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5 Things to Do After a Seattle Car Accident

About 10 million or more crashes remain unreported each year. Meanwhile, about 6,296,000 accidents are reported. If you fail to file a police report after a crash, it could impact your ability to fight for compensation. 

In fact, many people don’t realize what to do after a Seattle car accident at all. Discovering the steps you need to follow could prove essential to your future.

Here are the five steps you’ll need to complete after a crash. Learning to follow these steps could protect your best interests. Meanwhile, you’ll have an easier time maintaining focus after an accident.

Discover the essential steps you need to follow after an accident with these tips today. 

1. File a Police Report

Immediately following a Seattle car accident, call the police. Calling the police will ensure you file an official police report. If you want to fight for compensation to cover your losses, the police report can help.

The police report will include a record of who was involved in the crash. It will also note any traffic laws that were violated. If the other driver’s negligence caused the crash, the police report could indicate they were at fault.

When speaking with the police, make sure to stick to the facts.

Make sure to record the police officer’s name and badge number. Your lawyer might need to contact them in the future.

2. Gather Evidence

Make sure to gather your own evidence before leaving the site of a car crash. Video and photo evidence can prove your side of the story.

Take photos of your injuries and any cars involved in the crash. If you spot a safety hazard that contributed to the crash, like a pothole, take photos. Make sure to get footage of all vehicles involved, too. 

3. Visit a Doctor

About three million people are injured in car accidents each year. Another two million develop lasting injuries. Immediately after a Seattle car accident, visit a doctor.

They’ll assess your health, which could help build your lawsuit. Your lawyer will use your medical records to calculate your losses.

4. Make a Few Calls

After an accident, start the insurance claim process right away. Call your auto insurance company and let them know you were in a crash. Get a record of your auto insurance policy, too.

Then, call a local auto accident lawyer. An experienced lawyer will help you prove the other driver was at fault. Then, you can fight for compensation to cover your losses.

You can contact the lawyers at to get started.

5. File a Lawsuit

Once you find an experienced lawyer, start filing your lawsuit. It’s important to file the lawsuit as soon as possible.

Otherwise, the statute of limitations could lapse before you get the chance. 

Fight for Compensation: 5 Steps to Take After a Seattle Car Accident

Don’t rush to leave the scene after a Seattle car accident. Instead, make sure to follow these five steps. Following these steps will help you gather evidence.

Then, you can contact a lawyer to fight for the compensation you deserve. 

Searching for more tips? You’re in the right place.

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