven discussions to offer maximum support. In online communities, individuals struggle with sharing issues because of the large size of the group, despite anonymity and privacy. VillageTalk’s sub-categorization makes the massive community a close-knit space, making it more comfortable for individuals to share intimate problems with people and seek love and support.

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Society is moving towards progression, yet there are certain perceptions, reservations, and apprehensions about certain issues in society. Some issues by nature are not treated as involuntary issues by society. Issues such as faith, religion, addiction, or discrimination, often trigger volatile reactions in social setups, which may lead to further damage, either emotional or mental or physical. It is also likely that a victim of abuse, rape, bullying, or domestic violence may receive no support from peers at all. This makes it even harder for seekers to find hope and positivity in new spaces and unfamiliar environments. In these instances, online social communities play a significant role in regulating such behaviour and condemning any reactions, making it a safe space to share everything. VillageTalk’s strict bylaws: No Profanity, No Verbal Abuse, & No Hate Speech, protect every user against ‌all threats. This security not only creates a conducive environment to share, but also drives the society towards values of acceptance, inclusivity, and freedom. VillageTalk is an unbiased platform designed to promote holistic sharing and a positive attitude.

The essence of a community life lies in receiving and spreading. VillageTalk is driven to create a global environment of selfless giving and sharing. The app maintains the true essence of a community by encouraging all users to practice positivity and share love, hope, and inspiration when others need it more and ensures everyone receives abundant support in return.

VillageTalk has successfully created an easily accessible app to promote these values and ensure their availability for everyone.

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