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Bama Health Foods announces HOPE Bus for Birmingham Community


Birmingham, AL, January 19, 2023— Bama Health Foods is pleased to announce that its incredibly popular HOPE bus will be available in the parking lot of its health food store while construction on its retail premises continues. Bama Health Foods sought out the HOPE bus to ensure loyal customers could still enjoy the best that it has to offer.

They’re open for business in the parking lot from Tuesday to Saturday each week and are ready to serve their customers the finest health foods and well-being products at great prices – and with the superb service that Bama Health is known for.

The team has stocked the HOPE bus with everything their customers in the local Birmingham community could want to better their health and well-being. Customers will find great items such as:

– Natural Supplements

– Tasty snack options

– A source of well-being advice and support to the local community in Birmingham

Bama Health Foods has worked hard as a health and wellness store to ensure that a critical array of health and wellness products continue to be offered to their community. If customers need help finding what they’re looking for, they can speak to the helpful team, who will do their best to source it from their extensive inventory.

The HOPE bus can also travel to community events, local markets, small business events, and private events, making it incredibly versatile.

Visit the HOPE bus at 1923 Bessemer Rd Birmingham, AL 35208, or contact Bama Health Foods at 205-923-0001, [email protected] or Call (205) 540-5124 for our weekly hours of operation.

Customers can find out more about the Bama Health Foods HOPE bus online or connect with them on social media at

About Bama Health Foods:

Bama Health Foods is passionate about keeping Birmingham healthy. The HOPE bus will operate in the parking lot of the store at 1923 Bessemer Rd most days, and then will go out to the communities after the store is back operating. Visit between Tuesday and Saturday for great products and services.

Media Contact: 

Jacquie Fazekas
Bama Health Foods
1923 Bessemer Rd., Birmingham, AL 35208
(205) 923-0001

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