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The Coolest Thing About Tony Robbins

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Life coach, author and successful motivational speaker Tony Robbins knows all about perfecting the positive state of the body and mind. As a self-help coach to millions of people he runs a very successful empire, which includes a large amount of travel that is very physically demanding.

His early investments into sports teams and being involved with professional athletes introduced Robbins to the value of workout recovery modalities that can help an athlete achieve top performance. Being mentally, emotionally and physically fit are important to the life balance that Tony Robbins teaches to the masses.

Recently, Robbins did a video interview about how he uses cryotherapy as his chosen recovery method. In his words he felt “completely rejuvenated.” With past experience of icing packs that took a long time to work and had to be used on individual body parts, he found that these caused locked joints and were not as effective as a 3 minute cryotherapy session. He was thrilled with the fact that his road-weary body had complete relief from inflammation and made him “feel like a kid again.”¹

Cryotherapy provides relief of muscle and joint inflammation. Within the blood any toxins are filtered and nutrients are rushed to the extremities. Endorphins are released and help the body and mind feel whole, healthy and refreshed for some time after cryotherapy. In the past 10 years more and more celebrities swear by cryotherapy.

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Tony Robbins knows the intrinsic value of cryotherapy and as he coaches professional athletes on success, he includes the importance of the value of cryotherapy sessions several times a week. His body care is essential in being able to perform with energy and vitality on stage and in private coaching sessions. His intense and rigorous schedule can be achieved by utilizing cryotherapy to help him regain his stamina after the depletion that comes with his schedule and dynamic public work.

He is so thrilled with the opportunity to use a fast and natural recovery for his health that Robbins has invested in the purchase of several cryotherapy chambers for each of his homes, as well as a mobile unit that he can take advantage of while on the road. Tony Robbins teaches life success and helps to create a lot of successful business people in all walks of life. With this success comes the power of peak performance in a healthy and balanced life. A power that can achieved with a cryotherapy lifestyle.

Learn more about the benefits of cryotherapy, find out how you can provide cryotherapy services, and read the guide on the cryotherapy business.

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