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Wonkey Donkey Bazaar: A Sustainable and Ethical Shopping Experience for the Modern Consumer


Abergavenny, 9/05/2023 — Wonkey Donkey Bazaar, a distinctive online marketplace and boutique, is committed to offering a wide variety of sustainable, ethically-sourced and handcrafted products for environmentally conscious consumers. Established in 2014, the company partners with eco-friendly, socially responsible manufacturers and artisans who share its dedication to ethical and sustainable practices.

In-house designer Aditi-Kali of Aditi-Kali Fusions has been with Wonkey Donkey Bazaar since 2016. The company’s website, launched in 2019, is currently undergoing rapid expansion and a complete redesign to feature over 3,000-4,000 home, garden and gift products, as well as Aditi-Kali Fusions’ own Designer Showcase Collections.

Among the collections are Peace Punks (organic), Vida, and the new Ahimsa Vegan Range which was launched during the lockdown period and continues to grow in 2023. Ahimsa, a Sanskrit term that means “non-injury” or “non-violence,” is an ethical principle of not causing harm to other living beings, originating from the Indian religions of Jainism, Hinduism and Buddhism. Practising ahimsa involves showing universal love and compassion, refraining from causing physical and psychological pain to any living being and embracing forgiveness, divine love and sacrifice.

Gwyneth Mossop, aka Aditi-Kali-Designer, the founder of Wonkey Donkey Bazaar, expresses the company’s mission: “Our goal is to create a platform where consumers can make a real difference by supporting artisans and businesses that prioritise the environment and ethical practices. We believe that each purchase is a powerful opportunity to contribute to a better world, and it’s a responsibility we don’t take lightly.”

The Wonkey Donkey Bazaar website features a curated range of products including clothing, accessories, home & garden décor and wellness items, all made from eco-friendly materials and processes. These products showcase not only Aditi-Kali’s design skills but also the creativity of artisans contributing to global efforts toward a sustainable future.

The company is also committed to operating in an environmentally responsible manner by partnering with KUALO Green Web Hosting which uses renewable energy sources to minimise their carbon footprint.

Customers can find an extensive list of stockists and suppliers on the Wonkey Donkey Bazaar website, ensuring transparency and confidence in the company’s commitment to ethical sourcing. Through their carefully curated selection, Wonkey Donkey Bazaar aims to make a positive impact on the environment, the artisans they support and the lives of their customers.

To explore the unique and sustainable products offered by Wonkey Donkey Bazaar, please visit their website at

About Wonkey Donkey Bazaar:

Wonkey Donkey Bazaar is an online marketplace and boutique that offers a diverse selection of sustainable, ethically-sourced, and handcrafted products from artisans, designers, and manufacturers around the world. The company is committed to creating a positive impact on both the planet and its people by providing environmentally conscious consumers with a shopping experience that aligns with their values.

Media Contact:

Gwyneth Ireland-Mossop aka Aditi-Kali Designer/CEO & Creative Director/Proprietor
Wonkey Donkey Bazaar
Telephone: 01873 856939/ 0772761880
Email: [email protected]
Address: 210 Underhill Crescent, Abergavenny, NP7
(Please note: Gwyneth is very deaf, so please be patient. Written or email communication is preferred.)

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