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A Quick Kitchen Remodel Checklist

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Spending on home repairs and improvements rose to almost $420 billion in 2020 alone, and homeowners continue to plan home improvements for this year.

One of the most popular parts of a home remodel is the kitchen. If you’re planning to redo this room, you need a kitchen remodel checklist to keep you on track and on budget.

Use this handy checklist to make the most of your home renovation.

Kitchen Configuration

The most important part of kitchen remodeling is to design a functional layout. That’s why the first part of your kitchen remodel checklist should include the placement of your primary work areas. In the kitchen, you want the fridge, sink, oven, and pantry within easy access.

renovation company can help you design a kitchen layout around your needs. For instance, you might need more storage or extra counter space for food prep.

Make a list of your goals and what you’d like to see in your kitchen. Once you have those ideas, you can conceptualize a functional layout.

Cabinets and Hardware

Consider the different cabinet styles and decide which type you like best.

Do you like contemporary or traditional? Shaker, slab, glass, or another style? You’ll also have to consider the wood used and the stain or color you’d like for your cabinets.

Next, choose hardware that complements your cabinets and the rest of your kitchen design.

Another crucial factor to consider is the number of cabinets you need, and this depends mainly on how much storage you require in the kitchen.


What type of material do you want in your kitchen? Are you looking for something classy and upscale or low-maintenance?

Granite and marble are smooth and elegant, and they can add value to your home. However, quartz is more durable and less work to maintain.

Go over your options with your home renovation company to narrow down your choices.


Kitchen floors are prone to a great deal of wear and tear. If your floor has seen better days, you might want to replace it with a more modern and durable option.

Hardwood remains a classic, and it can work great in a kitchen as long as you avoid exposing your floors to moisture. Tile flooring is a fantastic choice for the kitchen as it’s low maintenance and ideal for high-moisture areas.


If your appliances have become an eyesore or you’re interested in upgrading, there’s no better time than during a home remodel.

Consider upgrading to energy-efficient cooking appliances to save on your energy bills.

Think about the look of your appliances as well. Many homeowners love the look of stainless steel, for example.

Start With This Kitchen Remodel Checklist

Before you begin your project, make sure to start with this kitchen remodel checklist. It’ll help keep you on track before and as you start the job.

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