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Rosland Capital Review

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Rosland Capital ( offers a Free Gold IRA Investor’s Guide and a professional approach to converting existing IRA’s into a Gold IRA. In business since 2005, Rosland Capital may be best known for their television spokesperson, actor William Devane, who testifies to being a satisfied customer of Rosland Capital. We found the website of this company to posses one of the more user-friendly systems with which to interface, as many particularly older customers find it more intuitive, than others that seem to be more instruction-oriented.

In addition, the website of Rosland Capital provides information regarding the incomparable hedging capabilities of precious metals in light of a falling dollar, oversold stock market, and spiraling national debt. As a reminder, the homepage of Rosland features a running total for the United States National Debt. It also provides real-time prices for precious metals, as well as the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Rosland Capital encourages investors to “Protect their wealth with gold and silver.” And while promoting its’ slogan of “No Gimmicks,” Senior Economist Jeffrey Nichols encourages investors to protect financial portfolio’s with a 10% – 15% gold allocation.

The Rosland Capital Website

The home page discusses a quick history of precious metals usage throughout the history and reinforces the mantra that investors need to plan for the future and secure financial assets with precious metals. Available static tabs are: Products, Gold IRA’s, Reviews, Why Buy Gold, News, About, and Contact.

Products, offers a drop down that includes:

Gold, features a displayed list of government issued coins and bars, as well as an exclusive and limited collection of specialty coins, usually minted as proofs, from some of the world’s finest mints including Swiss-based PAMP SA and the UK’s Commonwealth Mint. Specialty coins exhibit licensed logos and celebrate Formula 1 auto racing through several different series themes.

Silver, features a displayed list of government issued coins and bars, as well as a silver version of Rosland Capital’s exclusive and limited collection of specialty coins that are available in the same coins and sizes seen in gold.

Bars, features a displayed list of convenient to own, government minted, bullion bars in gold, silver, platinum, or palladium.

Bullion Coins, features a displayed list of previously mentioned gold and silver coins, plus a palladium Canadian Maple Leaf coin.

Premium Coins, features a displayed list of exclusive, proof and numismatic gold and silver coins.

Formula 1, features a displayed list of exclusive and limited coins that come in four different series and two single coins. Included in the selection are coins celebrating Formula 1 auto racing, with a series devoted to Grand Prix events in individual countries and another commemorating all the locations in the year’s race schedule. The late Ayrton Senna, who first won at Monaco 30 years ago, and went on to win the grand prix there 6 times, is celebrated with a collection of his own. The Ayrton Senna Limited Edition Collection features three coins; a 2.5- ounce commemorative coin in silver or gold and a 30-ounce gold version.

Exclusive Specialty Coins, a very special selection of coins only available from Rosland. The collection includes:

  • The Rosland Capital Ayrton Senna collection
  • The Rosland Capital Formula One Collection
  • 2.5 ounce gold and silver version of the Williams Racing Team – 40 Years of Racing Collection

Gold IRA, is a term that refers to government-approved IRA’s that are capable of holding approved gold, silver, platinum and/or palladium coins and/or bullion. This section of the website provides information encouraging investors to protect their retirement portfolios with the proven security and long-term appreciation of physical precious metals held in an IRA. It highlights the benefits including; diversification, protection against the volatile stock market, safeguard against the declining dollar, tax benefits, and growth potential.

Reviews, provides customer testimonials regarding service received from Rosland Capital, by actual clients.

Why Buy Gold? This section provides a list of reasons that gold is a necessary protection for every financial portfolio. It also provides a free Why Buy Gold brochure offer and access to historical charts for both gold and silver. This section also discusses the difference between physical precious metals ownership and a gold ETF (Exchange –Traded Fund). In particular, it discusses the great attraction and advantages of physical gold when compared to an ETF. “Many people buy gold because they want a tangible asset – something they can feel in their hand, something that will survive fire, flood, or financial meltdown. They know gold has held value and has been a trusted store of wealth since the earliest days of human civilization.

If people choose to store their gold with a depository or a bank, they want to know their gold has their name on it – that it’s theirs, owned by them, not fractionally, partially, notionally “allocated” to them. They want to know they can withdraw their gold, not as a check in payment for their ETF share, but as physical gold that they can pass on to the next generation, that will provide a hedge against uncertainty in these most uncertain times, and those to come. The want to know that whatever happens to the world economy, and the financial system, and any of the currencies now in use, including our own, they will still have an asset with real, tangible value.”

News, is a regularly updated section that keeps visitors current with breaking news stories on any topic having to do with precious metals, especially having to do with Rosland Capital.

About, features sections including a history of the company, a bio of its founder and CEO, Marin Aleksov, an FAQ section, a precious metals & coins glossary of terms, and a section for those interested in contacting Rosland regarding employment opportunities.

Contact, provides a phone number, email contact, hours of operation, and the physical address of Rosland Capital.

Rosland Capital Ratings on Consumer Review Sites

Consumer Protection Agency Ratings Number of Reviews Source
Better Business Bureau (BBB) A+ 7 View Page
Business Consumer Alliance AAA 7 View Page
TrustLink 4 Stars 67 View Page

In spite of the positives previously addressed and a 4/5 Trust Link rating, Rosland Capital has a higher number of complaints with BBB and BCA, that prevent it from our Top 10 Inclusion. Additionally, any Rosland Capital reviews can’t be found with TrustPilot, which we consider a critical customer-only source of customer satisfaction information.

The list of complaints lodged against Rosland Capital is greater than average, but the top three most common areas of concern are

  1. A long product delivery time
  2. Television and radio commercials that could be seen as misleading (or easy to misunderstand)
  3. The “other side of that coin” is complaints having to do with buyback prices that are lower than discussed at the time of the original sale

Finally, Rosland advertises, produces and sells “Limited Edition Exclusive” gold and silver coins that purchasers could find great difficulty selling back at a profit, particularly during a precious metals rally.

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  • A very user friendly website with great content
  • Long time in business (since 2005)
  • Wide range of products available on the website




  • Too many customer complaints compared to other major gold IRA companies
  • Rosland Capital is not listed on TrustPilot
  • Limited Edition gold and silver coins could be hard selling back at a profit
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