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There are tons of websites for streaming anime online. Whether you are looking for a free streaming service or paid subscriptions with no-ads feature, the list of the best websites is here.

Check out the best anime streaming websites to satisfy your watching experience.


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Funimation is a top paid anime streaming website that provides English dubbed and subbed versions of anime on a sleek interface. Premium membership costs $7.95 a month and is best for individuals living in North America who want an early release of new dubs and simulcasts. If you subscribe to this streaming site you should watch Naruto Shippuden.


One of the largest streaming services in the United States, Hulu boasts of a wide range of anime offerings, including hundreds of movie and series titles. At $7.99 per month, users can keep up with new episodes within a day of being aired in Japan. A popular show on Hulu that you can watch is Attack on Titan.


Netflix is a treasure trove of wonders for beginners or casual anime fans. Starting at $8.99 per month, you can easily find new titles from romantic stories to action-packed narratives.


For die-hard anime fans, Crunchyroll Premium offers the best streaming site for unlimited, ad-free enjoyment for $7.99 per month. Under anime’s gold standard website, viewers will gain access to extensive anime show selections at their convenience.


HIDIVE offers premium access to anime simulcasts, movies, dubs, and series for fans across the globe. At $4.99 per month, viewers will be provided with exclusive content and uncensored videos across a variety of devices without any waiting period.



Anime Heaven is home to the best anime movie and series collections. The website features thousands of anime episodes without restrictions that require absolutely no download and no surveys.


Anime Freak dubs itself the number 1 site to watch free anime shows and movies. With millions of monthly visitors, it takes pride in offering viewers the latest episodes of ongoing animes. A popular show you can access for free is Avatar Last Airbender.


Anime YouTube is a free streaming service that allows users to watch high definition anime complete with English dubs and subs. The site features a huge collection of anime shows and movies with ads being streamed alongside programs.


Gogo Anime offers free anime streaming with fast loading times and little to no disruptions. The website presents a comprehensive selection of popular anime, including new releases.


Masterani hosts a wide range of anime series and movies designed for free streaming. It features numerous categories arranged by genre, making it easier to find selections that are fit for viewers’ choices.


This website is a straightforward streaming site that contains hundreds upon hundreds of shows. It offers a variety of catalogs including an alphabetized and genre-based one. It also links to a drama, novel and manga websites.

12. 9ANIME

9anime offers a wide selection of dubbed and subbed series in different genres. With the search function, users can immediately seek out the show they are looking to watch.


This site brings the latest and best shows from Japan straight to viewers. Aside from its immense library, the site allows users to watch using different kinds of smart devices, making it accessible anytime, anywhere. You can watch anime shows like Boruto.


Deemed as the number one community dedicated to all things anime, Crunchyroll also has a massive library of dubbed and subbed shows. Plus, you can immediately discuss your favorite series or episode in the anime community forum right after watching.


Another straightforward site, you can immediately browse through the latest shows as soon as you arrive at the website. Users can sift through a master list of shows. The best thing is that each item is marked with their status such as “ongoing,” “new,” and “dubbed.”


Just like the last one, this website gives you a master list, which means that using the CTRL + F function to look for a show is much more convenient. It also has a separate list of movies and soundtracks.


While not technically dedicated to Japanese animation, Kiss Cartoon offers a selection of cartoons from classic to new ones. This also links to Kiss Anime, allowing you to switch from your beloved English animations to Japanese shows.


If you are looking English and Japanese animations hosted in one place, then Watch Cartoon Online is your best bet. You can choose to pick from a list of cartoons, dubbed, subbed, movies and OVA series.


Another simple yet comprehensive site, Twist Moe immediately shows you its catalogue of series listed in alphabetical order. If you want to search for a specific series, then you can use the search function.


This streaming site gives fans more than streaming services; it also offers a community. With the site’s dedicated sections for viewing and discussing series, you can definitely have your fill of mind-stimulating discussions.

21. ANI.ME

Ani me is one of the world’s top anime sites that lets you watch your favourite shows for free! Discover new series, get updated with the latest anime news, and engage in productive forums only here on the easiest online streaming platform to remember.


KuroAni is an online anime streaming platform that lets you watch the latest anime and cartoon episodes – free of charge! The site enables anyone to have access of its content, even those that didn’t register for an account.


