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What to Consider if Your Car is Damaged in an Accident

For most people, having something happen to their car is their worst nightmare. Your prized possession can become one of the thousands of damaged cars in just a matter of seconds.
So, what do you do in that situation? How can you get your money’s worth after your car has been in an accident?

Sometimes your car has salvageable parts and your car is worth more than you think!

Don’t stress out — here are somethings to consider to find a solution to even the worst car wrecks:

If you want to sell your damaged car on your own, the first thing you should do is reach a salvage damaged car specialist. They can help even if your car has a lot of damage.
Mechanics or body Shops try to talk you into fixing your car and charge extreme prices.

Certain cars with low miles are worth fixing, although, a new title is needed in some cases.  It’s important to consider that a salvage or rebuilt title can hurt the cars resale value.

If your car is hit in the rear or side and not the motor area you should consider fixing it. Consider things like cost, year/make/model and mileage.  Again, reaching a damaged car specialist who can help you with advice and knowledge is a good first step.

Most importantly they an give you an idea how much the good parts remaining on your car are worth.  Sometimes you will be pleasantly surprised, you get paid $1000’s of dollars and they offer free towing and free title exchange. Its Easy!

Is fixing Your Damaged Car smart?
The general rule is that it all depends on year/make/model, miles and the severity of damage.
Example #1: If your 2010 Toyota Camry gets into a rear end accident and your car has 31,000 miles on it and still starts; the cost of fixing it is $3000-$4000 range. We suggest you fix it because the low miles add resale value to your car and potential buyers know the engine was not touched. Your car still has value worth fixing.
Example #2: if your 2012 Lexus Rx350 gets into a front end collision and airbags deploy with 200,000 miles; the miles and damage to the engine area (with critical parts of your car possibly broken) make your car not worth fixing , the resale value is minimal. We suggest calling a junk car buyer or “Cash for Cars” business to get the most money you can for the salvageable parts. They will pay you a surprising amount for a car that is not worth fixing.

Who Buys Damaged Cars?
If you don’t want to go through all the trouble of fixing or selling your car yourself. Plus the headache of getting a new rebuilt or salvage title. Call a business specializing in damaged, broken and non-running cars — even cars that have been marked as salvage or rebuilt vehicles. Businesses that make the process of selling your car fast, easy, and safe.

We recommend calling the #1 Rated Cash for Cars Company, they offer:
♦ Free Advice on How to Get the Best Price
♦ Free Towing
♦ Pay You at the Time of Pickup
♦ Take Care of the Paperwork and Walk you Through the Process

Interested?   Get a free price quote now.

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Now You Know How to Get the Highest Car Scrap Value!

Have you ever wondered how much the scrap value of your car is? Perhaps you’ve taken your vehicle to a scrap yard, and you’re not sure about the quoted price.

Whatever the reason, it’s a great way to get money for your car, provided you know what you’re doing.

Get top value For Your Damaged, Scrap, or Junk Car
There was a time when cashing in your car at a scrapyard for its metal value could have netted you a decent amount of money.

Unfortunately, with the direction of the economy in recent years, that’s no longer true.

Still, a sale is a sale, and you need to go into yours knowing what to expect, what’s too low, and, specifically, what your vehicle’s scrap value is. Bottom line is you want the most money for your car!

But first, a disclaimer: prices change, on a daily basis, and are even different from state-to-state, and country-to-country. Your first stop when assessing the scrap value of your car should be a google search to check the current price in your country or region.

Google search “sell my car for cash”, “cash for cars” or junk a Car” Call 2 or 3 companies and ask:
#1 Do you buy cars?
#2 Do you offer free towing?
#3 Do you pay me at the time of pickup?
#4 Do you give me a guaranteed price with no haggling? Where can i find customer reviews on your company?

Decide, the longer you wait the less value your car will have. Junking a car is easy and should be stress free as long as you deal with a good company.

• Don’t Wait: The longer you wait to sell your scrap car, the lower its value will typically be. If you think you might want to sell your vehicle to a scrap yard, we advise committing to your decision as soon as you can, to get the best price.
• Driveability Is Worth More: Scrap yards often buy cars to sell at auctions. Yes, that’s right: many cars that go to scrap yards aren’t even scrapped. The takeaway here is that you should get a higher price if you can drive your car to the yard.
• Salvage Is an Option: Newer model cars have a lot more valuable accessories than some older ones. New or old, if you’re considering scrapping, make sure you call a few places because some cars are valued more to different companies. Scrap Yards go by weight and salvage yards might need parts from certain cars.

