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7 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Basement Waterproofing Company

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It might start with a deluge of rain thanks to a summer storm, the kind that floods your outside flower pots and wakes you up in the middle of the night. You notice the corner of dampness in your basement, and further inspection leads you to discover that not only did the rain seep in one corner, but it is also seeping in all the corners and crevices of your basement.

You need a basement waterproofing company to come in as soon as possible. You can always clean up the water, but if you want a long-term solution, you need a company with basement waterproofing experience to solve your problem.

Basement waterproofing isn’t cheap, so how do you know that the massive amounts of cash you’re laying down will actually give you the solution you want? Read on to learn about the essential qualities of a trustworthy basement waterproofing company.

1. Basement Waterproofing Company Experience and Credentials

Start with company experience and credentials. The company should be able to show you their credentials when you ask for them. Ask them about their levels of experience and what kind of jobs they’ve done in the past.

Ask the company for a portfolio or pictures of what kind of basement waterproofing they’ve done in the past. They should have specific techniques and not just a general “waterproofing” explanation. The company’s explanation of how they waterproof a basement should give you peace of mind.

2. Timing

If your basement has seeped water, you want a company that can respond quickly before the seeping begins again. Do not accept a “done by” date if the company has not yet seen your basement.

Rather, the company should send an expert to you to evaluate your basement. The waterproofing expert should examine your basement carefully and then give you an estimate of time and cost. You want a company that can start on your basement as soon as possible before the next big rainstorm causes the same mess you just cleaned up.

Be careful if a company can get your job done immediately.  The question should be why they have so much free time when others are booked out so far.

3. What Others Say

Look for the company’s references. Go online and read online reviews from individuals who have used this basement waterproofing company. Customers are honest to a fault and will say online if they’ve received excellent or horrible service.

Ask around your community as well. Look for local individuals with the same problems that you’ve had in your basement. You want to find a company that has dealt with the geology of your area and understands how to best work with the soil and rocks around your home.

4. Overall Expense

The cheapest isn’t always the best. But you still need to be able to afford the services a basement waterproofing company can render. So ask for a precise financial estimate when the provider assesses your basement.

If the provider attempts to give you a quote over the phone or online, move onto a different provider. You want a contractor who can see your basement and give you an accurate quote. The contractor should see your basement, diagnose the problem, and then provide both a financial and time estimate.

Such an estimate will give you confidence that you’ve found the best basement waterproofing company around.

5. Quality Interior Service

When you discover moisture in your basement, it has already created a problem outside of the basement. You need a contractor with the ability to waterproof your basement thoroughly.

Water will typically come in through the joints in the foundation wall or through the floor drain. Contractors with experience will be able to quickly find the source of your unwanted water and will know how to waterproof all parts of your basement.

6. Proper Licensing

To install waterproofing systems, a contractor should be properly licensed, bonded, and insured.  Without these, you open yourself to problems in the future.

7. Advertising

Choose a company that advertises for waterproofing services. This may seem like an obvious trait, but many companies will have other services they specialize in and then tell you that they can add waterproofing on. Look for a company with a specialty in waterproofing basements in particular.

Be especially wary of waterproofing contractors that show up after a disaster. Many shady contractors will show up just when you need them after they get wind of a flooded community. These are often fly-by-night swindlers that just want your money and rarely do a thorough job.

Worst of all, when their waterproofing job fails, you won’t be able to find them. They will leave the community as mysteriously as when they showed up. They prey on desperate communities in need of an immediate fix, so they will have moved on to their next victim.

Waterproof With Confidence

A quality basement waterproofing company will come with stellar references and reviews not to mention certification and experience. They should have a gallery of basement pictures so you can see the work they’ve done. They should also have a specific method for waterproofing that they can explain easily to any consumer.

Are you looking for a reliable, insured, experienced basement waterproofing company? Contact us for more information. We want to hear about your basement leaks and problems because we believe we can help you fix them.

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