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Whether your child has the modelling bug, or you’d like them to become a child model, there is lots of money to be made when working in this industry.

Some child models can earn up to $50,000 a year annually. With big money like this at play, it’s so easy to see why many parents want to help their child start their modelling career at such a young age.

But how do you get into the industry in the first place? Here’s how to get started in child modelling in Australia.

What Is Child Modelling?

Child modelling is where the image of your child is used in the promotion of a commercial product. This can either be in the form of print or digital media. It may also include a runway show or a cameo appearance.

Essentially, whenever a business uses your child in its brand promotions it is classed as modelling.

For many parents, modelling is the perfect stepping stone for your child to gain a career in entertainment or fashion, while for others it may just be a way of generating some extra income for the child’s future.

Take Care of Your Child

The first thing you need to do is keep your child healthy. This means paying attention to giving them a good diet and making sure they get plenty of exercise.

Their mental health is also of significant importance. Working from such as a young age can be tough on your little one, so make sure they’re allowed plenty of time to play, make friends, and focus on their educations too.

Find a Modeling Agency

If you want your child to succeed and find plenty of work, you’re going to need to find a model agency. Look around for agencies in your area that have open books.

Different agencies have different entry requirements for your child to join their books, so make sure you understand what is needed from you.

You may need to have your child attend a professional photoshoot and get portfolio pictures made up before you can apply to join the books of an agency.

Network Network Network

Once you have an agency looking after your child’s business needs, you’ll start to find work. If you really want to help your child get a leg up in the industry, you’ll network as much as possible on their behalf.

One of the most powerful tools you can access for networking in the modelling industry is Instagram.

Post often on a special profile made up for your child. Use professional-looking photos that show your child’s versatility and talent.

Make Sure Your Child Enjoys It

Sign your child up to an agency and use Instagram as a tool for networking and finding additional work.

Finally, if you’re entering your child into a career in child modelling, you should make sure that they enjoy it. During their formative years, putting pressure on them to do something that they don’t enjoy can harm them emotionally.

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