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While the bulk of aftermarket parts manufacturers cater to a somewhat generalized clientele base, others serve a much more specific market. This attentiveness toward a particular need allows such aftermarkets to be highly specialized in all they do within their given sector of the industry.

In the world of competitive motorsports, few manufacturers are quite as specialized or focus oriented as Allstar Performance. The company serves as one of the nation’s premier suppliers of aftermarket race parts and motorsport-specific components. Allstar also caters to the custom build market, offering a wide selection of street-rod related stock.

A Winning Legacy

Allstar Performance, based in Watervliet, Michigan, offers racers exactly what they need to frequent the winner’s circle. The company caters to custom builds of every type yet specializes in the design and production of motorsport-specific parts and components.

Allstar was founded upon the idea that racers need a place to turn when seeking out difficult-to-locate parts. In the past, one was forced to visit multiple local storefront retail locations to find the race parts they needed. Alternatively, a select list of components could also be ordered over the internet, though availability often became an issue.

Those at the helm of Allstar Performance felt that the motorsports community deserved more. By offering an extensive array of individual parts, many of which catered to racing applications, Allstar Performance quickly became the port of call for those looking to outfit their race cars with the latest technology.

Within short order, Allstar expanded the scope of their inventory, thereby servicing a larger sector of the motorsports industry. Today, Allstar Performance is heavily vested in the production of parts for various forms of motorsport competition, including drag, oval-track, dirt-track, and road course racing, as well as tractor pulling. The company is also a major player in the production of off-road gear and related components.

Aside from the company’s production of premium-grade parts, Allstar Performance also supports the motorsports community by other means. This is most evident when considering the manufacturer’s generous sponsorship of numerous race events, including the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series.

For the 2021 race season, Allstar Performance has signed on as title sponsor of the “Fast Time Award”. Through this sponsorship, Allstar Performance will award a $100 gift card to the racer with the fastest lap at each series event.

Currently, Allstar Performance’s future appears to be bright, as the company’s inventory only continues to grow parallel with the exponential expansion of the motorsports industry itself. As has been the case for over 25 years, horsepower buffs the world over continually call upon Allstar Performance for their every automotive need.

A Boundless Inventory

Allstar Performance is a name that is synonymous with today’s motorsports scene, largely because of the company’s enormous parts inventory, which specifically caters to racers and all others with a penchant for speed.

Racers from all formats turn to Allstar Performance as their primary for specialty components and performance parts, in a bid to better their times and outpower the competition. As such, Allstar keeps a staggering stock of various racing essentials on-hand, all of which can be ordered over the internet in minutes.

Furthermore, Allstar Performance’s catalog of available parts and components continues to grow with each passing year. Those within the company’s design department constantly reassess their current inventory, while taking the industry’s most pertinent needs into consideration.

Once an unaddressed need is identified, new product design and development get underway. Within months, those at Allstar bring early design renderings to life, as these new offerings become available for purchase.

The following are some of Allstar Performance’s most popular product categories.

• Radiators

• Wheel Spacers

• Carb Spacers

• Air Filters

• Oil Pans

• Crankcase Breathers

• Battery Boxes

• Fuel Cells

• High-Flow Oil Filters

• Seat Belts/Harnesses

• Struts

• Water Pumps

• Power Steering Pumps

• Steering Components (tie-rod ends, pitman arms, etc.)

• Rear End Components (pinion gears, ring gears, etc.)

• Brake System Components (brake lines, calipers, etc.)

• Fuel System Components (carb linkages, fuel lines, etc.)

• Drivetrain Components (driveshafts, torque convertors, etc.)

All the Extras

Allstar Performance is also quite keen on the fact that it is often the small things that transform an ordinary car into a formidable performer on the track. As such, the company offers a wide selection of specialty products to complete any build.

Because of the company’s inclusion of such products within their inventory, Allstar Performance serves as the ultimate one-stop shop for the custom builder’s every need. Whether building a hot rod or a sprint car, Allstar Performance has you covered.

The following are several additional products offered by Allstar Performance that can be used to round out any build.

• Fasteners

• Adapters

• Connectors

• Exhaust Hangers

• Gaskets

• Jam Nuts

• Rivets

• Bungs

• Hood Pins

• Engine Lift Plates

• Swivel Unions

• Brake Fluid

For Racers, By Racers

So how do those at Allstar Performance know what exactly is needed to produce a winning race car? That, of course, is quite simple to explain. Allstar, as a company, grew out of the vision of a select few who understood the intricacies of motorsports competition as well as what it takes to take the checkered flag.

Many of the employees at Allstar not only enjoy catching the odd race on a Saturday afternoon but actually suit up and hit the track themselves on a frequent basis. As such, no one knows what a racer needs better than those that spend a significant amount of time pursuing victory themselves.

This is what truly makes each of Allstar Performance’s products special. The idea for many of the products produced by the company comes from actual on-track experiences and stems from real needs that have been identified while pushing a vehicle to its limits.

Consumers can rest assured that each product purchased from Allstar Performance is produced for racers, by racers, without any compromise in quality. In essence, those manning the company’s design department do not send products to market that they would not trust on race day themselves.

A Commitment to Quality

Those at Allstar Performance understand the true value of quality racing components. The potential consequences of a faulty component also weigh heavily upon those in the company. Therefore, Allstar Performance strives to turn out parts of only the highest integrity, which are sure to offer stellar performance, even under the harshest of circumstances.

As a general practice, Allstar Performance parts are held to a higher standard and are more stringently tested than many comparable offerings on today’s market. This ensures that the end consumer is able to make their purchase with confidence, knowing that Allstar’s components are up to whatever challenge they are tasked with.

