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CHESS KLUB: The Premier Worldwide Online Chess Coaching Academy for Ages 5 and Up!

Introducing CHESS KLUB, the premier worldwide online chess coaching academy for students ages 5 and up. CHESS KLUB allows students across the globe to learn everything there is to know about the game of CHESS from world-renowned National, FIDE, International, and Grand Master coaches. Once you’ve honed your CHESS-playing skills, you can even take part in USCF-rated tournaments. Thanks to CHESS KLUB, now anyone can learn to play chess from the very best in the industry without ever leaving the comfort of their home!


Fort Mill, SC, December 28, 2021 – CHESS KLUB connects aspiring CHESS players from all over the world with the very best coaches in the industry, including those who have earned the title of National Master, FIDE Master, International Master, and Grand Master. Starting at just 5 years old, students can attend a top-ranking chess academy online…without ever leaving home.

No longer do you have to spend your valuable time driving across town to ensure your child is able to learn from the best in the world of CHESS. Today’s students can learn chess from the greatest players in the game from the comfort of their couches, should they choose. CHESS KLUB, the premiere worldwide online chess coaching academy makes it easy for parents to enroll their children in one of the best chess coaching programs in the world. With CHESS KLUB, participants have the advantage of a user-friendly online sign-up process, convenient scheduling, and comfort-conscious classes that are taught by none other than the world’s finest Chess Masters.

If you’ve been looking for chess classes for kids that won’t interfere with your busy schedule, look no further. CHESS KLUB is the solution that parents all over the world have been searching for…a world-class chess coaching academy accessible to students everywhere as young as five years old. In no time, your little one could be learning to play chess, the game that attracts students of all ages and all skill levels, that teaches important skills that not only helps students master the game, but also creates crucial learning opportunities that will help students be more successful in virtually every area of their lives.

The long-standing, far-reaching benefits of playing chess, touted by parents and students for decades, are now more attainable than ever. CHESS KLUB unites dedicated world-class coaches with aspiring players, allowing students to acquire expert skills and participate in globally-recognized tournaments, earning highly-respected titles shared by the very best of the best.

Visit CHESS KLUB online to get started playing chess from the comfort of your home today!

About CHESS KLUB: CHESS KLUB is an International USCF-recognized Online Chess Academy that was established with the sole purpose of delivering world-class chess coaching and mentoring programs to chess students and chess enthusiasts of all ages and levels across the globe. Formed by passionate chess players, CHESS KLUB offers an unparalleled opportunity to learn Chess online from Certified Accomplished Coaches including professional players who have earned the title of National Master, FIDE Masters, International Masters & Grand Masters.

Contact Information:

Contact Name: Archana Kolangara
Phone Number: (803) 220-4445
Address: 852 Gold Hill Road, #101, Fort Mill, SC 29708

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