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The Average Garage Door Repair Cost: Everything You Should Know

Across America, there are more than 280 million registered vehicles and their owners need somewhere to store them. This is why 80% of homes in the US have garages or carports somewhere on their plots.

But a garage is only useful if you keep it secure. A home burglary takes place every 23 seconds in America and homes with obvious weaknesses make easy targets. A poorly maintained garage door is much easier to break into and leaves you vulnerable to such thefts.

This is why it’s important to stay on top of your garage door maintenance. But how much does a garage door repair cost? The last thing you want is to be overcharged or receive poor service.

In that case, you’ve come to the right place! Read on to find out everything you need to know about garage door repair prices and what you should keep in mind when you’re shopping.

How Much Does a Garage Door Repair Cost?

A garage door repair can vary depending on a huge number of things.

Based on average repairs, most people can expect to pay between $85 and $290 for their repair. These common repairs will cover several things including:

If you have to get multiple parts of your door replaced, however, you may end up paying a lot more for your repair. More expensive repairs can cost up to $800. There may be many reasons for this.

To get a better idea of how much your repair could cost let’s take a look at some of the things that can affect your final bill.

Different Types of Repairs Cost Different Amounts

As we’ve already mentioned, common repairs usually cost between $85 and $290. However, the cost of these common repairs can vary a lot depending on what you need doing.

For example, the garage door spring repair cost can reach up to $290 if you need to replace a torsion spring in your garage door. Replacing extension springs is a much cheaper job. This will cost around $50 to $95.

Replacing your openers could cost you even more. A repair may be cheaper, but replacing the whole opener usually costs between $300 and $500. And panel replacement, which costs between $800 and $1,400, will set you back even more!

Essentially this means that if you want a cheap garage door repair then you’d better hope it’s a simple job. The more complicated the job and the more expensive the parts, the more you’ll end up paying.

Minimum Call-out Fees

Regardless of what sort of repair job you need doing, most repair engineers will charge a minimum fee for a job. It’s always worth asking about these fees before you hire a company.

Most companies charge a base fee of around $85. This will then increase when they add additional labor costs and the cost of parts. If your repair takes a long time and uses expensive parts then you’ll end up paying more.

However, it’s always worth checking out the minimum fees that a repair company charges. The lower this rate is the start with, the less your bill will be at the end.

Make sure you also ask whether this base fee is for the entire job or if it is daily or hourly. This could save you a nasty surprise when you get your bill.

The Style of Garage Door You Have

The type of garage door that you have will also affect the cost of your repair. This is because some styles of garage doors are a lot easier to repair or replace than others. The more complicated the job, the more you’ll end up paying.

Carriage doors, for example, are the cheapest type of garage doors to repair or replace. This is because they are fairly simple to repair as they open outwards like regular doors instead of using spring mechanisms.

For this kind of job, a contractor will often charge you an hourly rate. This usually comes to between $75 and $200.

Traditional one-panel doors are the second cheapest when it comes to the cost of garage door repair. The cost of replacing a panel depends somewhat on its size. Nine-inch panels cost around $250, while sixteen-inch panels can cost up to $700.

The cost of repairing a sectional garage door is often way more than either of these repairs. In some cases, it is actually cheaper to replace the whole door than to try and mend an individual piece of it. This depends a lot on what needs depending.

Replacing a sectional door usually costs between $800 and $1,000.

If you need a spring repair doing, the type of garage door that you have will also affect the cost of this. For example, tilt-up door spring repair usually comes to between $150 and $200. In comparison, a roll-up spring repair is more expensive at $200 to $250.

The Materials Used in Your Door

The quality and types of materials that you need for your repair will also affect how much you have to pay for parts. Often a repair company will try to use the same material as the original part in a repair.

At the cheapest end of the scale, you have materials such as steel and aluminum. Steel repairs usually cost between $100 and $150, while aluminum ones can cost up to $300. However, you may be able to find an aluminum repair for as little at $170.

If you have to replace part of your garage door made of fiberglass then this can be a bit more expensive, coming in at around $200. Fortunately, not all parts of a fiberglass door are made from fiberglass. Openers, cables, and runners should all be made from more common metals so will be cheaper to repair or replace.

