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Top 5 Ways to Promote Your Seasonal Editorial Calendar

Did you know that there are more than 500 fun and fabulous holidays to pep up your editorial calendar? 

How about Groundhog Day, National Gymnastics Day, or Kataklysmos (Flood) Festival? Every month has unique events and days that speak to your target audience. Use the seasons to give your content marketing authenticity and sincerity.

Seasonal content isn’t a direct conversion/sales tactic. But it can help you reach new audiences, acknowledge the interests of your customers and personalize your brand. However, it won’t help you do these things if no one reads it.

Promoting your seasonal content takes some pre- and post- work for maximum effectiveness. Read on to learn more.

1. Anchor Your Editorial Calendar With the Big Holidays

Writing themed editorial content is just part of the overall picture. For example, look at Thanksgiving. For a food business, there may be lots of opportunity for editorial talking about the family gathered around the table.

Other collateral materials might include Instagram or YouTube recipes and cooking tips. Mix in advertisements and earned placements for strong branding. Start substantial holiday-focused content on a strict schedule and people start to anticipate your content.

2. Calendar Well in Advance

Build anticipation for your content with each communication. Nothing heavy-handed is necessary. Something as simple as a “check out the photos of all the company babies born this year in our business Christmas cards” is enough to build interest.

If you plan out your whole year’s content, these intros and outros work smoothly to lead customers from piece to piece. There are several apps to make automatic digital content posts for you.

3. Bank Your Content

With a detailed calendar, it’s easy to create your year’s content promptly. You can write your content, plan your images and schedule it all to post when it will have the greatest engagement.

Try Hootsuite or Tweriod to take on some of your scheduling burdens.

4. #Hashtag the Trends

You want people to find your content? You need to help them find you. Use the #hashtag liberally. Call attention to people with @ callouts.

Use your analytical data to create content your people want to see and share. Also uses the data to fill in the right events and activities your customers and potential customers want to see.

5. Hook New Customers With New Content

You have a seasonal content plan that speaks to your customers. Now, add interesting content to attract new customers. Choose national days and holidays with meaning to your potential customers.

National Pickle Day, Little League Week and other spring to mind. Look for events that attract a new prospective customer’s attention.  Use the higher volume of traffic to launch a sales promotion.  

Compelling Content for Brand Awareness

Fill your editorial calendar with topics that have a natural connection to your brand. Use your analytical data to target the right seasonal content, collateral, and strategy.  Don’t be afraid to offer the increased traffic a sales promotion.

Seasonal content on its own isn’t a sales technique. But in combination with other avenues, you could see a healthy increase. 

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