Get in touch with us today and discover more of the best ways to sell your junk, damage or scrap car for cash today!

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Easy Solutions

Here’s an Easy Solution to Get the Most Money Out of Your Recently Damaged Car!

Did you just get into an accident? Did your Engine fail?  Did your Transmission start to slip? Here’s what you can do to get the most money quickly and easily for your car today.

For most people, having something happen to their car is their worst nightmare. Your prized possession can become one of the thousands of damaged cars in just a matter of seconds.

So what do you do in that situation? How can you get your money’s worth after your car has been in an accident?

Don’t stress out — here are a few steps you can take to find a solution to even the worst car wrecks.

Call a company you can trust that specialize in buying damaged cars

There are many companies that give “free advice” with no pressure and guide you through the process. Some cars are worth fixing and others are not. Your car might have low miles and the damage might not have affected the engine? FIXING IT might be the way to go. Or the opposite a high mile car with transmission issues should NEVER be fixed. Its a waste of your good money. Investigate and call around look at reviews see which companies are willing to help with free advice. Professional help with no pressure! Its hard to find but they are out there. 3 questions to ask yourself #1 Is it worth fixing? #2 Or should you sell it as a used car or #3 parts car?  Investing money into your damaged car is not always the smartest way to go even though your mechanic will advise you and pressure you into thinking it’ the only option!

Frame Damage or A Reported Accident Kills Your Cars Value!

Even if you car is brand new and gets into an accident causing frame damage it more than likely shouldn’t be fixed. You might need to get a rebuilt title which decreases a cars value 75%. Once your car has been in an accident the value of your car goes down immediately. Regardless of the repairs, you have done, the price people are willing to pay decreases significantly. Take the money the insurance company gives you and sell the car ” AS IS” for extra money on your own.

Transmission Issues / Engine Knocking / Oil Leaks

If you car has HIGH Miles and sudden Transmission or Engine issues you should NEVER fix it. Transmissions are between $1500-$4000 and with high miles the cars value makes it unreasonable to fix. If your car has low miles it might be smart to fix and invest money into because it retains a high value due to the low miles. Don’t let mechanics talk you into spending your good money. Call a company that can guide you an expand your knowledge and learn your options.

We Recommend a Company That Will Always Give “Free Advise” and Specializes in Buying Damaged Cars

If you don’t want to go through all the trouble of selling your car yourself, Best Price Cash for Cars, has the best customer service in the industry. They will advise what you need or if you really feel you should sell it they walk you through the process — even cars that have been marked as salvage, flooded or rebuilt vehicles. They make the process of selling your car fast, easy, and reliable.

They have a 96% customer retention rate and there reviews are amazing!

We always suggest calling around so you feel comfortable with the company you choose. Best Price has a free quote form and they get back to you quickly.    Get a free price quote now. Or try calling a few companies so you can get more of a feel for who you can trust. Good luck and I wish you the best on your search.

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We Buy Cars: 5 Tips to Sell Your Car Fast For Cash

Do you need to sell your car for cash in the fastest and most effective way possible?  You’ve come to the right place!
5 tips on how to sell your car quickly and easily
 and for the most money.

Trying to sell your car can be a nightmare, especially when you don’t even know where to start.

We buy cars, so we are experts on how to sell cars without the hassle, for some instant cash.

Here are our 5 tips on how to sell your car fast:

1. Make Sure the Company You Choose is Licensed, Bonded AND Insured and Be Sure to READ COMPANY REVIEWS

You want to make sure the company gives you the best price and buys the car “as is”  and is licensed and Insured.

You want assurance you get paid the promised price and avoid being scammed by a car buyer that will low ball you upon arrival.

The company you deal with should include free towing and title exchange.

Reviews will give you the best idea of the type of company you are dealing with.  Good reviews = Good company

2. Cars are Bought For Parts

Don’t fret if your car is extremely damaged! Many yards will buy a damaged car for its parts.

Parts companies could surprise you with better prices because they use the car for parts. That’s why its so important to deal with the right, experienced car buyer to get you the highest value.

3. Sell it as a “JUNK CAR”

Even if your car is completely dead, extremely damaged, or the parts are unsalvageable, you still have the option of selling your car for scrap.

When you sell a car for scrap metal, the worth is determined by the weight of the metal.

You should never be asked to bring the car in, companies offer free towing and pay you upon pickup.

