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Get to know your Beame Stolen vehicle recovery vs. vehicle tracking

According to Statistics South Africa 2016/17, the Victims of Crime Survey revealed that more than 42, 000 vehicles are stolen annually. Although this represents a slight decline from previous years, it provides little consolation to those of us affected when losing one of our most important possessions – our car.

Of course, using services like Uber, Taxify, and other companies that provide these types of services, offer an alternative solution to the public transport system, there are moments where you simply just need your car to get around.

In South Africa, the term ‘vehicle tracking and recovery’ has become as common as the Gorilla gear lock used in the 90’s. With the consistent rise in vehicle theft and hijackings, it’s important to install a vehicle tracking and recovery solution to ensure that your vehicle doesn’t become another crime statistic.

It’s important to know that here is a very distinct difference between vehicle tracking and vehicle recovery – one that can cause ‘grudge purchase syndrome’ should you not understand the difference and how each product can serve you and your specific vehicle safety requirements. So, let’s understand the differences between tracking and recovery.

Different strokes

Vehicle Recovery

Essentially, a stolen vehicle recovery solution is designed to provide a vehicle asset management company with the exact location of your car (or bike, boat or any moveable asset). So, while you might be unable to track it yourself, the company is able to locate the signal from your installed device with the latest GPS and Radio Frequency technology, in the event of theft, hijacking or an emergency. You simply phone the company when your car is stolen, and they will dispatch their recovery team to go and find it.

Vehicle Tracking

Tracking, on the other hand, is substantially different. It enables you to see the exact location of your car using your smartphone, tablet or desktop. Depending on the package you select, there are a number of additional benefits including harsh event reporting, monitoring of fuel and vehicle expenses and an automated GPS tax logbook, amongst others.

Super-charged vehicle recovery

Some tracking devices take it a step further. Through innovative technology, you can monitor your vehicle on a smartphone app and a sophisticated online portal, in real-time. You can even use the street view to see where your car is parked.

If you are looking for a device that takes care of your vehicle’s recovery needs without any hassle, then Beame is the solution for you. Beame’s wireless technology and compact size, makes it possible to install in any moveable asset, giving you peace of mind that wherever you go, Beame has you covered.

For more information or to find out about Beame’s value-added services, Beame Protect, visit or call our Customer Care team on 0860 23 26 31 or [email protected].

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