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Clean Restrooms and Your Business: The Dirty Facts You Need to Know

Are you noticing fewer customers? Clean restrooms could be the reason behind a sales dip. Many customers link restroom conditions to the face of a business. A dirty restroom can hurt your reputation and generate negative word of mouth.

Also, a poorly-maintained restroom can make customers and employees sick. However, you can prevent these negative ramifications through a strict restroom cleaning plan.

This article will stress the importance of cleaning restrooms. It will also show you how to maintain a clean facility. Read further to know more. 

Protect Your Reputation

If you have a dirty restroom, customers will assume the rest of your business is dirty. As a result, you may see fewer customers in the long-run. They could also develop a negative view of other departments.

If you operate a car dealership, for example, a car salesman could bear the brunt of a dissatisfied customer disgusted by your restroom facilities. Worst of all, that salesman could lose a sale.  

It’s especially important to maintain clean quarters if you own a restaurant. Many customers will lose their appetites if they enter an unclean restroom.

Studies indicate that most people won’t return to a restaurant if they enter an unsanitary restroom. Further, they’ll assume the chefs and wait staff are using these restrooms. Customers will also think that eating at your restaurant is a health hazard. 

If you own a restaurant, implement the following sanitation standards to boost your reputation:

  • Employees should wash their hands with antibacterial soap and hot water.
  • Employees should scrub their nails for 20 seconds.
  • Employees should wash up to their elbows for 20 seconds.
  • Employees should never come to work sick.

Failure to adhere to these measures can result in health code violations. Health officials could downgrade your business due to dirty conditions, hurting your reputation in the process. 

On the other hand, a clean bathroom can lead to higher earnings. Customers will feel more comfortable staying at your establishment. If you own a restaurant, for instance, they may stay longer and order additional drinks and food. 

If you own a restaurant, consider adding luxurious upgrades to your restroom to make clients feel more at ease. 

Word of Mouth Spreads Fast

Dissatisfied customers can damage your business exponentially via bad reviews. Worst of all, these negative reviews stick in the minds of many consumers. You could have many positive reviews, but one review highlighting a dirty restroom can dispel all forms of positive press.

If you have several reviews noting the deplorable conditions of your bathroom, you’ll see a dip in customer sales over time. Plus, you may get negative reviews from former employees about the conditions of your business, including the restrooms. 

That said, you don’t have to see negative feedback online to know if you must upgrade your sanitation practices. Instead, you can use an app to get restroom feedback

You’ll post a sign encouraging restroom users to convey honest feedback about the hygiene standards. Then, customers or staff members can use their phones to give their honest opinions. From there, you can instill the necessary protocols to keep your facilities clean and avoid negative reviews. 

Prioritize clean restrooms if you’re a new business owner who wants to increase brand awareness. Customers will associate dirty restrooms with your entire brand. New businesses face more pressure to make a positive impression because the customers aren’t familiar with the brand. 

Additionally, business owners must worry about the wide-reaching influence of bloggers. Bloggers with large audiences can write a scathing article about the unsanitary conditions of your business. These bloggers can also go to the press and expose your business.

How to Clean Business Restrooms

To clean business restrooms effectively, create a stringent restroom policy that all staff members must follow. Most businesses adhere to the following measures. 

  1. Clean Urinals and Toilets: It’s important to pre-treat the inside of the urinals and toilet bowls before scrubbing. Then, allow the cleaning solution to settle for a few minutes. Finally, scrub the exterior and interior thoroughly.  
  2. Refill All Dispensaries: Refill stations in the form of soap dispensaries, paper towel dispensaries, and toilet paper dispensaries. These small steps will go a long way in boosting customer satisfaction. 
  3. Clean Surfaces and Mirrors: Smudges and fingerprints can make a facility seem dirtier than it is. Therefore, ensure that all marks and blemishes are wiped away promptly. 
  4. Clean All Walls and Fixtures: Walls can attract dirt and grime (even feces and urine at times), and fixtures can accumulate dust. Plus, wipe down all doorknobs to reduce the spread of germs and viruses. 
  5. Empty Trash: Garbage can overflow and spill onto the floor. Have all employees check the trash receptacles throughout the day to prevent overflow.
  6. Mop Regularly: A regular mopping routine will reduce the presence of urine on the floor. It will also give your bathroom a pleasant smell. After mopping, place a wet floor sign to warn customers. 

Besides a clean restroom, attentive management of business restrooms can reduce vandalism. 

Clean Restrooms and Make More Money

The correlation between clean restrooms and customer retention is key. Customers who use dirty restrooms are less likely to visit your business again. They could also post negative reviews online, damaging your reputation. 

To maintain a clean restroom at all times, have staff members check the conditions routinely. Moreover, you can use apps to get instant feedback from customers or staff members who use the facilities.

Interested in reading more? Read more on our blog to gain more insight into other topics. 

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