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Beatriz Navarro Goudie: A Miami Native Making Waves in Luxury Real Estate

Beatriz Navarro Goudie is a Coral Gables, FL luxury real estate expert with a deep-rooted passion for positively impacting her community.


Coral Gables, FL, 4 August, 2023 — Beatriz Navarro Goudie, a distinguished Miami native with a passion for positively impacting her community, has emerged as a prominent figure in the luxury real estate market in Coral Gables, FL. Leveraging her invaluable knowledge of the city and housing trends, Beatriz is dedicated to assisting her clients with property valuations, buying, selling, renting, and property management.

Born to Cuban parents in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Beatriz Navarro Goudie was raised in Miami since the tender age of three. During her time at the University of Florida, an elective course on special needs individuals sparked a transformative journey in her life. This life-altering experience led her to switch her major to Special Education, and she later earned her master’s degree from the same university. Beatriz’s passion for positively impacting the lives of children and supporting families flourished throughout her illustrious 26-year career as an educator.

After her studies, Beatriz moved to New York City with her husband and embarked on a fulfilling career as a special education teacher in Hell’s Kitchen. Driven by a desire to make a difference, she pursued further education and obtained her Ph.D. in Education from New York University. Even as an educator, Beatriz’s interests extended to real estate through her investments and property management endeavors with her father. Through these experiences, she discovered her desire to assist others in navigating the complex world of buying and selling properties.

Inspired by her passion for education and her experiences in the real estate market, Beatriz opened a private practice that focused on intervention with learning-disabled children. Her dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of others further fueled her desire to create lasting changes in her community.

Beyond her professional achievements, Beatriz is an active practitioner of jiu-jitsu at Valente Brothers in Coral Gables, a testament to her commitment to personal growth and discipline. She is also a devoted dog lover, a proud mother of two boys, and enjoys a happy marriage, valuing the importance of family and strong bonds.

In her current role as a real estate agent, Beatriz Navarro Goudie is associated with Antilles Realty, Inc, a family business specializing in Miami-area real estate like coral gables waterfront homes for sale. Antilles Realty, Inc has been a licensed Real Estate Agency since 1980, providing expert guidance and dedicated service to clients seeking to buy, sell, rent, and manage properties in the Miami region. With decades of experience in the real estate industry, Antilles Realty, Inc is a trusted name that has stood the test of time.

As a real estate expert, Beatriz is committed to providing high-quality, concierge-style service that places her clients’ needs at the forefront of every transaction. Whether clients are looking to sell their current home, find a new property, or seek rental opportunities, Beatriz possesses the expertise and understanding to guide them through every aspect of the real estate process.

“Having grown up in Miami, I deeply understand the nuances of the local real estate market and the diverse needs of my clients,” says Beatriz. “I am dedicated to helping individuals and families turn their real estate goals into reality and make informed decisions about their investments.”

Beatriz Navarro Goudie welcomes anyone interested in exploring real estate opportunities to contact her directly to discuss their unique needs and discover how her expertise on coral gables homes for sale and insights can lead them to successful real estate ventures.

About Antilles Realty, Inc:

Established in 1980, Antilles Realty, Inc is a trusted family business specializing in Miami-area real estate. With a wealth of experience and a dedication to excellence, the agency assists clients with buying, selling, renting, and managing properties, offering personalized service to meet each client’s specific requirements.

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Contact Info:

Name: Beatriz Navarro Goudie

Organization: Antilles Realty, Inc

Address: 2655 S Le Jeune Rd Suite 324, Coral Gables, FL 33134

Phone: (786) 321-9115


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