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Do you need one or two photographers for your wedding day?

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I get this question a ton from couples emailing me about my services. I think the main issue is some wedding photographers advertise as two photographers then some, like me, highlight just one. The truth is most can offer as many photographers as you want to pay for. For myself, you can look at my wedding packages and see I show one and two photographer prices.

The issue is do you need one or two photographers? Let us look at why you are asking?

When I talk to a couple I ask them why do you want two wedding photographers? Most answers are either “My sister had two at her wedding”,” My friend said get two” or even, “the wedding planner said get two photographers.”

I asked a planner one time why do you tell couples they need two wedding photographers? I was told because with two there is a better chance of getting better pictures because two people can shoot more. It also gives them more photos to go through to edit down to good ones.

Well, why this may sound true for some, the reality is if you have a great wedding photographer then you will get great photos. A great wedding photographer understands he or she is there to capture an entire day not just a gallery of images. Not to be cliche, but it’s quality or quantity every time for me.

Here is what area I look at first for single or multiple photographers

  • Is the couple getting ready in two different locations
  • It the ceremony space big?
  • Is there a specific photo you have always dreamed of? (long dress from the balcony walking in)
  • How much guest photo do you want
  • Budget

What I tell couples is let us look at your schedule, budget and what photos you want.

First, let’s talk about “getting ready” photos. These are a must for a candid photographer like myself. If the couple is getting ready in two different locations then a second photographer is needed. I also ask what the guys are going to be doing that needs photographed. Seriously got back photos from second shooters of guys just sitting watching the football game or playing video games.

How some of my couples fix this is my getting ready at the same location, usually a hotel, on separate floors.


Next, is the ceremony a small or large space?

It’s about time to walk around. Many times at the larger Columbus Catherdrials I can place a second wedding photographer

up in the balcony. If the ceremony space is smaller, like an outdoor space, it may be easy for the main photographer to walk around to get angles or even use longer lenses.


Multiple angles needed?

The main comment I hear is “I want a photo of our faces when we see each other in the church”. Church ceremony isles tend to be really long so I hang out in the main aisle and just swing around to capture both of you. There is plenty of time it’s a long aisle to walk down. Now if you want a photo of your faces and a photo of your 10-foot train from the balcony, then yes I need to have a second in the balcony at the same time. So does the church have a balcony? Let us just talk about what second angles you are dreaming of.


Guest count matters

I personally always ask your guest count. When a couple hits the 200 mark, many times I recommend a second wedding photographer. I look at a wedding that large or larger and I know it will be hard for a couple to get around to see everyone. So I have my second concentrate on guest photos and will have them at cocktail hour while I am out with the wedding party for formal photos.


What’s your wedding day budget.

Anytime you get more than one photographer you will up your cost. So we want to make sure you have the budget for the second. I have done larger weddings just by myself because of this. I also see my couples only doing one wedding photographer and spending the extra on a wedding album. So there are really many factors that go into the decision of one or two wedding photographers.

I find talking to a couple in this stage I can generally help guide them in this decision. So if this is you feel free to call or email me and I would be happy to discuss.

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