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Baby Proof Your Kitchen Cabinets

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Apart from being a great place to live, your home holds a lot of hidden threats to your newborn. We’re not talking about hidden monsters in the dark. Just simple everyday objects can turn to be life-threatening for your little one.

Things aren’t so bad if your baby is still in the crib, but once they start crawling around, anything below your knees can be dangerous. Starting with electric cords, little objects your baby can swallow and going to the real big danger – drawers and cabinets that seem like treasure chests for the younglings.

Safety Straps

To be safe, you really need to baby proof those kitchen cabinets and make sure they stay closed. There are many options on the market to choose from, that will help you with baby proofing. Not all of them are great. Some manufacturers seem to care more about profits, offering you cheap solutions that only lead to frustration. Ideally, you would pay for baby proofing locks once and be done with it. The truth is, it is incredibly difficult to find a good quality product. We found this out the hard way, researching many hours to find the best way to baby proof your kitchen cabinets.

So what is the best way to baby proof your cabinets? Two words – Safety Latches. These ingenious little locks were specially designed to keep your little baby, or toddler out of the treasure chests we mentioned earlier.

Safety Straps

If you’re a parent you understand how terrifying it is when you enter the kitchen to find the little one trying to drink the washing liquid. Makes anyone’s hair stand up just thinking about it!

The truth is, installation can happen in 2 minutes, or even seconds.

You do not want that happening to you. And don’t get us wrong, we’re not saying that if you get the latches you‘re free from your baby guard duty. But in situations where you get distracted (the phone rings, a cat gets in a fight with a dog on the street) good quality safety latches can be the deciding point between life and death. So make sure you have them in your house.

Safety Latches

These situations are one of the many reasons we make EliteBaby products. So let’s look at exactly what EliteBaby can offer to improve the safety of your home.

The EliteBaby safety latches are made of sturdy durable plastic with sticky pads on the back and can be cut to size, and they are very easy to use. You stick one pad on the side of the cupboard for instance, then bring the plastic lock with the other sticky pad round to the front of the cupboard, pressing down firmly on both pads.

Safety Latches

The lock is easy for an adult to open and shut, but not easy for little hands to open. They will definitely keep little ones out of areas where you don’t want them to go. Adults will be able to open the latches easily with one hand. This will come in handy when you’re holding your baby in one hand and need to reach inside the cabinet with the other. Easy-peasy.

Safety Latches

The latches come in a set of eight and have the longest adjustable length on the market. Having some extra length is a wonderful thing when it comes to safety latches. It means you’ll be able to use them for a lot more purposes than just baby proofing your cabinets. They’ll be pretty safe to use for your: Drawers, Refrigerator, Freezer, Dishwasher, Microwave, Trash Can, Washer, Dryer, Laundry Hampers, Shower Doors, Toilet Seat, and many other places! Most of the products on the market similar to this one have a limited use. When you have only one length provided it limits their use significantly.

We especially like the design and the color –white on white. This simple color scheme is far more preferable than two-color options. The latches will be more discreet on white goods.

Safety Latches


With the EliteBaby Safety Latches you’ll be able to secure baby proof your kitchen cabinets in a matter of minutes. First you need to adjust the strap to the desired length. Be absolutely sure about the length you need, because once you adjust the strap, there’s no going back.

To insure you’ll get the best results while applying the safety latches, you’ll need to make sure the surface is spotless. Even use rubbing alcohol if there are any oily spots as this will help the adhesive to stick even better. Once the adhesive pads have been applied it is important to leave them for 24 hours before using the lock. If you miss this step, you’ll end up having to apply more glue. No need for that at all.

Most people expressed their concerns about the 3M adhesive in regards to its removal. No need to worry there. Once you decide to remove them simply heat the foam tape with a hairdryer on low heat until loose, then remove the pads. No damage, no residue, no worries.

All in all our EliteBaby safety latches are extremely well manufactured, very robust and do a great job of keeping children safe. They are also excellent value for your money. So if you’re looking to baby proof the kitchen cabinets, (or anything else with a door or a lid) look no further, this is just what you need!



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