Prices of Steel and metal vary in different states and go up and down frequently throughout the year.

4. Have Your Paperwork in Order

Once you’ve decided to sell your car, there are some forms and regulations you’ll have to be up to date on.

Some of the documents you’ll need are:

  • The car’s title
  • Some states a registration or even insurance card is sufficient.

Depending on the state you live in, there will be certain requirements that you’ll have to take note of as well.

5. Sell a Car Quick and Easy but be ready with your paperwork when they get there.

It can be tempting to quickly sell your car without much thought, but it’s important to make sure you are ready to part ways forever.

Double check that all of your personal items are out of the car (you don’t want to accidentally leave something important in the glove compartment or the trunk!).

Be sure to get the license plates as well; you’ll need to return the plates to the DMV.

You also need to cancel your registration and insurance for the vehicle you’re selling.

“Bottom Line”

We buy cars, so we know cars. 

We wanted to give your our 5 best tips for selling your car; hopefully, these tips help you sell your car quickly and efficiently. 

If you have any questions, need a quote or any guidance in this process, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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How to Easily get Cash for Cars Today!

If you’re considering the option of cars for cash, look no further! We’re giving you a guide to selling your car for cash immediately.

The statistics are in, and they’re loud and clear: we are, hands-down, a car-loving nation.

In fact, Americans bought more cars and trucks in 2017 than in any other previous year.

While taking home a new car can be exciting, it’s important to make the best decision for your used cars and for your financial well-being.

If you’re looking to make sweet money (with little to no effort), consider looking into getting cash for your car.

It’s easy, convenient, fast, and can be very lucrative.

Are you ready to make some of the fastest, easiest cash you’ve ever made in your life?  Let’s get into the process!

How It Works
Step One

1. Decide that you’re ready to get a new car


2. Realize that your car is no longer in a safe driving condition


3. Give up trying to dump money into a car that keeps draining your wallet

Step Two

Read over and fill out this contact form. You will be asked to simply identify your demographic details, the make and model of your vehicle, mileage, VIN, and a basic description. We estimate this should take less than five minutes for you to fill out!

We purchase all kinds of vehicles! Even if you’re hesitant, a quote may pleasantly surprise you.

Or, just pick up the phone, and give us a call at (888)545-1599 .

Step Three 

We come to you!

We don’t want to make this process more stressful or time-consuming than it needs to be.

Therefore, we tow your car, free of charge, no matter where you live. Whether your car can “drive” or not, we take care of the annoying paperwork as well.

We work with your schedule, on your accord, and call and text with you to keep you in the loop and in agreement with each of these needed steps.

You are the customer, and we fully respect that!

Step Four (The Best Step of All) 

Getting paid for your car is our guarantee, and we want you to enjoy that sweet, sweet money paid on the spot.

It’s so sweet, that it’s the best price on the market, and that’s a figure we absolutely guarantee.

That’s right. No rebate forms. No payment mailed to you in 6-8 weeks. No fine print and hoops to jump through.

It’s direct, the way it should be.

Why Sell your Car for Cash Today?

Selling your car for cash is one of the easiest and safest transactions you can make.

Working with a professional company, as opposed to a single buyer, eliminates risk for fraudulent payment, haggling, payment plans without proper contracts, and/or falsified checks.

Unfortunately, there is an abundance of car-buying scams that hurt people every year. This is an unnecessary and devastating hassle for sellers.

Additionally, by selling through a professional company, you are able to guarantee fast and convenient money- on the spot- which makes it easier if you are looking to buy a new vehicle quickly.


Customer satisfaction is our priority, and cars are our passion. Ready to get started on the easiest, happiest sale of your life? Give us a call today!

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5 Tips on How to “Junk A Car” for the Best Cash Offer

Even if your car is junk, it’s still worth something to someone. Here’s how you can get the most cash for junk cars and walk away with the best deal.
Is it time to junk your car? Don’t just abandon it — your car may be worth something, even if it’s Damaged and Broken.

Getting cash for junk cars is so easy as long as you know how to do it. Below, we’re giving you five tips on how to get the most cash possible for your junk car.

1. Call Around and Get a Quote
When you are looking to Junk a Car for Cash, the first thing you should do to get the best price possible is call around.

There are likely a few businesses in your area that will offer you cash for your junk car. After getting a few quotes, think about your options.

The best recommendation is to go with the company that offered you the most amount of money for your car. This is usually a junk car company that beats all other competitors’ prices.

