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7 Air Max Styles for Everyday Wear

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Nike first introduced its iconic Air Max sneakers way back in 1987. The first sneakers to utilize the revolutionary Air Max technology, they’ve been some of the brand’s hottest-selling shoes ever since.

From the ultra-cool, retro style of the Air Max 95 to the futuristic Air Max 270 Reacts, there are plenty of different designs and colorways to transform your everyday look.

Looking for a few go-to, accessible Air Max styles that you can rotate within your closet? Today, we’re sharing seven looks that you can confidently reach for time and again.

1. Air Max 1s and Fitted Jeans

While many Air Max styles are decidedly chunky and super-cushioned, the Air Max 1s are some of the sleekest and most low-profile options. As such, you don’t have to worry too much about your wide-legged trousers bunching up in a super-high ankle.

Pair your favorite Air Max 1s with form-fitting pants to showcase every aspect of the sneaker, including the customized closure fits. If your jeans or trousers are dark-colored, then consider a brighter pair of sneakers to offset and balance the look. The CNY Longevity colorway is one of the most colorful and expressive in the lineup!

2. Air Max Zeros and Joggers

Whether you plan to head to the gym, pound the pavement, or simply drive to the grocery store, few ensembles are as versatile and comfortable as a great jogging suit. Thankfully, athleisurewear also happens to be completely on-trend.

If you’re heading out the door in your best casual get-up, then reach for a pair of Air Max Zeros. These throwback sneakers are modeled off the original Air Max concept, dreamed up by visionary designer Tinker Hatfield more than three decades ago. Featuring a lightweight rubber sole, mesh upper, and form insole, they’ll put plenty of bounce in your step.

You’ll also appreciate the built-in air cushioning system, as well as the stabilizing and shock-absorbing Air Max heel unit. Throw them on, adjust your hoodie, and you’re good to go. For an everyday color that you can rock with anything, opt for a neutral colorway, like the Essential Black colorway.

3. Air Max 2090s and a Skirt or Dress

If you’re an avid shoe collector, then you want to make sure that the sneakers you invest in are versatile enough to work with almost everything in your closet. This includes some of your more formal pieces, such as skirts or dresses.

If you’re looking for a pair of kicks to add a bit of softness to your cotton minidress or ankle-length skirt, then the Air Max 2090s are a great choice. While you might think a sleeker or more streamlined cut would complement this attire best, a chunkier sole adds just the right amount of height and personality.

The Oxford Pink colorway is a sweet choice when you need just a slight pop of color in an otherwise solid-toned outfit. If you need something a little more neutral, then check out the White Metallic Silver or Light Orewood Brown colorway.

4. Air Max Plus at the Office

Are you on your feet all day at work? Or, do you tend to sit in front of a computer for prolonged periods of time? Either way, you need a pair of sneakers that can cradle your feet in comfort and style all day long.

This is where the Air Max Plus sneakers really shine. Although designed as a running shoe, it’s an excellent choice for everyday wear, thanks in large part to its low top and well-cushioned rubber sole. If you need to keep it low-key and simple at your office, then reach for the always-classic Black Anthracite colorway.

On the other hand, do you have a little leeway in your corporate dress code? If so, then it can be fun to add a little personality to an otherwise straight-laced ensemble. Why not try a colorway that’s a little more dynamic, like the All Over Print?

5. Air Max 97s and Distressed Denim

The Air Max 97s feature a leather canvas upper that separates them from some of the more casual models in the lineup. Yet, it still maintains that visible Air cushioning, lending it plenty of laidback style.

Legend has it that designer Christian Tresser drew inspiration from Japanese bullet trains when creating the Air Max 97s. You can see this reference in the shoes’ clean lines and minimalistic look. For this reason, we love pairing them with distressed denim that’s a little more rugged and irreverent.

The Racer Blue colorway is a crowd favorite, though the Cork and First Use colorways also offer plenty of pizazz.

6. Air Max 98s and Fitted Athleisurewear

The Air Max 98 is one of the thickest-soled shoes in the brand’s lineup. That’s because it contains Nike’s original, full-length Air Unit, as well as exclusive BRS 1000 rubber insoles and integrated lateral crash pad system.

While you can certainly pair these sneakers with baggier pants, we love the juxtaposition created when they’re worn alongside fitted leggings or workout pants. The unisex NYC La Mezcla colorway is always a favorite. You’ll want to keep them on long after you’ve gotten in your fitness routine for the day.

7. Air Max 270s and Cuffed Denim

Sometimes, you just want to rock a great pair of high-topped name Air Max shoes. In that case, the Air Max 270s absolutely fit the bill. These sneakers feature a decked-out, no-sew upper with built-in ventilated technology that will keep you cool and comfortable for hours.

Because the style is a little chunkier, these look great with cuffed or rolled-up denim. If you keep it classic with a darker-toned pair, then you can afford go lighter on the bottom. The Light Bone GS colorway is a solid choice.

Going a little lighter? If so, then reach for a darker pair of Air Max 270s. The Vistascape colorway offers great style and contrast.

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With these Air Max styles, you’ll have no shortage of looks to inspire your next outfit. No matter which specific line you love, you can make the look all your own with a few special touches.

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