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A Leader’s Guide to Different Types of First Aid Certification

Did you know that each year more than 22 million people globally get first aid CPR training?

However, some people are not trained in how to handle these situations or have undergone such training. That is why more individuals are looking into first aid certification courses that can help them handle any injury.

But with so many first aid certification options, it’s hard to know what training is right for you. Keep reading to see the different types of first aid certifications and which one is right for you.

Basic First Aid

First aid certification training should focus on basic first aid. Training in basic first aid allows leaders to administer basic life-saving techniques in cases of a medical emergency. This includes:

  • providing CPR
  • controlling bleeding
  • assessing patient’s status
  • proving comfort

Basic first aid kit supplies and CPR training with programs like focus on people with minor to moderate injuries, which they cannot care for themselves. Basic first aid and certification courses are available in many locations. It can also be accessed in person or through online course delivery. This knowledge can provide the ability to tackle emergencies and provide the necessary help in a timely and effective manner.

Advanced First Aid

Advanced first aid provides the vital education, training, and resources needed to manage any situation. It involves the health, safety, and well-being of those they lead. It is led by experienced paramedics and equipped with new equipment.

This is to certify that leaders are informed and prepared to handle emergencies. With this certification, leaders can learn many medical scenarios and be ready to respond when an emergency arises. Also, with formal education and hands-on training, leaders will get the skills and knowledge necessary to reduce risk and harm.

Emergency First Aid Certifications

Emergency first aid certification includes basic training in CPR and how to respond to common medical emergencies, such as:

  • choking
  • severe bleeding
  • shock

They teach participants how to perform hygiene and safety checks. They also cover how to apply the best first aid kits and techniques, and how to assess a medical situation and consider a sound course of action.

Employment legislation for specific industries can be a guide for which certification a leader and their team need to gain. Awareness of the environment and the knowledge and skill set of the team can help a leader know the correct type of first aid certification.

First Aid Certification You Need to Know

First aid certification means the differences between life and death in an emergency. While certifications might differ in content. But the goal is the same to support life and provide help in dangerous situations.

To learn more about all these certifications and courses, search for a local instructor. You can also check online courses to gain the knowledge, skills, and certification necessary to act as a life-saving leader.

Do you need more information about keeping you and your loved ones safe? Check out our latest articles today for more insights on safety.

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