2. Make sure there are NO “Additional Costs”!
While you call around and get quotes for your car, you may want to ask a few additional questions, too.

One thing you’ll definitely want to consider is whether or not the company will come get your car for you with a FREE TOW. If you are going to have to pay to tow it to them, that will greatly decrease the amount of money you’re actually earning as part of this deal.

Look for a junk car company that will tow your car to them, completely free of charge, as part of the purchasing process.

3. Make sure they are buying the car from you in “As Is” condition
Before selling your car, know that junk car companies will take your car in any condition.

Whether it has super-high mileage, small dents or major damage, there is someone out there willing to take your junk car off your hands for you. You can still sell your junk car, even if it’s not running.

However, make sure they are honest and do not take off money from price for everything you forgot to tell them. Example if you claim the car starts and then when they come it does not, you must make sure they will pay you a set amount.

4. Choose a Trustworthy Company

This step is essential. You want to choose a company that prides itself on reliability, accountability and having a good reputation in the community.

It doesn’t matter if you get a super-high quote from a company that’s not going to follow through on their promise.

You want to go with someone who pays cash for junk cars and who will keep honesty as the best policy.

5. Get Paid on the Spot
Before entering into an agreement to junk a car, ask about the payment process.

This is where some companies try to scam you. Maybe you’ll only get paid after further inspections, or maybe you’ll be sent a gift card in 6 weeks. Neither of these is ideal.

Look for a junk car company that pays you Cash on the spot. You want to turn your car in and leave with cash in your hands. This will ensure you get the best price for your junk car the safest way possible.

Need Help Getting Cash for Junk Cars?
Are you ready to get cash for your junk car? Do you have questions about the junk car buying process? Or do you just want a free quote?

Whatever your status, contact us today. We can help you get the best cash possible for your car.

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5 Big Reasons to Sell Your Car for Cash

Finally ready to get rid of that old car in the driveway? There are major benefits when you sell your car for cash. Read on to learn more.


 sell your car for cash

Is that old car weighing you down?

Has it been sitting in the driveway for too long?

While it’s a no-brainer to sell your car for cash, there are several other great reasons to part with your vehicle that you may not realize yet.

Below are some of the best benefits of finally getting around to selling that old, junk car for cash.

1. Eliminate Hazards

Driving an old junk or damaged car can be a hazard and can risk the well-being of you and your family.

Many old cars lack useful design features such as airbags and components such as brakes can be unreliable and low-quality.

Troubled cars can also have emissions issues. A car with poor emissions can lower the air quality in the environment and around your home.

2. Stop Guzzling Oil and Fuel

An old or damaged car can have trouble using gas and oil properly and may consume fluids more quickly than a newer vehicle.

When gas prices get high, it can be a real problem to use a vehicle with poor gas mileage. At these times, you need all the help you can get to spend less money.

You may be spending more on gas than you think if you use an old, damaged car on a regular basis.

3. Sell Your Car For Cash to Free Up Space

Regardless of whether your car has been sitting around for years or you have a newer vehicle, it’s likely that it’s taking up too much space around your home.

You may be missing out on that extra bit of space in your yard for your kids to play.

An extra junk car in the driveway may make it difficult to navigate other vehicles.

If your car is collecting dust in the garage, why not free that space up for a family game room or workspace instead?

4. Forget Repairs

Households that own vehicles that are less than 5 years old report lower maintenance and repair costs than with vehicles of any other age.

It’s a fact of life that an older car needs more repairs. It may truly be costing you a lot to keep that old vehicle around.

Even if you’re emotionally attached to that junk or damaged car, it may be time to cut it loose. The process of getting rid of a car can be simpler than you think.

5. Be Environmentally Friendly

We’ve already mentioned the poor emissions of old cars, but a junk car can also cause harm to the environment in other ways. In general, old cars are much less green than newer cars.

If you have a car in the yard, chemicals can leak from the car into the ground. These chemicals can cause problems for the soil and have the potential to pollute your water supply.

Selling your car for cash will also allow you to recycle it, freeing your from hazards while freeing it up for other purposes.

Final Thoughts

When you finally get rid of a junk car, you may be surprised to realize that a weight has been lifted from your shoulders.

Looking to get rid of a new, old, junk, or damaged car? Best Price Cash For Cars can give you a free quote so you can sell your car for cash today.

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Make Money from Your Car Even If It’s a Piece of Junk!