Allstar Performance also backs each of their components with a solid warranty, in the unlikely event that a consumer experiences any substantial issues. This warranty covers such parts and components for a period of 90 days and applies to any material or workmanship-related defects.

The scope of this warranty policy is quite remarkable when one considers the fact that most manufacturers void any warranty associated with parts used in a competitive setting. Allstar, fully aware of a consumer’s intended use of their products, still stands by each of their product offerings in the most unwavering of manners.

Premium Performance-Oriented Products

The sheer size and diversity of Allstar Performance’s product lineup is indisputable. This is a point that becomes quite evident after only a quick glance at the company’s website. However, some of the company’s offerings garner far more attention than others due to their stellar performance attributes and convenient design.

The following are several of Allstar Performance’s most popular product offerings.

Jeep/AMC 6-Cylinder Performance Distributor

If you wish to enhance your Jeep’s reliability and overall performance, Allstar Performance has you covered. The company now offers high performance distributors for inline 6-cylinder Jeep models, which negate many of the issues associated with early Jeep distributors. These specialty distributors are designed to keep your Jeep on the road, free of burdensome ignition-related issues.

The Jeep/AMC 6-cylinder Performance Distributor features stainless-steel contacts, a vacuum advance system, and a solid molded cap. Allstar Performance also includes installation instructions with each of their specialty Jeep distributors, which details the unit’s straightforward 3-wire hook-up procedure.

Deluxe GM Roll Cage Kit

If you are in search of a premium roll cage for use in a wide range of GM vehicles, then Allstar Performance has exactly what you need. The Deluxe GM Roll Cage Kit is constructed of mild 1-3/4″, .095″ wall steel tubing, which is capable of withstanding the forces associated with a rollover event. The unit’s windshield posts are also specifically bent to provide greater visibility.

The Deluxe GM Roll Cage Kit comes complete with all that is needed for complete assembly and installation. Each individual component is expertly notched and uniformly bent for simplified assembly. This kit can be assembled and installed over the course of an afternoon, with little in the way of difficulty.

Roll Cage Compatible Side View Mirror

Allstar has engineered a custom solution to meet the needs of racers who utilize a roll cage in various forms of competition. The Roll Cage Compatible Side View Mirror can be affixed to the upright pillar segment of a vehicle’s roll cage, providing a bird’s eye view of fellow racers. This mirror can be mounted in seconds with the use of a standard hose clamp, which also allows for expedited adjustment when necessary.

The Allstar Roll Cage Compatible Side View Mirror is constructed of ultra-durable ABS plastic, which is more than capable of withstanding the abuses encountered on the track. Within this housing is a scratch-resistant polycarbonate lens, which prevents the loss of visibility with age and normal wear/tear.

Cast Iron Master Cylinder 1” Bore

A custom automotive build of any type is of little value without properly operating brakes. However, many custom builds require one to construct such systems from scratch in order to meet a specific need. This typically begins with the selection of a carefully chosen master cylinder. Luckily, Allstar offers an array of quality master cylinders for purchase, which vary in size to accommodate the requirements of most builders.

One such product is Allstar’s Cast Iron 1” Bore Master Cylinder, which is built with supreme quality in mind. This master cylinder is designed for use in both disc and drum brake applications and features ports on both sides for simplified line routing. The Cast Iron 1” Bore Master Cylinder is ideal for use with Allstar’s 7” and 8” brake boosters.

16” Electric Cooling Fan

Without proper cooling, even the most robust engines will fail in rather short order. This places increased importance on the use of quality cooling fans, especially in a high-performance race setting. In a bid to satisfy this need, Allstar Performance now offers a premium 16” electric cooling fan for purchase, which is configured with curved blades for maximum airflow. Weighing in at just a little over 6 pounds, this fan is also perfect for use when attempting to keep vehicle weight to a minimum.

The Allstar 16” Electric Cooling fan comes as a “puller” unit, which is intended to be mounted behind a vehicle’s radiator. However, by simply flipping the unit’s blades and reversing its wiring, this fan can be used as a “pusher”, making it suitable for mounting in front of a vehicle’s radiator. The Allstar 16” Electric Cooling fan also comes with all essential mounting hardware, as well as a complete set of installation instructions.

Clamp-On Breather System

Transmissions and differentials rely upon breathers, or “vents” as referred to by many, to allow for the dissipation of rapidly expanding internal heat, as well as the intake of cooler ambient air. In racing applications, many choose to upgrade these breathers or relocate them to an alternate mounting point. Luckily, Allstar Performance offers the perfect product for such applications, which can be mounted in almost any fashion necessary.

Allstar Performance’s Clamp-On Breather System features screened elements, which measure 1” in height and 1-⅜” in diameter. The unit’s integrated clamp is suitable for mounting to both 1-½” or 1 ¾” tubing and can be situated however one sees fit. The Clamp-On Breather System features an attractive black-adonized finish and comes complete with a ¼” NPT lower fitting.

Big-Block Chevy Chrome Valve Cover Set

When popping the hood of a custom hot rod, little catches the eye as quickly as numerous chrome accents found within the engine bay. Such a look is as timeless as the hot rod itself and serves as the cherry on top for those looking to present their ride with a classic vibe all its own. In a bid to assist consumers in such endeavors, Allstar Performance now offers custom chrome valve covers for use on various renditions of the Chevrolet big-block V8.

Allstar Performance’s Custom Chrome Valve Covers are fabricated to precisely fit atop the big-block Chevy’s cylinder heads and come pre-drilled with correctly spaced bolt holes. Consumers are also provided with a set of replacement valve cover bolts to go along with the purchase of their newly acquired valve covers. Installation takes only minutes and can be completed with the use of basic hand tools.

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