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A Style Guide for Guys Wearing Cowboy Boots: 9 Essential Tips

Cowboys — everyone loves them. Mythologized in a pantheon of great western films in both America and Italy, cowboys are one of the most distinct figures in the American consciousness. 

They’re also distinct fashion figures. The practical but ornamented look of the cowboy has led many people to try the cowboy look for themselves, to varying degrees of success. 

One of the most important elements of the cowboy style is the boots. If you’re interested in getting into the cowboy style, look no further. This article is the full guide for guys wearing cowboy boots. 

1. Pay Attention to Your Jeans

There’s no way around it, wearing cowboy boots means wearing jeans. Jeans are a neutral option that everyone can recognize. They also have that rugged cowboy look. 

You’re probably wondering what jeans to wear with cowboy boots.

The first, and simplest answer, is simple jeans. Jeans without flashy colors, embroidery, or rips will be your best friend. Let the boots catch people’s attention, the jeans serve as a side-man. 

As far as cuts go, wrangler jeans are the best jeans to wear with cowboy boots. They’re specially designed to allow you the comfort and accessibility you need to wear your boots with style and ease. 

2. Keep the Shirt Simple

If you’re the kind of guy who’s getting into the cowboy style, you’re probably the kind of guy who likes cowboys. This is all well and good, but don’t go rushing in to replicate every Clint Eastwood outfit you’ve ever seen. 

The fact of the matter is, a gaudy, western shirt will not look good for a man in 2021. Contemporary men’s fashion focuses on the pragmatic, the comfortable, and the adaptable. 

Instead, were a neutral-colored T-shirt, henley, or button-down. Neutral patterns, like stripes and flannel, work well too. These will ensure you bring a level of class to your confident cowboy boots. 

3. Get a Good Belt

This doesn’t mean you have to go out there and get one of those cowboy belts with the giant buckles. You can do that, it might even work if the jeans and shirt are neutral, but you don’t need to. 

A good belt for cowboy boots means a belt that’s made of sturdy leather, is potentially patterned, and has a nice warm shade of brown or black. Tucking your neutral-colored shirt under your fashionable belt, with your neutral jeans will give you a refined, masculine, fashionable look. These will help the boots shine without beating people’s senses over the head with them. 

A good belt-tuck can increase your options. If you’re wearing a t-shirt tucked into a nice belt, consider wearing a flannel with the sleeves rolled up as well, to complete the look. 

4. Go Easy on the Accessories 

You might be super excited about the prospect of buying your new cowboy boots and reinventing your cowboy style. However, do yourself a favor, and go easy on the accessories for a little while. 

Footwear isn’t normally something you’d consider an “accessory”. Cowboy boots are an exception. They’re sure to turn heads and add uniqueness to your style. 

If you want to wear a bracelet, necklace, or scarf, that’s alright. just don’t wear a bracelet, a necklace, AND a scarf to go with your cowboy boots. 

5. Invest In Good Boots 

If you’re going to take the step to bring cowboy boots into your style, you have to make sure your boots are good. Bad cowboy boots could make you easily look like you’re trying to cosplay Red Dead Redemption 2 — and that’s not what you want for your fashion in your everyday life. 

If you’re ready to get your cowboy boot game on, check out these exotic boots. Tim’s boost is a wonderful online boot retailer, that will surely get you the boots you need to rock the saloon. 

6. Find a Style Icon 

There’s only so much one article to teach you. To help you further develop your look, find yourself a style icon for contemporary cowboy fashion. You needn’t spend a lot of time obsessing over this person — just looking at one outfit can inspire you. 

Brad Pitt’s look in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is a great inspiration for anyone wanting to convey a cowboy feel without going full cowboy. Matthew McConaughey often wears fashionably, masculine cowboy looks. There are also musicians, like Conor Oberst, who take a slightly more flamboyant take on the cowboy look. 

7. Don’t Act Like a Cowboy 

This one’s less a style tip than a bit of life advice. If you’re wearing cowboy boots, let the books speak for themselves. Don’t talk about the boots a lot, and don’t try to convince people that you’re some urban cowboy. 

Of course, if you do have some wrangler experience in your bones, this doesn’t apply to you. Let your natural charisma shine. 

But for men looking on a personality overhaul — don’t try to pin that on cowboy boots. The boots are a great way to enhance whatever you already have working for you. 

8. Pick Your Battles

Just like any other bold piece, you’re not going to want to wear your cowboy boots all the time. Wearing them all the time will wear people out on the look, and make it seem like you’re only wearing them to gain attention. 

Instead, pick your battles. Figure out what situations you want to wear your cowboy boots for, and bust them out with pride on those occasions. It’s much better to make people ask where the cowboy boots are, and when you’re going to wear them again than to have people ask you why you wear them so much. 

9. Wear With Your Partner 

If your significant other is also someone who likes the country style, consider dressing like a cowboy with them. You’ll surely be the most fashionable people at any event you go to, bringing a unique class and rugged feeling. 

For Guys Wearing Cowboy Boots

Cowboys aren’t going anywhere. While it’s been a very long time since there was any of the west to explore, they’re burned forever into the American consciousness.

Many people want to replicate this look. It’s not easy to do, but guys wearing cowboy boots can make it work if they do it with style. 

For more articles like this, check out our fashion section. 

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