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All-in-one wayfinding SDKs that speed development

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Whether your organization is building its first mobile app or re-writing an existing mobile application, you can deliver a complete wayfinding experience to your users through one of our wayfinding SDKs. LogicJunction’s Wayfinding SDK options offer a variety of integration methods that support organizations of all sizes and mobile development needs.

Benefits of LogicJunction’s Wayfinding SDK

wayfinding sdks integration

Easy to Integrate

Roll out a robust, all-in-one experience through one integration point with your app’s user interface.

wayfinding sdks reduces cost

Reduced Cost

Leveraging our dedicated wayfinding development team significantly reduces cycle time.

wayfinding sdks speed

Low Risk, High Speed

Mitigate risk and go to market faster with a stable, extensively tested codebase.

wayfinding sdks reduces tech debt

Reduce Tech Debt

With a plug-and-play option, decrease the burden of maintaining the codebase, release after release.

wayfinding sdks branded experience

Branded Experience

Our creative team works with you to ‘skin’ the wayfinding experience to meet your design specifications.

wayfinding sdks security

Secure and Scanned

Run secure code that has been scanned by Vericode — the leading provider of enterprise-class application security.

Mobile SDK Blue Dot Options

We currently offer full native and scriptable framework options.

Full Native

Run close to the metal with native Android and iOS SDKs that leverage the best of what each platform has to offer.

Scriptable Frameworks

Get native performance from cross-platform codebases include NativeScript and React Native.

Looking for another framework?

Tell us what you’re looking for!

SDK Integration & Configuration

Our SDKs speed up the development process by enclosing a full wayfinding experience and packaging it, in total using view controllers — either UI Views in iOS or Activities Views in Android. Need to style the experience? No problem. Want to turn off features? No worries. We’ve got methods for that!

Method to Getting Directions:

Method to Enable Favorites:

It’s straightforward to configure various aspects of the experience, but we also haven’t gone overboard: we made some small trade-offs to avoid complexities and keep the implementation level low.

Let’s build something amazing together!

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