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A Valentine’s Day for Friends – “Friendship Day”

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A Valentine’s Day for Friends – “Friendship Day”

Single on Valentine’s Day? Not to Worry!

Being single on Valentine’s Day can challenge some, but not if you do something different! Try a Friendship Day theme instead of the usual Valentine’s Day celebration. Get your closest friends together for a fun party! You’ll enjoy a terrific party using GoodCook recipes, pans, and utensils.

Host a Friendship Day Party

To host a fabulous Friendship Day party, you can count on GoodCook to help create delicious food and drinks for your guests.

Here are some sweet treat ideas for your party:

GoodCook Heart-Shaped Sandwich Cookies

Not only do these cookies look beautiful, but they are also delicious and sure to delight your friends at your Friendship Day party. Your friends will know how much they mean to you when they see and taste these delightful cookies you prepared specially for them, and the best part is that GoodCook makes it easy to prepare them.

The GoodCook Three-piece, Mixing Bowl set is ideal for making sandwich cookies. With the ingredients, beat the egg, butter, and sugar together, and add flour and vanilla to form your dough. Remove your dough from the GoodCook mixing bowl and divide it into three balls. Using red food coloring, tint your dough to a beautiful red color.

Roll the three dough balls between parchment paper with the GoodCook Nonstick Rolling Pin. Using heart-shaped cookie cutters, cut out heart shapes, and bake on the GoodCook 11 x 17 baking sheet lined with parchment paper. This part of the recipe can be done several days ahead, and the cut-out hearts can be stored in GoodCook Everyware Containers, which will keep them airtight and fresh.

The filling is a delicious frosting you whip up to a silky texture using the ingredients in the recipe. Next is the assembly and decorating phase, where you make sandwiches using the cute red heart cookies and the filling. Lay the “sandwich” on its side and roll the filling in sprinkles to coat the sides.

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Heart Pops

Another surefire offering at your Friendship Day party, these beautiful pops add a bit of whimsy and fun to your table. Using fresh strawberries with a cut-out “V” in the top, your Heart Pops look like a red heart due to the natural coloring and shape of strawberries and the “V” you’ve cut into the top. You must melt one cup of dark, milk, or white chocolate (or use colored candy-making melts) and add some coconut oil. Clean, fresh strawberries and cake pop sticks can be found at your local discount store or online. You can melt the chocolate in the microwave or use a saucepan on the stove; the choice is yours.

When melting chocolate, keep track of the temperature with the GoodCook Touch Thermometer to avoid overheating. Follow the recipe guidelines regarding the appropriate temperature for your type of chocolate (dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate temperatures differ). You’ll note the recipe calls for a small amount of coconut oil, which serves to thin out the chocolate before dipping the strawberries.

Once the prepared strawberries have been dipped, allow them to harden in a location that is cooler than 78 °F. Allow your strawberry pops to sufficiently cool and store them in GoodCook Everyware containers in the refrigerator until party day.

White Chocolate Pretzel Hearts

Pretty, delectable, and festive, using this recipe will please your friends and ensure your party table looks special. You may purchase some cute, decorated cellophane bags with hearts or flowers on them to allow your guests to take some of these cute pretzel hearts home.

Purchase some store-bought mini pretzels, chocolate, candy melts of your choice, and some red and pink chocolate-covered candies such as M & Ms ®. Melt your candy melts or chocolate (white, dark, or milk) in the manner you like best, and add a little coconut oil to thin it out. Be sure to use the GoodCook Thermometer to avoid getting the chocolate too hot.

Position your pretzels on a GoodCook Baking Sheet lined with parchment paper.

Transfer your melted chocolate to a GoodCook Sweet Creations Decorating & Piping bag, gently squeeze it out to the tip, and pipe it on top of the pretzels in a heart shape. Press one of the candies into each heart’s center and allow it to cool and harden before serving. This GoodCook Decorating and Piping Bag Kit will come in handy in your kitchen for many other tasks, such as decorating cupcakes and cookies and even piping filling into deviled eggs for a professional appearance. You can choose your decorating style from four tips of different sizes and shapes for whatever creation you are making.

Put Your Heart into It!

Who said Valentine’s Day is only for couples? Everyone can enjoy a day filled with love, especially at a fun party where you serve delicious treats! We’ve offered just a few ideas for a Friendship Day party that you can put together yourself, but you are welcome to get creative and come up with other wonderful foods and drinks you can serve your friends. GoodCook pans, mixing bowls, and utensils can help you get great results to make your party a hit! You can make your party a yearly tradition and ask your friends to bring their favorite treats. Everyone will feel the love, and their hearts will thank you.

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