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Best Tips for Protecting a Wooden Deck in Summer

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Building a new wood deck in your yard will add value to your home. In fact, it can recover 106% of its costs when you resell your home. However, wooden decks can easily be damaged by the harsh sun in the summer months.

Do you want to learn how you can start protecting a wooden deck to keep your investment in great condition? Keep reading these best tips for protecting wood and making deck maintenance much easier.

Consider Coverage

One way that you can easily protect your deck is to consider having a covered deck. When your deck is exposed to the harsh light from the sun and other types of weather, it is easier for it to crack, splinter, and rot.

First, you may want to consider a covered deck to provide shade.

Not only will this make it more comfortable to sit outside in the hot summer months, but it can prevent damage to your wooden deck from UV radiation. These rays will damage the wood fibers of your deck and will make it much easier for them to crack and splinter.

In fact, decks that are left with too much UV exposure can warp and crack.

It is also beneficial to have a covered deck to protect your wood from rain and other harsh weather. If you live in an area that has regular rain or snow in the winter, this can lead to mold, mildew, and even rot.

As water seeps into the cracks of the wood and freezes, it can cause the wood to splinter and even buckle. By having a covered deck, you will prevent this weathering from occurring and can protect your deck from both UV rays and other types of harsh weather.

Use Wood Sealant

The best preventative measure you can take to protect your wooden deck is to use wood sealant. Clear wood sealants are a great way to maintain the natural beauty and wood grain while still preventing damage from rot, mold, and other weathering.

Sealing is a great option for any homeowner as it is able to be done by yourself. Rather than hiring a deck building company to apply wood sealant, you can simply buy wood sealant online and apply it yourself.

There are a few types of sealants that you should consider applying to your deck. First, you can consider getting a UV and fade-resistant wood sealer. This will prevent the UV rays from damaging your wooden deck and will preserve the natural color of your deck.

You may also want to get a waterproof wood sealer. This will give your wood protection from the elements and will keep it from deteriorating.

Finally, it is important that you always properly prepare your deck before you apply wood sealant. First, you should clean your deck with a specialized deck cleaner to remove any dirt and grime. Next, it is important that you sand down any rough spots.

This will ensure that your sealant is applied smoothly. By prepping your deck before you apply deck sealant, you will ensure that it works most effectively. Remember that wood sealant needs to be reapplied over time, otherwise, the effectiveness will wear off.

Regularly Clean and Maintain

Next, it is important that you regularly clean and maintain your deck to keep it in great shape for longer. By doing this preventative maintenance, you will keep things from causing damage to your wood.

For example, if you have any wet leaves accumulating on your deck, these can allow moisture to seep into your wood. To prevent these problems, you can regularly sweep your deck.

If you have barbeques or other gatherings on your deck, make sure you remove any food stains and other debris from your deck. This will keep bugs from gathering on your deck and causing damage.

Regular deck maintenance will prevent problems from occurring in the first place!

Be Observant

Finally, it is vital that you are observant when it comes to the condition of your wooden deck. Each year, more and more damage can occur to your deck. When you are observant, you will notice any potential issues and can fix them or prevent them before they cause any significant damage.

For example, if you notice that water is accumulating on your deck and isn’t evaporating as quickly as it should, you can use a squeegee or push broom to get the water off of your deck. This will prevent water damage, rotting, and other types of structural damage.

If you notice that some nails in your deck are coming loose or that your stairs and railings are becoming more wobbly, you can add additional support to keep these issues from progressing.

By being observant of your deck’s condition, you will be able to prevent problems and make your seasonal deck maintenance much simpler.

Get Help Protecting a Wooden Deck Today

Because decks can be an expensive investment, it is important that you learn how to keep them in great shape for longer. Protecting decks can prevent a lot of problems and will make deck maintenance easier than ever.

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If you want help sealing a deck, you can use our long-lasting, eco-friendly wood sealers to protect your wooden deck from the elements. Contact our team today to learn more about our wood sealers or buy them online!

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