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Get More Traffic: Why You Should Have Someone Help You with Bing Ads

Did you know that Bing gets 1.2 billion monthly global visitors?

This may not seem like a lot compared to Google search traffic. 

But even if Bing isn’t the main search engine, it still ranks #4 in global search engines. What’s more, it offers marketers another channel for effective digital advertising: Bing Ads.

In this post, we discuss why you should have someone help you with Bing ads. Keep reading to learn more!

What Are Bing Ads?

Bing Ads market specific digital content to Bing users.

Bing Ads is a form of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. This means that marketers pay per “click” each ad receives. 

In this sense, Bing Ads function much like Google AdWords, PPC ads marketers can craft in Google search results.

Both Bing Ads and Google AdWords rely on the principles of search engine advertising. Bing and Google users turn to these platforms to search for keywords and phrases.

Users then browse results, prioritizing the first page of listings and those that surface at the top. 

It is possible to rank your online content accordingly using Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Yet Bing Ads enable marketers to place ads in prominent locations of search results. Ads will appear under the “Ads” category at the top of search listings.

Marketers also optimize these PPC ads for keywords, phrases they want their ideal customers to type into Bing. Examples of keywords include “fast flower delivery” or “best vegan fare in Atlanta.”

Bing Ads is not a free form of digital marketing. However, Bing professes that its ads have lower costs-per-click and costs-per-acquisition than Google ads.

What’s more, PPC advertising can have a huge return on investment (ROI). You may pay $4 for a single click but earn a conversion worth $3,000, for example!

Why You Need Bing Ads

Why might marketers need Bing Ads? 

It’s well-known that Google is the search engine giant. For this reason, many marketers implement Google AdWords when they choose to launch PPC marketing.

But Bing Ads often trump Google AdWords, and they can skyrocket your conversions if used properly. Here’s why you need Bing Ads.

1. Save Money

PPC advertising can be expensive, especially if you have a tight marketing budget. 

There’s no doubt about it: Bing ads can cost PPC marketers less, especially when it comes to cost-per-click and cost-per-acquisition.

Why is this the case? Well, Bing isn’t as popular as Google. This means that marketers have less competition when it comes to keywords.

Both Google and Bing hold “auctions” where marketers bid on certain keywords. The most popular keywords cost more, while less popular ones are cheaper.

Because Bing auctions have fewer competitors, bids are often more cost-effective. What’s more, Bing ads may surface more prominently than Google ads in search results.

If you want to save money on your marketing campaigns and boost your ROI, turn to Bing Ads.

2. Enjoy Less Competition

Did we mention that Bing Ads have fewer fighters in the ring? 

That’s right. Marketers still make the most of Bing Ads, but fewer are drawn to Bing than those who are drawn to Google.

This is because many assume that it’s wiser to use a platform that caters to the most users.

However, this isn’t necessarily the case. If you have less competition when bidding for keywords, you can rank your ad content for the most popular search terms. 

This means that you can cater to more customers and attract more leads to your site. This is what you want at the end of the day, right?

3. Get More Control

Google and Bing give PPC marketers a lot of control over their ad campaigns.

As a PPC marketer, you can schedule out ad campaigns based on user language, location, and network. 

Bing Ad marketers, however, have more control with ad scheduling. With Bing Ads, for example, you can change settings of an entire, existing ad group with the click of a button.

With Google, you have to take quite a few more steps to make such changes, and you can only change at the campaign level.

What’s more, Bing Ads makes it easier to reach international audiences with its time zone feature. This is vital if you are looking for a more global presence!

4. Implement Awesome Social Extensions

Do you currently have a social media campaign in place? 

If so, you probably know the value of leveraging your social media campaign with other marketing efforts. PPC advertising and social media go hand in hand in this regard.

Search engines know this, and they know it well. Most enable marketers to add social extensions to their ads.

This means that you can show how many followers or likes you have on a platform like Twitter or Facebook–right next to your ad content. This can be a huge draw.

5. Target Thoroughly

PPC advertising is all about targeting: honing campaigns and directing them at a very specific audience.

Bing Ads give marketers plenty of means to target, including by device, location, and search demographics. From many perspectives, you can simply target better when using Bing Ads.

For example, with Bing Ads, you can actually control which gender of user you want viewing your ad in search results! The same goes for age of searchers.

This is pretty advanced and can be ideal for marketers with a solid targeting strategy in place. For example, if you want to target millennials in your marketing efforts, this becomes fairly straightforward.

How to Get Help with Bing Ads

What’s the best way to get help with Bing Ads?

You can definitely launch a Bing Ad campaign yourself.

Yet it’s always a wise idea to consult a professional digital marketer when it comes to PPC advertising. This can save on costs and time, as learning PPC on your own can be tough.

PPC campaign managers can also prep and monitor your campaign from start to finish.

Check out to learn more.

Final Thoughts

Bing Ads can help every business owner diversify their digital advertising. Diversification can be the most effective means of engaging with a wider audience.

They can also save marketers money on PPC advertising and deliver better results.

Get started on your Bing Ad campaign here.

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