Wood may look great but it is one of the most expensive materials to repair or replace as it isn’t cheap to source. It is also one of the least durable materials for a garage door so you should think twice before using it in your garage. Repairs to a wooden door will cost you roughly $400.

As you can imagine, these costs can really add up when you combine them with call-out fees and spare parts. Fortunately, there are a few tips you can follow to help keep the cost of your garage door repair low. Let’s take a look at some of these.

Shop Around for Deals

Finding a good deal is all about shopping around, so take your time and get in touch with a couple of companies near you.

Most reputable companies will offer you a free quote for your work. These are great as they allow you to compare companies easily.

When requesting a quote, make sure you provide as much information as you possibly can. List the type of door you have, the materials used (if you know them), and where you think the problem is. This means that the quote you receive will be as accurate as possible and won’t change on the day.

If you aren’t sure exactly what the problem is, try outlining what seems to be happening with your door. An experienced repair company should be able to identify what the problem is from your description.

Keep on Top of Your Garage Door Maintenance

Some garage door repairs are inevitable as your garage door experiences wear and tear when you use it.

For example, you will have to replace the springs at some point. If you use the door several times a day, you may have to do this after 3 years. If your door gets less action, your springs could last you 10 years or more.

Catching a problem early means the repair needed is quick and simple so it will cost a lot less. Creaking or groaning sounds when your door opens and closes suggest that something isn’t running smoothly.

You should also regularly inspect your door’s rollers, pulleys, and cables. To do this, open and close the garage door a few times and observe what happens each time. A closer inspection of the cables will also highlight any snagging or wear to these.

On top of this, you can look after your door by carrying out routine maintenance on a regular basis. This will stop you from experiencing any unnecessary problems along the way.

Make sure to test out your door’s sensors and balance regularly. Replace any bulbs or batteries before they completely run out and ensure that the door’s running tracks are clear of dust or debris.

Finally, take the time to check that the screws and hinges on your doors are nice and tight. These often loosen with time, especially if you use your garage door a lot. Loose screws or weak hinges can put a lot of strain on your door and lead to much more complicated problems further down the line.

If you do notice any problems when carrying out routine maintenance on your door, don’t try to repair them yourself. This can be extremely dangerous, especially if the repair involves the door’s springs.

Consider a Complete Replacement

It’s always worth keeping your options in mind when looking for a good repair job price. In extreme cases, it may actually be cheaper to replace your entire garage door than to repair it.

Figuring this out could take a little time and maths but it could save you a lot of money.

Make sure you tot up the overall cost you’ve been given by repair companies. This should include base call out rates and any additional costs of repairing your door.

The cost of replacing a door completely comes in two parts: the price of the door itself and the cost of installation. Some contractors may also charge you for the removal of your old door, especially if it is difficult to remove because of the fault in it.

The lowest installation cost you’d probably come across is around $650 plus the cost of the door. Bonded contractors will charge a lot more but often do a much better quality job. This could cost you around $2,400.

If you want to fit a custom-made door, then you’ll be looking at a new cost-bracket altogether. This depends entirely on the materials used and the complexity of the job. If you’re looking to save money, steer clear of this option completely!

Look for a Guarantee

Looking for a repair company that offers a guarantee on their work might not save you money on your repair straight away. But if anything goes wrong with their work, you’ll be glad you’ve got it.

A guarantee promises that if anything goes wrong with your garage door repair, the repair company will fix it free-of-charge. This shouldn’t add to the price of your initial work and means you can be sure that you’ll walk away with a working garage door.

If anything goes wrong on a non-guaranteed repair then you may end up paying for the job twice or more in order to get it done properly.

See If Your Insurance Will Cover It

It’s always worth checking with your insurance provider to see if you can recover the cost of your garage door repair.

Whether or not an insurer will do this often depends on the cause of the damage. Insurers rarely payout on natural wear-and-tear. However, if the damage is as a result of a break-in or an accident at your home, you may be able to reclaim the cost through your home insurance.

There’s no harm in giving your insurance provider a call to check – it could save you a lot of money!

The Bottom Line

Your garage door repair cost may feel like a lot but it’s definitely worth doing if you’re serious about keeping your home secure.

And there’s no need to start Googling ‘door repair near me’! Get in touch to discuss your repair work today – we’re here to help.

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