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Sustainably Solar: Why Solar Dock Lights Are a Sustainable Option

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Ready to deck out your dock?

In your quest to make it both functional and beautiful, lighting is one step you can’t skip.

While there are many different options on the market, solar dock lights are the most sustainable and efficient models around.

Today, we’re taking a closer look at the many benefits you can expect when you invest in them for your property. Read on to learn everything you need to know!

Why Choose Solar Dock Lights?

Evening, nighttime and early-morning boating adventures are some of the most enjoyable moments you can spend on the water. Unfortunately, visibility can be low during these times.

Dock lights are required to help you locate your dock with ease, so you don’t damage the exterior of your boat or put yourself and other passengers at risk. Yet, relying on electric lighting can often leave you in the dark.

Inclement weather and dying bulbs are only two of the issues you could encounter with these setups. On the other hand, solar dock lights offer reliable illumination when you need it the most.

That’s why we’re proud to offer our innovative and game-changing DokLite products.

These solar-powered dock lights are more than just the most functional system in the world. They’re also ushering in a new era of solar technology, using Mil-Spec microprocessor circuitry to create a reliable, ambient light that will last for years.

Let’s take a look at five ways these bulbs are the sustainable option you need!

1. Reduced Energy Costs

Being a boat owner means staying on top of ongoing operational and upkeep expenses.  Are you growing frustrated with the sky-high utility costs required to keep your dock lights operable?

Solar dock lights offer all the functionality at a fraction of the cost. These work by absorbing solar energy during the day, and then releasing it in the evening. They are self-sustainable and do not require a power source to operate.

At first, there will be a minimal cost associated with swapping out your existing lighting system for a solar alternative. However, you can expect to earn that money back quickly over time as your monthly electric bills go down.

2. Low Maintenance

Over time, it’s exhausting to keep up with the maintenance needs of traditional dock lights. This is another area where solar versions shine.

As there are no wires associated with the system, maintaining these lights is a cinch. Once you install them, you only have to worry about two tasks: keeping them clean and replacing the batteries on occasion.

When they’re in place, you’ll never have to schedule electrical work for your dock ever again. This alone can save a massive amount of money on service calls and labor charges.

The most you’ll have to do is remove the grime and debris that can build up on your lights over time?. While other lights can be a hassle to maintain, our DokLites are encased within UV and impact-resistant housing that’s easy to keep clean.

With one little step, you can keep your solar lights shining brightly for years! To make them sparkle light new, use our DokShine Plastic Polish, which can enhance their appearance and add an extra layer of protection.

3. Easy Installation

When you don’t have wires or extension cords to contend with, installing solar dock lights takes minutes, not hours. You never have to worry about finding the resources required to help your lights reach their location.

In fact, installing your DokLites is a quick, three-step process.

First, turn the switch to “On”. Then, place the cap and floor onto the piling and press to seal. To secure the piling cap, just drill screws through the pre-drilled holes.

It really is that simple, and infinitely easier than installing electrical lighting. The hardest part will be figuring out exactly where you want to place your lights. After that, the rest of the process is a breeze!

The best part? Without excess cords and wires taking up space (and acting as trip hazards), your dock lighting setup is also neater and more attractive! The fuss-free design also allows you to place your lights in a greater variety of locations. Use our Anywhere Mount and let your imagination be your guide!

4. Enhanced Reliability

Are you expecting a major storm? If so, it’s likely that a power outage could render your electrical dock lights inoperable. The same might happen if you blow a fuse or a nearby tower malfunctions.

Yet, you can’t afford to lose power, even for a few days.

Thankfully, solar dock lights aren’t reliant on any external source apart from the sun.

As long as they have enough solar energy stored within them, they’ll light up your dock, rain or shine. They also boast a longer lifespan than electric bulbs!

Worried that your lights won’t shine as bright in cloudy or low-light conditions? Don’t be. One of the biggest misconceptions about solar lighting is that it only works on sunny days.

While your DokLites won’t be able to recharge their batteries if the sun isn’t out, that doesn’t mean they won’t work just as well as the day before. Thanks to high-capacity, high-quality batteries, these lights can store and hold enough energy to last for several days!

5. Lower Carbon Footprint

It’s no secret that more boaters than ever before are embracing a greener, more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Solar dock lights are an economical and efficient way to embrace this movement. Less reliance on the electrical grid means that you’re emitting fewer greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, lowering your carbon footprint.

Shop Our Selection of Solar Dock Lights Today

Dock lighting doesn’t have to be expensive. Nor does it need to be time-consuming, labor-intensive or stress-inducing.

That’s why we created DokLite.

These solar dock lights will keep your dock illuminated every night, without the burdens of electrical lighting. You can shop our full line of DokLites here to get started.

To learn more about how the products work and what sets them apart, get in touch!

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