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How to Market Your Small Business with These 7 Essential Advertising Ideas

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Did you know that the average person is exposed to nearly 4,000 advertisements each and every day?

While this number can vary greatly based on lifestyle, it is representative of how powerful advertisements, traditional and digital, can be.

Moreover, it emphasizes how difficult it can be to stand out amongst a crowd of similar advertisements. As a small business, advertisements, direct and indirect, are essential for bringing in and retaining customers.

Looking to expand on your effective advertising techniques? Check out these seven key small business advertising ideas.

Seven Key Advertising Ideas for Small Businesses

The key to advertising is to try a variety of methods, and continually examining how well they work. Otherwise, you could be wasting your hard-earned dollars.

Here are seven proven ways to get the most out of your advertising budget.

1. Optimize Social Media

While social media ads are great, it is important that the landing page users end up on is optimized.

Ensure all information on all social media sites is accurate, especially before running any paid ads. Moreover, keep a variety of linked content from own site and other relevant noncompetitors on the page.

2. Use Google my Business

Google my Business is completely free, and not having it on it can only cost you. Once you set it up, your business will begin showing up in Google and on Google Maps. This allows users to find you and your site easily.

3. Consider Other Search Engines

It is also a good idea to try searching for your business in other search engines, such as Bing or Youtube.

Though you don’t need to focus a lot of effort on optimization outside of Google, it is a good idea to broaden your platforms.

4. Try PPC

Paid per click advertising is an ad that only charges you, the advertiser if a user follows the link. This can be pretty common on both social media platforms and search engines.

You can target keywords with PPC that you know your potential customers are searching, and you can use it as a funnel towards your site.

5. Manage Brand Reputation

There is almost no industry that is immune to the importance of brand reputation, making its management a key small business advertising solution.

It is a good idea to control the conversation about your company through a variety of means, such as encouraging customers to write reviews and reaching out directly to those that say they didn’t have a great experience to try and remedy the issue.

6. Use a Lead Generation Tool

Implementing a tool to generate leads is key to business growth. Whether it be through email marketing or click funnels, finding and directing your biggest potential customers is a must.

7. Get Involved in the Community

For local advertising, it is essential that you get out into the community to promote your business, both directly and indirectly.

Sign up to host a table at an event, make a donation to a charity event, or simply network with other small business owners. Becoming an active member of the community you serve will help get your business name out there.

Advertise Effectively for Your Small Business

Though small business advertising can seem like a daunting task, it doesn’t have to be.

There are plenty of free and inexpensive ways to advertise your business, many that don’t require too much effort on your part.

Moreover, if you really want to see a faster growth rate, it can be a good idea to bring in an advertising agency so they can examine your advertising ideas, and help create new ones.

Ready to expand your client base? Use these ideas to restructure your strategy today.

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