Just because your car is breaking down doesn’t mean you can’t profit from it. Learn how our services can help you make money from your car with no hassle.

Do you have an ugly old car taking up space in your driveway? Have you been meaning to get rid of it for ages? Would you like to get some money for it but don’t know where to start?

Taking on that kind of task can be daunting at first. But, you do have options when it comes to trying to make money from your car.

Keep reading to learn the different ways you can put some extra cash in your pocket!

If you don’t know of anyone who’s looking to buy these parts, there are lots of online marketplaces like eBay that make the selling process fairly simple.

Is it worth Flipping Your Car on your own?

Some people enjoy and profit from the process of restoring old cars and selling them for a higher price than what they originally paid.

  • Low-cost repairs to ensure it runs smoothly
  • Give it a new paint job
  • Replace seats covers and floor mats
  • Cleaning car
  • Get it running again is easy for a mechanic but not for average person
  • If when flipping a car the mechanic or body shop makes mistakes it cost you more money and more headaches with potential buyer

Sell the Whole Thing

Maybe you don’t have the time or money to spend stripping or flipping a car. Maybe you want to just get rid of the whole thing as quickly as possible. If that’s the case, there’s an option for you, too.

The easiest way to make money from your car is to just sell the whole thing. There are lots of companies that are willing to give you cash for your old car.

But, how does it work?

It’s fairly simple to get a cash offer for your old car. Simply reach out to the company via phone or online and provide them with some information about your car — year, make, model, and notes about damage or missing parts.

After they have the information they need, you’ll get an offer. If you accept the offer, they’ll come and pick the car up for you, often on the same day you contact them!

You’ll usually get paid as soon as the car is picked up. It couldn’t be any easier!

Make Money from Your Car Today

Now that you know the easiest way to make money from your car, it’s time to take action.  contact us at Best Price Cash for Cars today!

You’ve got nothing to lose except the junk car that’s taking up space in your driveway! We’ll give you a free quote and even tow the car away at no cost to you.

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February is for Lovers

… And We Love Our Customers!

We understand when your car is down, it feels like the worst thing that can happen!  Our goal is to make our customers feel comfortable and understood.  Respect and friendliness are what we pride ourselves on.  Selling a car regardless of the condition can be very frustrating!

Stress can often make us frustrated and irritable, so a friendly voice is really important.  Anyone who answers your call will not only be professional but friendly and fun as well!  We are knowledgeable and ready to answer all your questions.  We have bad days too, of course, but our customers really turn that around from the first call.

It’s important to us that we take the time to really get all your information to get you the best offer for your car.  Leave it to us to do all the hard work so you can focus on more important things.

Our customers make our job fun and in turn, we get you the MOST for your car.  Call today for an offer with one of our friendly representatives!

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Why Find Reviews Before Junking Your Car?

Check Reviews Before Selling Your Junk Car

You’re used to pricing every day items for your family, right?  When you go to the supermarket, you know what to expect and how to find the best deals.  Comparison shopping for electronics isn’t even hard to do anymore, even when those items come with a big price tag.

However, when selling a junk car, you may not even know where to start!  It’s not something that happens often, and you have no way of knowing how much an old, damaged or broken-down car might be worth!

Your Junk Car Isn’t Worthless

Most junkyards are reputable businesses; however, they may try to take advantage of the misinformed consumer.  They may say things like they are doing you a “favor” by just towing away your car, for free.  But your car is full of recyclable materials, like scrap metal.  Even in the current state of the scrap metal market, your car still has value.

Don’t get taken advantage of!  With the internet at your fingertips, you can find reviews on the junk car buying companies and call around to get the best offer for your vehicle.  Here are some simple ways to find out who to call and who to avoid.

User Reviews

If you see customer reviews proudly displayed on a company’s website, it’s likely they are the ones you want to call.  They respect their customers and are willing to allow their reputation speak for them.  It’s impossible to make every customer happy every time but a willingness to respond to even an upset customer is admirable.

Google Search

When you are looking for a junk car buyer, this is the easiest way to find all the information you need.  A google search will reveal many reviews from various places.  Since google is such a well-know, highly trafficked site, it’s likely many reviews will be right there at your fingertips.  It’s an excellent way to find out information about local businesses.

Social Media

As social media becomes more popular, many businesses are jumping on the gravy train! A Facebook search can turn up numerous results for junk car sites.  You can see reviews, contact information and sometimes even interact with the company.

By following these simple tips, you’ll find the most honest company to buy your junk car.

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