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Best for Value-Conscious Travelers: Why Long Term Stay Hotels Have Become so Popular

If you’re a leisure traveler or you just need to stay somewhere for more than a few days, long term stay hotels might be a good option for you as you see the sights. While in years past there might not have been a large selection of these places to accommodate your needs, they are becoming more popular.

Are you unfamiliar with what a long term stay hotel is? In this article, we are going to talk more about these hotels, their benefits, and whether they might be a good option for you.

Continue reading this article as we go more in-depth about extended stay hotels.

What Is a Long Term Stay Hotel?

It’s obvious that with a long term stay hotel, it is designed so you can stay longer than a few days. But what makes a hotel a fall under the classification of a long term stay versus a short term stay hotel?

When you stay at a short term stay hotel, you’re not going to get a kitchen in your room in most cases. You might have a refrigerator to keep some sandwiches in, but these rooms aren’t going to work for people that want to stay somewhere for more than a few days.

Extended stay hotels usually have rooms that are bigger and seem more homelike. When you stay longer than a few days, you’re going to get a better rate.

With extended stay hotels, your room is cleaned weekly, so you don’t have to worry about deep cleaning yourself.

You’re also going to find free WiFi in almost all cases, so you’re able to get work done or enjoy streaming in your room.

When You Might Want to Use Them

Since extended stay hotels are growing in popularity, you might not be aware of how helpful they can be. There are many instances when they can be an extremely helpful and enjoyable option when you’re traveling.

Wedding Preparation

If you’re visiting and want to help your friend or family member with their wedding, it might be helpful to come in for a week or more. A long term stay hotel can help you have the amenities you need while you’re in town helping plan the wedding.

While you might be welcome to stay in your friend’s home while you’re there, it isn’t always going to work out. There’s bedtime differences to think about and other routines that might mess with your natural rhythm.

Before and After a Baby Is Born

You never know when the baby is going to decide to come. If you’re a proud grandparent or another family member that wants to be nearby when the baby comes, an extended stay hotel can be a good option for you.

Once the baby is here, you’ll be able to enjoy time with the baby because you’ll have a place to stay without putting the new mother out by having guests in her house.

Taking Time to See a City

When you go to see a city, you likely feel like you didn’t have enough time to see and do all of the things you wanted to do.

If you want to take a week or more to see the city, then extended stay hotels are a great way to enjoy the city without spending your whole budget on your hotel accommodations.

When You’re a Full-Time Traveler

Do you travel full-time? When you’re traveling full-time, it can get tiring when you’re trying to stay on the move for too long. Having an extended stay option will allow you to regroup and enjoy time at a place that feels homey.

Benefits of Long Term Stay Hotels

If you’re starting to see long term stay hotels as a good option, let’s go over a few other benefits. See below to learn even more benefits of staying in a long term stay hotel.

It Looks Like Home

When you’re traveling, you don’t want to live in rooms that feel impersonal and less than comfortable.

Extended stay hotels do their best to make sure that you are able to enjoy a good time and feel like you’re in a real home vs. feeling like you’re in someone else’s domain.

More Affordable

If you try to stay by night in some locations, it’s going to be entirely out of your budget. When you look at the prices people are able to get with extended stay hotels, those prices are much more affordable.

Since you’re staying longer and making it easier for the owners and the staff, the discounts are passed on to you, the consumer.

Complimentary Services

Some of the complimentary services make it worth staying in an extended stay hotel. Services like a hot breakfast, evening snacks, and more make it easy for you to enjoy your stay in different areas and save money on food and other things that are important to your daily life — like WiFi!

Kitchen in the Room

One of the biggest expenses, when you’re staying somewhere, is going out to eat. When you have a kitchen in your room, you can opt to eat out or to stay in and cook a meal.

Having a kitchen in your room makes it much easier to budget on your trip and still have an enjoyable time in the city.

Long Term Stay Hotels Are a Great Solution

Now that you know more about long term stay hotels, do they sound like a good solution for you?

In this article, we’ve learned about the benefits of these hotels and talked about when they might be a good option for you.

See our locations here and book your stay to give extended hotels stays a try with us.

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