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Moving into First House Checklist: 10 Tips to Make Everything Perfect

Are you all set to move into your first house? For many new homeowners, this eventful moment is both exciting and stressful at the same time.

We want your first move to be perfect.  This is why we created this moving into first house checklist for you. Keep reading for the things you need to consider before, during, and after you move.

1. Update Your Address

Let’s start with the basics of moving homes. Change your new address at all of the important places, like AusPost and your bank. For AusPost, change it online at least two weeks before you move to your new home. 

If you use a credit card, update your lenders with your new mailing address. Your banks should get notifications of change of addresses too. Remember that not all mail gets forwarded to the new address so change it sooner rather than later.

While we’re on the topic, car owners should drop by the ACT. Update your license and vehicle registration. Update the ACT within 10 days of changing your address.

2. Change the Locks and Set up Security

The act of moving houses alone takes a toll on you. It especially makes you vulnerable in many ways. To ensure you’re safe, it’s important to set up the security of your new home as soon as possible. 

Start with the exits and entrances to your house. Change the locks on your doors and check if your windows lock well. If you want to be extra secure, install a deadbolt.

If possible, install your new home’s security system on the first day. These measures will give you peace of mind, especially since you’re not used to the sounds of your new home yet. 

3. Pack a “First Day” Box

It’s easy to lose track of which box contains which items. Make your first day in the new home easier. Pack everything you’d need on the first day and night in one box.

That includes toiletries, a shower curtain and rings, dinnerware, trash bags, and a lamp. This kind of preparation will be a great help for those who’re moving from far away. If your journey may take the whole day, a first-day box will make settling into the new home easier.

4. Hire Professional Help

Some people ask their friends and family to help them move. However, in reality, your friends can’t be there for you at all times. They’ve got problems and crises to deal with too.

Look for moving companies like Nuss Removals to help you with your move. Professional movers know their way around new houses and new homes. They’ve got employees who understand the stress of new homeowners.

Movers can be very expensive, especially if you’re on a tight budget. As a tip, look for movers that offer reasonable prices. Also, make sure you coordinate with a moving company before the big move. 

5. When Moving into First House, Clean

Even when the new house seems clean upon your arrival, it’ll be wise to clean it anyway. Many homes need to look clean before they get on the market. Note the keyword “look”.

While some homeowners take their time to clean the homes before they sell it, others cheat it. It’ll still be safer to make sure your new house is hygienic and fresh even when it already looks like it.

Start with the essential spaces like the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. Scrub down windows, walls, and floors. Don’t forget to clear ceiling light fixtures of dust for a brighter interior.

6. Establish the Essentials

If you’re setting up a home security system, get connected. Most home security systems need the internet to function. Even when you don’t plan to get online until you’re settled, get your Wi-Fi connection in order anyway.

If you’re buying a furnished home, check the appliances before you use them. Plug the refrigerator in and check if it works. If you’re moving during warm seasons, you’ll enjoy a working ice dispenser.

7. Inspect Your Corners and Crawlspaces

It’ll be easy to familiarize yourself with the kitchen, bathroom, and living room. However, you shouldn’t forget about crawlspaces and dark corners in the house. This is where you might even find issues you need to address ASAP.

Check for leaks or mold. If you’ve seen bugs crawling around the place, their home base might be in those corners too. Also, make sure your crawlspaces have a vapor barrier to prevent molds and rot. 

8. Check the Utilities and Schedule Installations

As soon as you reach your new house, check all your utilities. This is one of the most important bits of this moving into first house checklist. Don’t wait until it gets dark out before you check if the lights work.

Before you move in, schedule the installation dates and times for your utilities. This includes water and sewer, gas, electricity, cable and internet, trash, and phone. If you’re setting up a home security system, call the installation services for that too.

9. Make One Room Your Sanctuary

If you still plan to refurbish or improve your new home, it will take time before you settle into it in full. The key to feeling at home in the new house is to make one room your own. Make it safe and comfortable.

The ideal room is one that won’t take much work to fix up. The faster you finish this room, the more relaxed you’ll feel in it even after a hard day’s work. In the first few weeks, work on this room and make it as close to your ideal room as possible.

10. Meet the Neighbors

At least one-third of people under the age of 40 relocate often. This means you’re likely to meet people with very different behaviors from people in your hometown. 

Not everyone feels it’s polite to come to you. Others feel it’s more polite to give you your space until you’re ready to talk to them. Put on your friendliest smile, bake a fresh batch of cookies, and introduce yourself.

If you’re an introvert, try your best to establish yourself and create a good impression. Being in good standing with your neighbors will do you a lot of good in the future. Also, it’ll give you insider information like who the best electrician in the area is.

Follow This Moving Into First House Checklist Now!

It’s easy to think ahead into the big projects you want for your new house. However, it’s good to check everything off in this moving into first house checklist first. Do these quick and simple things first and you’ll be more at ease later.

We hope you learned a lot from these tips on moving into your first home. Did you enjoy reading this house-moving guide? Check out our other guides for other related content.

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