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MakeAmom Founder Kytierra (A Woman of Color) Completely Disrupts The For-Profit IUI Industry

Making the Impossible Possible: How MakeAmom Is Helping People Conceive


Houston, TX, July 12, 2023— Kytierra Clark, the pioneering entrepreneur behind MakeAmom, a revolutionary company that enables individuals to take charge of their own reproductive future. By offering affordable home insemination syringe kits, is disrupting the for-profit IUI (intrauterine insemination) industry and making conception easier and less expensive for people around the world.

The long-standing industry model requires expensive visits to specialized clinics and typically includes a hefty price tag of $3,000 or more. Now, with MakeAmoms innovative home insemination syringe kits, individuals can reduce their cost to just $100 and increase their success by following simple instructions.

Clark also manages a sperm donor matching service where individuals can connect with potential donors at This group provides a safe and secure space for couples and individuals who want to find the right sperm donor to make their dreams of starting a family a reality.

MakeAmoms Facebook group is a tremendous benefit for those seeking sperm donors. Individuals can post requests for donor sperm or respond to posts from others. Each post contains a detailed description of the desired donor characteristics and the desired delivery method.

Kytierra Clark is truly revolutionizing the world of reproductive care. Her brand, which offers affordable home insemination kits, is challenging the traditional for-profit IUI model and giving individuals greater access to conception.

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