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Where Can I Get A Patent Drawing For My Application?

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Inventors submitted 3.3 million patent applications last year across the entire world. Each of these applications includes a drawing of the invention. This drawing is an application requirement from the USPTO.

To ensure your application gets processed on the first submission, you need to have a detailed and accurate patent drawing. Follow this guide to ensure you have the best drawing possible for your patent application.

What Is a Patent Drawing? 

The patent drawing is a visual representation of your patent and its process. It’s how you’ll communicate the different components and how they work together. You may need several drawings to illustrate multiple steps in a process.

There is a complex set of rules that outline every element of your drawing. This includes everything from what the lines should look like to the margin size.

Draw It Yourself 

If you have the skills to create your patent application, then you probably have the skills to create your patent drawing. However, there’s a massive learning curve as you learn the specific detailed requirements for the drawing.

The advantage of creating the drawing yourself is that you have complete control over how your invention gets presented to the USPTO. It also saves you the time and frustration of trying to teach someone else the ins and outs of your invention.

To create your own drawing, you can draw it by hand with a pen and a ruler. Be sure to make zero stray marks on the page. There is no room for error.

In rare situations, a color drawing or photograph is acceptable. These are only allowed when a drawing won’t work.

A third option is to use computer drawing software. The software can make the creation of the drawing easier, but also requires a steep learning curve.

Hire the Professionals 

The most significant advantage of using a firm is that they know what the USPTO requires for a patent drawing. They know the required information and how to describe and present the drawing in a way that will get accepted.

The second benefit is that you save yourself time and effort. This lets you focus on your invention. Professional patent drawings services will also be able to advise you on how many drawings you need.

To find a service to create your drawing, you can look online. Another option is to ask your patent attorney for a recommendation.

Secure Your Patent Drawing

You have a great idea and know that your invention could change lives. But before you do anything, you need to secure a patent to protect your invention. To avoid delays, you need to include a patent drawing in your application.

Your next step is to decide whether you think you can draw it yourself, or if hiring a professional firm is the smarter option. Compare the time commitment it will take to draw your own with the financial investment of hiring a professional firm.

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