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An Overview of the 2020 Ford Explorer

Ford is ready to make a statement with its newest 2020 Ford Explorer. Much like it commanded the market back in 1991 when it first debuted the Explorer.

It led the charge then for other automakers to get into the SUV game. Now it plans to lead the overflowing market again with the 6th generation of Explorer.

This midsize SUV, with seating for 7 passengers, is ready to fill all kinds of roles in your busy life. This SUV is built to feel bigger than many others in the same category.

The 2020 Ford Explorer is sure to be a star in both Ford’s lineup and the SUV market. Learn about all the reasons you should consider a 2020 Ford Explorer as your next vehicle.

Changes in 2020 Model

The 2020 model has gone through its third significant rebuild since the inception of the Explorer.

In the Explorer’s early years, the vehicle was built on frames for trucks. They were mostly rear-wheel drive.

The most recent Explorer had front-wheel drive. It was built on a unibody construction, much like many crossover vehicles of the time.

2020 Ford Explorer takes a little of both of these previous versions to become a new and improved version of itself. The 2020 model goes back to the rear-wheel driving. However, it continues to be built on unibody construction.

The new model continues to keep traditional Ford styling, it hides the many improvements hidden within the vehicle.


Considered one of the best SUVs to drive by Car and Driver magazine, this Explorer has some positive changes for drivability.

The weight has been distributed more evenly on the chassis. This gives the vehicle more balance while driving on all terrains, but especially rough terrain.


Ford’s design team really moved things around inside the vehicle. The three-rows of seating is easier to access.

There is a new button that makes getting to that third row of seats much easier. Simply push it and the seats drop for easy access. Passengers can climb behind the second-row seat or go-between them for access to the third row.

Both the second and third row of seats drop flat for increased rear cargo space as needed.


The four different models of the 2020 Ford Explorer come loaded with features.

Some of those features included on all trim levels include:

·         Tri-zone temperature controls

·         Configurable daytime running lights

·         Map lights in all three rows of seating

·         Integrated key fob with My Key technology

·         Passenger assist grab handles

Auto start-stop technology is available in both four-wheel and front-wheel versions.

Safety and Security

In 2018, car buyers said overwhelmingly at 65% that the safety and security features of a vehicle are of the utmost importance when buying a vehicle.

Some of the many safety features included on the 2020 Explorer include:

·         Active Park Assist for guiding backing up and parallel parking

·         Lane-Keeping Assist

·         Lane-Keeping Alert and Driver Alert

The Ford Co-Pilot 360 Assist is standard on three of the four trim levels. It is available as an option on the fourth model.


The interior features only add to this vehicles star quality.

The driver’s seat offers an easy view of the road because of its height at the front window. The sculpted front seats offer comfort without losing any support features. Generous legroom in the front row is a real selling point.

The dashboard features are tilted for easy viewing and access by the driver. The dashboard and side panels in the first two rows are made of soft side materials adding to their plushness.

Engine Power

The Explorer models come with a ten-speed automatic transmission.

This model is about 200 pounds lighter than previous models. That makes the engine power for even the 2.3-liter engine plenty powerful enough.

While the hybrid version weighs more, its drivetrain uses a 3.3-liter V-6 with a single 44-hp electric motor.

If you are looking for turbo power, look to either the Platinum or the ST versions. The Platinum carries a twin-turbo 3.0-liter engine.

Want the ultimate in power, the ST’s got a twin-turbo 3.0-liter V-6 engine.


The 2020 Explorer has an optional towing package that is worth the investment. The midsize SUV has better towing capability than many of its competitors.

The Eco-Boost 4 cylinder can tow 5,300 pounds. The 3.0-liter EcoBoost V6 can tow 5,600 pounds. The V6 hybrid can tow up to 5,000 pounds.

All trim levels of the Explorer feature a tow-mode. This mode adjusts the shift points and the throttle pedal sensitivity for smoother towing capabilities.

Fuel Economy

The 2020 model fuel economy numbers look very promising even beating out its competitors in fuel efficiency.

The rear-drive EcoBoost models that are 2.3 liters are EPA-rated 21 city/28 highway. The all-wheel-drive models are good for 20 city/27 highway.

No matter the model the gas mileage has improved by at least 2 miles per gallon from previous versions of the Explorer.

The hybrid version will have an 18-gallon gas tank. It’s expected to have a range of 500 miles. The expected combined mileage for the hybrid is between 27 and 28 mpg.

Entertainment Features

Three of the models come with an 8-inch touchscreen that is mounted in a landscape format.

The Platinum trim level comes with a 10.1-inch touchscreen entertainment system. This model is mounted in portrait format.

USB ports are available in both the first and second row of seating.


The 2020 Ford Explorer comes in four model options. The base price for the XLT is $37,770.

The Limited and the Limited Hybrid base-price range is between $49,000 and just over $53,000.

The Platinum offers all kinds of features as the top of the line Explorer. This base price is just over $59,000.

The base model and the XLT come nicely equipped without the need to add an abundance of options to raise up the price.

2020 Ford Explorer For You

Are you ready to take home your own 2020 Ford Explorer? You won’t be disappointed in this midsize SUV that feels big and offers a plethora of options and features. It’s no wonder Ford continues to lead the charge in the SUV market.

Come on in today to see and test drive the 2020 Ford Explorer. For more information about the Explorer contact us today.

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