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Flash-Gas Launches an App That Uses Blockchain Technology for Transparency In Gas Delivery

Flash-Gas has officially launched the FLASH-GAS App in Miami-Fort Lauderdale. The 24-7 operational app will enable individuals to order gas refills, replace or exchange gas tanks, and order bulk gas delivery. Get more information here.


Brickell Bay, FL, January 18, 2023— The Flash-Gas company has officially launched an end-to-end e-commerce mobile app that makes gas refills and propane delivery as simple as possible. iPhone and Android users in Miami-Fort Lauderdale can now download the Flash-Gas App and save time and money. The app will soon roll out to 22 other cities in the next two years.

Flash-gas is a one-stop shop offering a quick gas delivery solution to customers, retailers, investors, and drivers. With the new Flash-Gas App, gas retailers can now enroll their business on FLASH-Retailer and enjoy the Flash-Gas app features. It also allows customers to order propane on demand from their nearest retailers like Florigas, 24/7 Propane, and Propane Cowboys. Flash-Gas also exclusively delivers all oxygen orders on, a free basic telemedicine app, via their Flash-Gas drivers network. Flash-Gas offers low, competitive prices for all customers using the app.

The Flash-Gas app will give Miami travelers and residents a gas-on-the-go service. The app allows users to review, update, and edit their account information details or make an order. They can easily log into the app and adjust their account settings. One of the services available on the app is the home delivery service for propane grill tanks in Miami. Moreover, the app will allow customers to save their payment on file as they make multiple orders to different delivery locations at the same time.

After placing an order, the Flash-Gas App allows customers to save their payments on file. These client payment details are confidential and processed securely. The blockchain technology adopted by the Flash-Gas app ensures transparency, data management, and security. The app provides a positive client experience by giving a clear and transparent live location of the transport process. It has a fast-delivery tracking system for all orders in Miami, Florida. It considers all the delays and obstacles faced on the delivery route and updates the customer. Therefore, clients can easily communicate with drivers and check their delivery status.

“We want to disrupt the portable gas industry through transparent information sharing between our clients, retailers, investors, and drivers,” said Jacob Noriega. “Through this Flash-Gas app, we foresee an improvement in our management level, efficiency, and security. We value our customers’ time, and we are proving that by launching this app,” Noriega added.

As a company dedicated to improving client experience, Flash-Gas has also provided a propane, CO2, Oxygen, Helium and Nitrogen tank exchange feature on the app. Clients within Miami can now use the Flash-Gas app to replace their old tanks with new, clean, and inspected ones.

If you’re a gas delivery truck owner, you can be your own boss by enrolling in the Drive for FLASH-GAS opportunity.

About Flash-Gas:

Our goal is to facilitate portable spare tank deliveries and exchanges to people by empowering our retailers and drivers with quick service features. The aim is to have our clients seamlessly exchange empty tanks quickly and at low costs. Flash-Gas is guided by accountability, transparency, client alignment, and an inspirational work environment.

About Alex Obando and Charles Nader, Founders of Flash-Gas: 

Alex Obando understands that continued expansion and growth determine a company’s future success. He motivates the organization to achieve greatness through sales and marketing training and a series of software solutions.

Charles Nader is a serial entrepreneur who has worked on a variety of interesting and unique business ideas. His biggest passion project is, which he launched with his university colleague Isao Hojyo.

Contact Information:

Name: Jacob Noriega
Organization: Flash-Gas
Address: 1001 Brickell Bay, dr #1210, Miami, Florida 33131
Phone Number: 888.FLASH.15

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