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Affordable Quality Pharmaceuticals Develops Supplement to Reduce Blood Sugar Crashes


Garden Grove, California, October 5, 2023 – Affordable Quality Pharmaceuticals (AQP), established in 2000, has developed a powder supplement, GlucoTrojan®, indicating to “reduce the absorption of sugars and carbs up to 40 percent,” according to a study by Tastermonial®.

In 2022, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that “96 million people aged 18 years or older have pre-diabetes (38.0% of the adult US population).” For the elderly population, “26.4 million people aged 65 years or older (48.8%) have pre-diabetes.” This is increasing the risk factors of acute and long-term health complications, high medical costs, and premature death for many.

Under AQP’s nutraceutical brand Joy | Beauty | Ageless (JBA), GlucoTrojan was developed. GlucoTrojan, a powder that is sprinkled over food or added to a drink and ingested before or during a meal, is easily implemented into a balanced diet to reduce the spike and crash in blood sugar.

The Tastermonial study aimed to assess the real-world effectiveness of GlucoTrojan. The study involved a cohort of 50 healthy adults who participated over a 14-day period, during which they were instructed to consume the GlucoTrojan powder supplement twice daily. The primary focus of the study was to compare the outcomes when participants consumed a designated “Test Meal” enriched with GlucoTrojan against their consumption of a “Control” meal that did not include the supplement. Both the Test Meal and the Control Meal were standardized to contain 82 grams of net carbohydrates derived from rice.

The findings of the study revealed a remarkable improvement in blood glucose management for those who consumed the Test Meal with GlucoTrojan. On average, participants experienced a significant 40% reduction in the blood glucose spike following the consumption of the Test Meal compared to the Control Meal. In certain cases, this reduction was even more substantial, reaching an impressive 79% decrease in blood glucose levels. These results suggest that GlucoTrojan has the potential to significantly mitigate the post-meal blood glucose spikes that are commonly associated with high carbohydrate meals.

GlucoTrojan is designed with a specific formulation known as the Trojan22® blend. This blend incorporates two key natural ingredients: fermented Mangifera indica leaf extract and Stem Banana extract. Additionally, GlucoTrojan includes the patented ingredient known as “Reducose®,” which is derived from White Mulberry Leaf extract. Scientific research has previously demonstrated that “Reducose” possesses the ability to effectively lower the post-meal glucose response. Therefore, the combination of these ingredients in GlucoTrojan holds promise for individuals seeking to manage their blood sugar levels.

GlucoTrojan can be taken through four products:

  1. GlucoTrojan® powder comes in individual packets and can be taken with food or mixed into drinks.
  2. Collagen GlucoTrojan® helps prevent glycation and delivers 8,000 mg of collagen peptides.
  3. Hello Healthy Glucose Coffee with GlucoTrojan® is made with aromatic instant coffee, amino acids, botanical extracts, cordyceps, and ABALife fig extract.
  4. Hello Healthy Glucose Cacao with GlucoTrojan® starts with a base of raw, chocolatey cacao, and contains the same blood sugar-balancing ingredients featured in Hello Healthy Glucose Coffee.

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