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No Art Skills? Here’s How to Get a Patent Drawing for Your Patent Application

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What would a patent application be without at least one good illustration? Have you ever looked at a patent and gone straight to the illustration before even beginning to read the text overview and explanation?  Patent drawings are important.

What if your artistic skills are limited, though? One option for creating a great patent drawing is to use a patent drawing application like SmartDraw or Adobe Illustrator, as we’ll discuss below.

If you’d rather not draw—even with a computer—we have several other options for you to use. So, don’t give up on your patent application merely because you lack drawing experience.

Patent Drawing Applications

The most significant benefit of using a digital patent drawing application is that you know how your invention or innovation should look. Otherwise, you probably wouldn’t be applying.

Computer-aided design (CAD) software is the best choice since it allows someone with minimal drawing skills to produce a high-quality patent drawing easily. Unfortunately, both the software and the hardware are quite expensive, so that might not be an option.

SmartDraw, Illustrator, and some other excellent programs are also expensive, and several require annual subscriptions. Free design software is available, too, though.

Here are some of the programs:

  • GIMP Image Manipulation Program
  • LibreOfficeDraw
  • FreeCAD
  • SketchUp
  • Inkscape

Consider checking out one or two of these programs if you’d like to try creating your patent illustration on your own.

Since there are various nuances to good patent illustration, if you’re an amateur illustrator, we’d recommend considering a professional patent illustrator or illustration firm before spending much time or money on a software program.

Patent Drawing Services

A proper patent application needs at least one drawing; an excellent one needs more. You should describe the invention in as much detail as possible so reviewers and other interested parties aren’t too confused to show interest.

One such service is AM Patent Drawings, which does both utility and design patent illustration — including for several well-known brands. We recommend taking a look at their website and perhaps asking for an estimate.

There are many other patent illustration businesses as well and, should you need it, your patent attorney might be able to make a recommendation.

Also, if finances are a concern, you might think about hiring a freelance patent illustrator through one of the several freelance broker sites that are out there—Upwork and Fiverr being a couple of examples.

The End Result

Once you’ve considered the different patent drawing applications and professional patent illustration options, and have the patent drawing or drawings you’re satisfied with, it’s time to submit your document.

We wish you luck and success, and if this is your first application. If, for some reason, it’s not successful, however, don’t give up.

Give careful consideration to any suggestions you’ve received and solicit even more from people whose opinions you respect. Then, resubmit your application.

In the meantime, keep reading our blog for news and ideas that will kindle your inventive and creative spirit.

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