Ever since ancient times, people have used their bodies as a substrate for art, and the situation is no different today. Body art has become incredibly fashionable; way more so than it was even ten years ago.

The reasons for this are many. Perhaps the main one is the rise of social media apps like Instagram, where everyone can show off their new body art in great detail. You can almost get a stage-by-stage report of the state of people’s bodies updated every minute, chronicling the addition of each new tattoo or piercing.

Temporary body art has made massive inroads too. There are even non-permanent body art machines that vend patches that you can apply to your skin that lasts a few days and then fade away.

Here are some of the body art trends that are taking over the world and how you can hop on board.


The standard manicure has been around for a long time, but it is only recently that people have begun to combine it with tattoos. It turns out, however, that doing the two together is a great idea. The combination of nail art and manicures produces hands that look, frankly, stunning.

Having a manicure and then adding nail art means that you’re going all out. Often people will apply jewels or glitter to the nail itself, but you can also use temporary tattoos too that extend beyond the nail to the rest of the hand. It’s a great option if you’re heading to a party, especially in the summer, and it goes fab with a cute dress.


Makeup is a type of body art and a form of temporary tattoo, although nobody calls it that. But recently, there’s been a trend towards a kind of makeup that is most visible in ultraviolet light – the light that you find in strobe-lit bars and clubs.

Granted, UV makeup is not for introverts. The moment you paint it on your skin, it lights it up like a Christmas tree. But it can be a lot of fun. When it comes to UV makeup, there are no rules. You’re free to experiment with whatever look you want. The blush comes in a variety of colors, designed to reflect UV light in the visible spectrum so that you can go with green, blue, red and yellow, and a whole host of colors in between.


Instagram is fast becoming a Mecca for body jewels, with people all over the world experimenting with the art of sticking sequins and glitter to their bodies and face.

Body jewels offer almost endless possibilities for customization. You can arrange them above your brow, like a mini-tiara or around your ankle for that anklet effect. You can put them on your cheek, nose, cheek, and belly – the choice is yours.

Body jewels are an upgrade from rhinestones, allowing you to get both classic and contemporary looks. Just beware not to use real gems. Buy the fake stuff. Body jewels tend to fall off without you noticing.


A lot of people would like to wear a tattoo for a day or two and then have the opportunity to take it off. That’s precisely what a lace tattoo offers.

Lace is shaking up the world of body art. Not long ago, it wasn’t even a concept, but now it has become increasingly popular. Lace is great on a night out when you know you’re going to be in a bright environment. It’s particularly suitable for wearing with elegant dresses and boots.

A lot of people wear lace tattoos on parts of the body where you wouldn’t usually put a tattoo, like the face or neck. You can even get lace “makeup,” where small pieces of lace simulate eye shadow. Of course, you’re free to put lace wherever you like, so long as you’re prepared to glue it on.


Conch piercings never used to be a popular type of piercing, but in recent years, they’ve become far more universal. The conch, for those of you who don’t know, is the cartilage-rich section of the ear lobe around the inner curve of the ear. Most piercings of this part of the ear are large loops that circle out and back around the rest of the ear lobe.

This piercing is one of the more challenging to pull off and not one you want to attempt yourself. Most people get several conch  in a row, allowing them to create a stunning visual effect.


While glitter has juvenile connotations, it’s a trend worth considering. It’s not just for girls’ parties: it’s something that everyone can use to add a little extra flair to their look.

Glitter isn’t overwhelmingly popular on Instagram, but sometimes it’s nice to do something a little different.

Applying glitter is relatively straightforward. First, apply the glue in the pattern that you would like to create, and then sprinkle with glitter, allowing it to stick in place. Remember, you don’t have to stick with just one color – with glitter, you’re free to experiment.


Henna is probably the world’s oldest form of tattoo. It’s made by applying a plant compound to the surface of the skin, which means that it differs from modern tattoos where a needle delivers indelible ink beneath the skin.

While henna was once something confined to the Indian subcontinent, it’s since become unfathomably famous across the world, thanks to the versatility and detail that people can achieve. Henna inks today extend well beyond the overwhelmingly brown colors of the past to gold, rose-gold, and silver. The options for customization are, therefore, quite staggering. If you haven’t tried henna yet, you must: it looks set to become one of the most popular body art trends of the coming year.

In summary, the world of body art is changing. It is becoming more varied with each passing year, with more options becoming available. There’s no need to stick with the basics when there are so many unique and exciting options around.

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