Anime Frenzy stands as one of the top anime websites in the world. High resolution, readily available subs and dubs, as well as quick updates are among the reasons why many anime lovers choose it over the others.


Otaku Stream is an anime website that enables you to watch and download your favorite anime shows anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re on the look-out for ongoing series, completed franchise, or iconic movies, expect that Otaku Stream have them all for you!


Anime Karma is an online service provider that lets you have free access to your favorite anime series. The site lets you filter your researches according to your desired genre, year released, user score, and runtime.


If you want high-quality videos and a wide range of selection of anime films or series, you are free to try Aniwatcher. It also features anime shows under the category “Anime of the Season,” which helps you find the most up-to-date shows to watch.


Stream full length movies and shows online with TubeTV. It features anime series both on dubbed and original audio options.


Crackle stands as Sony’s streaming platform. The free, ad-supported network is sorted into seven categories including Anime, Drama, Thriller, Comedy, Action, Sports and Fandom.


Anime Bam offers a wide variety of anime episodes in different high definition. Among its most popular anime shows include One Piece, Seven Deadly Sins, and Detective Conan. Similar to the other mentioned sites, Anime Bam also lets you watch your chosen series in dubbed or in subbed.


YouTube is a video-sharing website that also lets you watch anime shows. However, since it’s a free platform, most videos only feature parts of an episode or lets you watch your chosen series in low and tiny resolutions.


Soul Anime is a free website with a huge collection of anime titles subbed in English. This website has a complete episodes of famous shows like Naruto, Bleach, Fairytale and One Piece. Users can browse anime collection and choose from a categories like Adventure, Assassins, Comedy, Superpowers and School.


Anime Hub is a website which offers free online streaming of anime series and movies. All their collection of anime titles has English subtitles with high-quality resolution. Users can also download shows for free.


Users can watch free anime on Anime Toon without the need to sign up or create an account. This website has a huge collection of anime, manga, cartoons and even Korean Dramas.


Anime Kaizoku is an online streaming website with a wide selection of anime shows that users can watch for free. The website uploads new episodes of on-going anime series.


Anime Ultima lets users watch anime shows and movies free of charge. To access new shows, users need to sign up and log in to their account. The website provides recommendation to users categorized as Popular Shows, Trending Shows and Latest Anime.

36. TOKU

Toku is a paid streaming service that lets users access thousands of anime shows via Amazon Prime, U-verse, xfinity, Optimum, Consolidated, Hotwire and Armstrong. Users with Toku accounts can get unlimited access to most popular anime titles and live-action.


Midnight Pulp offers a paid online streaming service of the best cult films and hard-to-find horror movies. This website does not have advertisements and also include director’s cuts and bonus features.


Aniplus Asia is a paid streaming service dedicated to anime series and movies. It is available in Asian countries like Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.


AsianCrush is a premier online streaming website that showcases Asian Cinema, TV shows and Kdramas. Users are required to sign up to watch shows.


SideReel is website where users can watch 2000+ English and Asian shows. TV series are updated regularly but users need to sign up to access shows.


Anime Simple provides free high definition English dubbed and subbed anime movies and series. Its no-frills interface allows users to easily search for anime titles and explore other offerings while featuring popular series.


Animetake highlights a broad range of genres fit for discerning viewers. Besides categorizing anime into genres, the free streaming website also classified the anime by title, making it simpler to browse new shows available.


This site offers a variety of English and Japanese animated shows. If you want to get news regarding the industry, then this is the place to go.


Like other sites, this platform allows you to explore series you can binge-watch. Unlike the others, this website offers a schedule of releases allowing you to keep up with the latest shows and episodes.


Easy Access Anime remains true to its name. Not only does it provide you access to the most epic and latest anime series, but it also enables you to easily find your desired show by genres, years, and genres.


Anime Vibe promises an excellent anime streaming experience with little to no ad interruptions. By visiting the said site, you can easily watch your favourite anime shows, such as One Piece, Dragon Ball, Naruto, and My Hero Academia for free.


AnimeHeros offers free and high quality streaming service for users who want to watch anime series and movies. The website doesn’t require users to log in to watch shows.


Explore your options when watching anime online. If you are willing to pay for premium membership to top anime streaming websites, then you can enjoy ads-free features and download privileges. In addition to high-quality resolution and English subtitles, premium membership also provides latest updates on the on-going series. If you’re looking for specific sites to watch dubbed anime then check out our list.

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