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The Best Private Jets of 2023, Ranked by a Private Jet Company

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Traveling by private aircraft comes with a slew of advantages. From skipping the nonsensical stress of the commercial flight pre-boarding process to getting a main cabin all to yourself, there are many reasons to fly private.

Whether you’re interested in investing in a private jet, want to consider fractional ownership, or you’re just interested in booking a private flight, getting to know the aircraft styles in advance can make for a more enjoyable process. Below, we’ve highlighted the criteria we use to determine which is the best private jet, and then ranked our top 3 best private jets to consider during your travels this year.

Factors We Use to Determine the Best Private Jets

When evaluating the current options for private jets in 2023, there are a variety of factors we consider. Some of those include:

  • Range. Depending on the length of your travels, range can be a significant factor in having a smooth transfer from one destination to another. With a longer range, your private jet can travel further distances without needing fuel reinforcement.
  • Cabin size. Private jets have a reputation to be on the small side, but that doesn’t mean riders don’t deserve a comfortable and spacious cabin. The size of the cabin is important when determining how many passengers are attending the flight, and it’s also important for meeting special requirements and accessibility accommodations.
  • Mission performance. How does the private jet feel in flight? The speed and overall efficiency of the jet can play a significant role in your willingness to fly; finding a fast jet can get you from point A to point B quicker, but it may be a jet fuel hog. Finding a private jet with fast yet efficient mission performance is essential.
  • Safety. Safety requirements should always be a top priority, whether you plan to own, rent, or charter a jet. Make sure the jet is equipped with the most up to date safety features and that it’s built to last.
  • Cost. There’s no such thing as a cheap private jet, but there are more cost-effective options available. Cost needs will range on a case-by-case basis; figuring out what you’re willing to pay for purchase or chartering the aircraft will play a significant role in what you choose to fly in.
  • Customer experience. Another important yet often overlooked factor: customer experience. Is the aircraft designed to create a safe and comfortable flight for the passengers? Are the flight staff properly equipped on the aircraft to assist all passengers and make them feel welcome during their flight? These are equally important questions to consider when deciding what makes the best private jet.

With these determining factors in mind, we’ve pulled together a short list of the best private jets to consider in 2023.

3 Best Private Jets, Ranked by Stratos Jet Charters

Interested in owning a private jet? Thinking about booking a private jet charter in the near future? Here are three different aircraft we recommend:

1. Gulfstream G700: Ultra Long Range Private Jet

“The G700™ delivers the most spacious, innovative and flexible cabin in the industry, plus all-new, high-thrust Rolls-Royce engines and the award-winning Symmetry Flight Deck™.”

If you’re looking for a spacious cabin for a large group of individuals, the Gulfstream G700 is the right choice for you. This jet has a reputation for its utility, reliability, and customer service – specifically regarding its cabin space and range. Fly from Beijing to London, London to Los Angeles, or New York City to Moscow – no matter your destination, the Gulfstream G700 can get you there nonstop. This is a great private jet to consider as a business tool, easily transporting large corporate teams from one business meeting to another.

2. Bombardier Challenger 3500: Best Super-Midsize Private Jet

“The Challenger 3500 aircraft pushes the industry forward, setting the course to what private jet travel should be. It features the most technologically advanced cabin in its class and introduces productivity enhancing features such as the industry’s first voice-controlled cabin and the revolutionary Nuage seat. The Challenger 3500 aircraft provides the ultimate combination of sustainability, performance and reliability you can count on 365 days a year.”

Flyers looking for a more palatable and midsize private jet should consider the Bombardier Challenger 3500. It takes an extremely desirable model and improves the customer experience, cabin experience, sound, range, and performance of the airplane. Its older version was best in class, and this plane is just a leveled up version of its former star.

It’s a fuel efficient option that’s perfect for domestic trips, perfect for traveling from destinations like Napa to Miami and back. It’s a very attractive option with a wide availability in the marketplace.

3. Pilatus PC-24: Best Super-Light Private Jet

“The PC-24 is simply unique. It’s the only aircraft combining the versatility of a turboprop with the cabin size of a medium-light jet, and the performance of a light jet. It’s a plane that simply doesn’t fit into any of the existing business jet categories. That’s why we had to create a new one: the Super Versatile Jet (SVJ) category. The PC-24 has been engineered to be “off-road” compatible from the beginning. Its outstanding short-field performance – even on unpaved runways – opens up an incredible level of mobility.”

Searching for great short field performance? The Pilatus PC-24 is the best small private jet of the year. While it may be in the small- to mid-size category, it’s still incredibly spacious considering; this plane is equipped to comfortably seat 8 people with ample storage space. It’s also a relatively low-operating cost airplane considering how spacious its cabin is.

This is a great plane for getting in and out of high-traffic and dangerous airports based on its thrust-to-weight ratio. High altitude and high temperatures in dangerous airport environments leads to reduced air density – in these cases, you want an airplane with short field performance that can expand your margin of safety. This aircraft does just that. On top of this, it’s also an extremely modern model, offering fuel efficiency, reduced carbon emission, impression avionics and more.

Fly with Stratos

Interested in riding in one of these jets, but have no intentions of making a private jet investment? As Doug Gollan, Forbes contributor says, trust your charter broker:

“The best advice is to find a good charter broker. Like a financial planner, travel agent, insurance broker, yacht broker or real estate agent, having somebody you develop a rapport with and who you can build trust with is probably your best asset,” Gollan shared in a Forbes article.

Stratos Jet Charters can get you on any of the previously listed jets this year, so long as there’s open availability for the aircraft at or near your starting destination. We encourage you to reach out for a quote and talk with an agent to determine which jet you’re interested in and when you plan to travel.

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