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5 Ways a Beauty Pageant Highly Improves Personal Growth for Women

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Read on to find out how entering an all-age beauty pageant will help and encourage you to boost self-confidence and personal growth.

It’s no secret that beauty pageants have a mostly negative reputation. Most people think it’s shallow, vapid, and even harmful to the participants’ mental health.

But beauty pageants only have this reputation because the general public rarely cares enough to delve deeper into the details of them. If they did, then they’d know that beauty pageants actually do a lot of good for both girls and women.

In this article, we’ll explore 5 ways how a beauty pageant can encourage personal growth for participants.

1. It Helps You Feel Beautiful

Did you know that 96% of women wouldn’t call themselves “beautiful” and 78% of them don’t feel completely confident about their beauty? So chances are, you and/or a woman you know don’t feel great about yourselves.

During beauty pageants, you’re asked to get made up and dressed in gorgeous ways, all of which will make you see yourself in a different light. Because you’ll be up on stage with a bunch of other inspirational and beautiful participants, it’ll make you feel pretty as well!

And they’re not all skinny size 00s either. The best thing about beauty pageants is it celebrates true beauty, no matter what size or age you are.

Plus, there’s a sense of camaraderie backstage as well. While you’re technically competing against one another, it’s just a friendly competition. All the women will actually be very supportive of one another.

In fact, it’s highly likely that a few of them will compliment you on your look. Compliments can be quite powerful; not only can they help you realize your inner and outer beauty, but they can also lift your mood and create a better atmosphere.

2. It Improves Your Self-Confidence

While getting up on a stage can be terrifying, especially for those who have anxiety, it can help you feel more sure of yourself.

Previously, you might’ve never thought that you were all that gorgeous or talented. But when you can conquer the fear of getting on that pageant stage and show off what you’ve got, this can do tremendous things for your self-confidence. This is especially true when you see pleased judges give you amazing scores.

For many, it takes a little bit of getting out of their comfort zone to really value what they have to offer to the world. And this can cause their self-confidence to soar.

It’s not uncommon for participants to make friends with one another, providing further support in life. You’ll find that beauty pageants facilitate meaningful friendships, many of which last a lifetime.

When you’re surrounded by people that understand exactly what you’re going through, boosting confidence will come very easily. This can allow you to make tremendous personal growth when you have a group of like-minded people behind you.

3. It Helps You Be a Better Person

Beauty pageants aren’t just all about physical appearances. That’s just one major aspect of these events.

Another big component of beauty pageants is how you are on the inside. The ideal pageant queen is humble, caring, compassionate, and friendly. If you can’t demonstrate these qualities, then you need to reflect and determine what exactly it is that drives you; your priorities are most likely in the wrong places.

Beauty queens must be well-rounded, which means you shouldn’t be focused on just yourself. Instead, you need to think about what you can do to help not just your local community, but also those in need all over the world if possible.

You must also be a good role model for the community, which means you need to think carefully about your life choices.

4. It Pushes Your Limits

Typically, you’ll have to compete in multiple categories, such as fashion wear, interview, photogenic, and evening wear. If you’re used to wearing one style of clothes all the time, then this can be a fun challenge for you.

In categories like fashion wear, it’s up to your interpretation. You must choose an outfit that’s not only chic, but also embodies your unique personality. You’ll have to show that you have the sharpness and wit to pick the right pieces that’ll make you stand out against the other contestants.

And then, in the interview category, this will really push your limits. You’ll have to answer questions on a number of topics, so you must show that you’re not only an interesting person, but also an intelligent one who’s articulate too.

5. It Opens up Windows of Opportunities

For participants, beauty pageants can open up windows of opportunities. Many pageants offer prizes in the form of college scholarships, which younger participants can use to pursue their desired career in the future.

Some also get to represent the pageant; this enables contestants to travel and see the world, making significant personal growth along the way.

And no matter how young or old the participants are, beauty pageants provide a great avenue for networking and making friends. Whether they use those opportunities to create a solid support system or to pave the road to their dream job, one thing is clear: beauty pageants are events that create many opportunities for the contestants.

A Beauty Pageant Can Do Wonders for Personal Growth

As you can see from reading this article, participating in a beauty pageant can actually do so much for your personal growth.

Not only can it help you love yourself more and grow more confident, but it can also push you to be a much better person. Whether you pick up a new hobby or talent, or you decide to dedicate more of your time to a worthy cause, beauty pageants can certainly help you grow in a positive direction.

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