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How to Write a Killer March Madness Betting Guide

1.6 billion people gamble on an annual basis, across the world. Among the top countries that contribute to that pile of gambling revenue are the USA and China.

Looking at the USA specifically, perhaps the craziest time of the year to place bets comes in March when the annual NCAA March Madness basketball tournament comes to pass.

If you’re reading this post, chances are, you know all about march madness, betting, and the like. What you don’t know is how to write a killer betting guide on the tournament so you can educate novices on how to gamble on it.

On that front, our team has you covered.

If you’re curious to know what information to include in your guide and what to leave out so it can get as much traction as possible, keep reading. We’ll run you through a sample structure.

Start With an Explanation of March Madness

When you’re writing a betting guide, you can’t assume your readers have any entry-level knowledge. That means, in the context of March Madness, you’ll have to start with the basics.

Talk about how many teams compete in the March Madness tournament, how the elimination brackets work, and what the prize is at the end of the tournament. Share the tournament’s history, past winners, and which schools have picked up momentum over the years.

Finally, share links to educational resources people can click on to learn more about the tournament they’re going to be pouring money into.

Explain Favorites vs Underdogs

Once people know a little bit about the March Madness tournament, your betting guide can move into betting mechanics. The first betting mechanic we suggest touching on is the concept of favorites vs underdogs.

Let your readers know that the favorite in any sort of sports betting situation has been deemed most likely to win and as such, you’ll have to risk more money to get a return than if you were to bet on an underdog, the team that is more likely to lose.

Touch of Spreads

Most novice betters think that bets circulate purely around who is going to win and lose games. That understanding fails to consider spreads.

Spreads touch on how much a team is going to win by rather than simply whether or not they’ll win. Betting spreads increase or decrease the odds of placing winning bets and will consequently affect payouts.

Walk your readers through how best to navigate this key betting factor.

Explain Those Funny Numbers Next to Bets (Vig)

Perhaps the number one question we get when we’re talking to people about sports betting is what the +/- number is that’s sitting next to the team they’re betting on. The number they’re referring to, of course, is the “vig”.

The concept of a vig/tax that bookies place on certain bets flies over most people’s heads and can make things confusing when they win or lose money. Go into detail on what vigs are and share some examples of them being applied to sample bets so your readers can get a feel for their effect.

Much like points, vigs vary from sportsbook to sportsbook. That means that shopping around bookies is key to limiting losses and boosting wins which you can dig into here for additional information.

Share Where to Place Bets

We can’t tell you how many sports betting guides fail to tell people where they can bet after they’ve gotten done teaching readers how to bet effectively. Remember, the reason people are reading your betting guide is that they want to hop into the sports betting action.

Give your audience that ability by letting them know their next steps.

As you advise on where to bet, remember that sports betting may not be legal in every state you’re getting web traffic from. Therefore, you’ll want to touch on some of the red tape that exists in certain areas and how people can legally circumvent it.

Describe the Dangers of Sports Betting

Nobody is more prone to falling victim to the dangers of gambling than a novice better. After all, it’s hard to understand how quickly money can disappear in the world of betting if somebody has never experienced the pain of gambling losses in the past.

Therefore, as a responsible publisher of betting guides, you’ll want to include a blurb describing that gambling should be approached with care. People shouldn’t risk assets they can’t afford to lose and should get help if they find themselves unable to stop chasing losses.

Let People Know How You’re Going to Bet

Your guide has shared with people the ins and outs of March Madness betting. At its close, throw your readers a bone and clue them in on how you see the tournament playing out.

Post a mock bracket, share your bets, and see if you can’t help people get rich come March alongside you!

Publishing a Great Betting Guide Is the Perfect Way to Garner Attention

You may have several different reasons for publishing a betting guide describing how to get in on the March Madness action. Whatever your reasons are, we’re confident that if you’re interested in garnering web traffic or notoriety in the betting community, crafting an excellent betting guide is a great way to achieve that end.

Our team wishes you the best of luck pouring your gambling expertise into the structure we’ve shared and welcomes you to check out more publishing-related content on our blog!

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