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CBD Infused Tea: A Match Made in Heaven?

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After the 2018 Farm Bill made hemp-derived CBD legal, the market exploded. Early CBD users sung praises about the cannabinoid and others soon tried it.

Since 2018, the FDA approved one CBD-based drug to treat epilepsy. After studying CBD, the World Health organization says CBD has a good safety profile.

What is the right way to take CBD? Many people prefer a CBD drink or edible because tinctures carry a bitter aftertaste.

CBD infused tea offers a delicious way to take your daily dose of CBD. Before you try it, take a moment to learn why CBD and tea work so well together.

Why Should You Use Cannabidiol as Part of Your Wellness Routine?

Tip: When you’re looking for CBD products, make sure it’s made from hemp. CBD products made from the marijuana plant aren’t federally legal. Cannabinoids from both kinds of cannabis act the same when you take them.

How does CBD work in your body? It helps boost your endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system is an important part of maintaining balance in your body’s functions.

The ECS controls:

  • Mood
  • Appetite
  • Liver and kidney function
  • Memory
  • Nerve response
  • Immune response
  • Bone and muscle development

To control these functions, the ECS uses endogenous cannabinoids your body creates. Some people can’t create enough cannabinoids for the ECS. Cannabinoid deficiency may cause IBS, migraines, and fibromyalgia.

All cannabis cannabinoids interact with ECS receptors like endogenous ones. They help the ECS send signals between your neurons. The signals tell your cells to do things like reduce swelling or stop nausea.

Do You Need to Worry About Caffeine in Your CBD Infused Tea?

As with most supplements, you need to think about how CBD interacts with everything. For instance, CBD can change how you metabolize time-release medications. Talk to your doctor if you take daily medications to avoid complications.

Believe it or not, caffeine is considered a stimulant drug. It interacts with your ECS and blocks adenosine before it reaches the ECS receptors.

Adenosine tells your cells when to slow down and recover. It also looks a lot like caffeine to your nerve cells. When they see caffeine instead of adenosine, your cells go into overdrive.

CBD does the opposite and helps adenosine reach your nerve cells. This allows the cells to relax and heal at the end of the day.

When combined, CBD should prevent caffeine from blocking the ECS receptors. You’ll still feel uplifted by the caffeine, but it won’t cause insomnia or inflammation.

How do Herbal Teas Boost CBD’s Effects?

Herbal teas don’t contain caffeine but they still affect your body’s function. How the tea interacts with your ECS or other systems depends on the herbs.

Here’s a list of herbal teas and how they can help:

  • Ginger tea soothes upset stomachs and mild nausea, plus lowers inflammation
  • Hibiscus tea supports your immune system with vitamin C
  • Peppermint tea settles upset stomachs and freshens breath
  • Chamomile tea promotes relaxation and aids with sleep
  • Clove tea reduces pain levels
  • Rooibos tea provides essential minerals and contains antioxidants
  • Lemongrass tea stimulates circulation and contains vitamins A and C
  • Dandelion tea is rich in iron and promotes fat metabolization

On its own, CBD does many of the same things as these herbal teas. It’s also rich in antioxidants. A primary use for CBD is to reduce inflammation from conditions like arthritis.

Studies show that therapeutic uses for CBD may include:

  • Pain reduction around surgical sites
  • Controlling nerve pain
  • Easing social anxiety
  • Lowering incidents of insomnia
  • Helping with PTSD symptoms
  • Reducing symptoms of depression
  • Controlling nausea from chemotherapy
  • Reducing muscle spasms

Many of these studies showed promising results in animal testing. Due to cannabis prohibition, there are limited CBD studies on humans. The FDA’s approval of a CBD-based drug did increase the number of studies, though.

Fun Ways to Use Your CBD Infused Tea

Drinking tea is a ritual shared by people across the globe. Can you do anything else with your CBD infused tea? The rich flavor from your favorite teas could also liven up your next meal.

Try your hand at creating a CBD green tea pasta sauce:

  • Add CBD green tea to 1 1/4 cups of cold milk
  • Bring the infusion to a simmer
  • Turn off the burner and allow the infusion to steep until cool
  • Strain out the tea leaves
  • Create a roux from 2 tablespoons of butter and 2 tablespoons of flour
  • Cook the roux until golden brown
  • Whisk in the infused cream until there are no lumps
  • Season with salt and white pepper to taste
  • Finish with as much Parmesan as you want

This basic sauce can also go on pizza or over some vegetables. Make sure you tell others it contains CBD before serving. They may be allergic to cannabis products.

CBD infused tea is a vegan replacement for chicken stock when you cook grains. The trick is finding complementary tea flavors to match them.

Start with easy combinations like jasmine tea and jasmine rice. If you want a more exotic dining experience, pair CBD rooibos tea with forbidden rice. Green teas pair well with hearty grains like barley.

To ensure you get the full benefit of CBD, add fat during the cooking process. Keep an eye on the cooking temperature, as well. Temperatures over 350* F will evaporate the CBD.

Ready to Try CBD Infused Tea?

A warm cup of CBD infused tea is the perfect way to wrap up a long day. CBD can naturally calm your body and mind. When paired with the right herbal tea, CBD may make it easier to sleep.

Premade CBD infused teas take the guesswork out of dosing. Some brands contain CBD extract, while others include CBD-rich hemp flower. Both types provide a full dose of CBD if brewed according to the directions.

Head on over to our shop to explore our stock of CBD infused teas. We’ve got a wide variety of caffeinated and herbal CBD teas for you to try.

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