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A Complete Guide to Tummy Tuck Preparation

It should come as no surprise that being confident in your appearance comes with a large number of benefits to your mental health. For this reason, it is not uncommon for people to elect to get a tummy tuck procedure.

However, not everybody understands how to prepare for a tummy tuck. There are certain nuances you need to keep in mind, and we’ve put together a guide that details everything you should know about it. Let’s explore how to go about successful tummy tuck preparation.

Cut Down on Smoking

Smoking can cause complications with this type of procedure. So, it’s essential that you cut down on smoking before your abdominoplasty. In fact, you should avoid smoking entirely for the entire month before the date of your procedure.

Don’t Lose a Large Amount of Weight

Some people choose to pursue rapid weight loss shortly before they get a tummy tuck. The logic behind this decision is that it will make their results even more outstanding. Unfortunately, this could easily cause you to become underweight by the time of your surgery.

Being underweight will make it more difficult for you to recover after the procedure, and you run the risk of rapidly regaining the weight once you begin feeling normal again.

Organize a Ride Home

It’s highly recommended that you do not drive home from your procedure.

In fact, your doctor may prevent you from doing so if you attempt to. Have someone go with you to the procedure and have them take you home afterward. If possible, you should also keep that person around for at least a day or two so they can monitor your condition.

The majority of complications occur after surgery, and it’s essential that you get medical assistance as quickly as possible if a problem arises.

Share Any Relevant Health Concerns With Your Doctor

It’s important to be as honest as you can with your doctor before the procedure. Although lab tests will denote underlying issues, you should share concerns that you have with your medical professional before moving forward.

There is a chance that these could come into play during surgery and cause complications.

Be Prepared to Recover

This is not a simple procedure. It’s something that requires an experienced professional to complete, and the recovery process can be fairly lengthy.

It’s essential that you are prepared to properly recover afterward. This means taking time off work, having medication on hand, etc.

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Tummy Tuck Preparation Can Seem Overwhelming

In some cases, it can even feel intimidating.

However, this procedure is fairly common and tummy tuck preparation isn’t nearly as difficult as you might anticipate at first. The above information will help ensure that the process goes as smoothly as it should and that you alleviate any concerns.

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