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In-Store Experience wins 2021 OmniShopper award with their store redesign for Timberland

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The Path to Purchase Institute has selected the Timberland Shoe Wall from In-Store Experience as the best Store redesign for 2021.   This prestigious award recognizes the innovation and creativity of the amazing team at In-Store.  Timberland launched in their NYC flagship in Herald Square, and will be expanding throughout the chain in 2022.

2021 OmniShopper Award Winner


The Herald Square store is a flagship location for Timberland, but is small in size compared to other stores. Every inch of space needs to help merchandise products effectively. The existing shoe wall showed over 120 SKUs, but was plain and uninviting.

The objective was to reimagine the wall in a way that would add brand storytelling, color and depth, but with half the SKUs. We also wanted to create a new wall facing that would attach to existing structures, without the need for General Contractors.

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Several tactile approaches were used to showcase the boots. Hiking shoes were presented in a deep frame with faux grass backing, showing them in their intended habitat. Rain apparel, backpacks, and hats were cross-merchandised with waterproof shoes to present a broader merchandise line and drive basket mix. Two large digital screens present modern video footage to brighten the area and draw in customers. The screens are currently just used as digital signage, but are touch enabled and WiFi ready, so they can become interactive experiences in the future.


In-Store Experience was given the task of reimagining the shoe wall from the ground up. We visited the store, watched customer traffic, judged lighting and other environmental impacts, then began our design. We knew that our design needed to be flexible and modular to allow easy store changes and promotions. We created a wall system with pegged inserts that can accomplish anything from boot shelves to photo frames and even hold heavy industrial digital screens.

The net effect was a bright, modern wall that showcases the famous Timberland boots, but also tells the story of their new sneakers and hiking shoes. Even with reduced traffic due to Covid, the store saw sales that exceeded previous levels, and with half the SKUS on display.

Check out our amazing Timberland Shoe Wall installation:

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