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A Guide to the Best Free Field Service Management Software of 2023

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Investing in technology to stay connected with your field employees is vital when providing the best service to your clients. Over 46 percent of businesses have lost clients due to poor communication, and that’s a risk you can’t take when growing your company. Finding field service solutions is critical to stay ahead of competitors and become the top option in your field.

The idea of investing more money in the best business software is daunting, but there are more affordable options.

Free field service management software is the perfect addition to your company. It’s an option to minimize expenses while moving your service forward.

The good news is that you’re in the best spot to learn about the free field service apps to integrate into your operations. Continue reading to learn about the best free mobile apps and field service solutions today!


Connecteam is a comprehensive field service management solution your company can access without paying a cent. It’s an excellent resource for communication between the office and field workers. You can manage work orders and schedule repairs for clients with live updates.

It also provides features like live GPS time tracking and data reporting. Connecteam is a one-stop shop for your business’s communication needs. The easy-to-use interface makes scheduling tasks for employees a walk in the park.

You’ll have options to assign tasks based on employee experience and qualifications. It’s also possible to create open jobs and shifts for employees to assign to themselves. Connecteam removes the stress of schedule management.

Digital checklists are another perk of using Connecteam for your business software. The checklists provide a straightforward way to ensure each task is complete. Use the checklists to track progress on projects and maintain inventory.

The reports also make decision-making a simple process. You’ll have all the data necessary to make informed decisions for your projects and brand. Connecteam provides field service solutions that improve your company’s efficiency, making it the perfect complement to the Service Fusion application.


Loc8 is another free option for business software. It’s available as a mobile app, making it easy for your field employees to use on the go. You can customize the app with avatars and your brand’s logo.

It’s a fantastic option for scheduling jobs and dispatching field workers to the job site. Loc8 also improves operations by including invoicing and quoting features. You can provide estimates to interested clients with the click of a button.

Another excellent feature you gain when using Loc8 is problem management. You can track each project you’re working on from start to finish.

There are several benefits to consider with Loc8. The mobile app makes working on the go a breeze. You’ll also access the information necessary for business compliance through the field service solutions.

The most significant drawback is the limited reporting features. You won’t enjoy the same access to valuable data with Connecteam. The integrations included with Loc8 are also limited.


Finding mobile apps for businesses that add value is challenging, but Fergus makes it look easy. It’s one of your brand’s best free field service management software solutions. You can use it to track each project from beginning to end to ensure everything stays on track.

The app is designed to help small businesses with up to 50 staff members. The service is geared toward plumbers and electricians who work in a field capacity. Some top features include accounting integration, activity tracking, and live notifications.

The free plan is limited but still offers significant value to small businesses operating on a tight budget. You can access ten jobs and three invoices per month with the free plan and more for the paid version.

You can track the attendance of your field workers and manage their progress on each project. It’s also a fantastic resource for knowledge management and asset lifestyle management.

The most significant pro you’ll enjoy is the user interface. It’s an easy app to learn and use for people of all technological backgrounds.

You’ll also gain access to top-notch customer support should you face any technical issues. It’s a massive benefit if you’re attempting to avoid costly downtime with your projects. Remember that the free plan is limited but provides considerable value to your business operations.

Salesforce Field Service

Salesforce is a significant power in business software, and it’s not shocking they provide noteworthy free field service management software. Learning the ins and outs of the field service app takes effort and time, but the investment is worth it for efficient operations.

It’s one of the only free field service solutions that provides cloud storage. Operating off the cloud makes working on the go a walk in the park. It’s also straightforward to integrate with your existing software solutions.

The cross-platform features of Salesforce Field Service make it perfect for field workers and managers. Managers can assign tasks and complete projects from home. It’s one of the most widely used options for business software in 2023.

Intuit Field Service Management

Intuit is another software brand that has gained prominence for its benefits. The Intuit Field Service Management software is an excellent option for free software solutions. This software option allows you to monitor each activity your field workforce handles.

The app provides real-time updates when tasks are completed. It’s also an outstanding way to monitor your workforce’s activity throughout each workday.

Task scheduling can be done manually or through automation. Job scheduling is an efficient and straightforward process with Intuit. You can also scale your package as your business grows.

Implement Free Field Service Management Software at Your Company

Finding free field service management software that benefits your brand can feel like seeking a needle in a haystack. There are several noteworthy options available for your brand to try.

Connecteam provides live GPS tracking and data reporting to help you make the best decisions. Fergus delivers one of the best field service apps to connect you with your workforce. Salesforce is another option that integrates well with existing software programs.

Technology is the best asset to propel your brand forward. Explore more of our Tech content for the best software and app options to grow your company.

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