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9 Ways Excellent Visitor Management Improves User Experience

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Virtual office solutions are here for the long haul. With fewer employees working in the office or onsite, more job responsibilities have shifted to technology solutions to serve clients. To stay relevant, company owners need to engage visitors as well as customers safely and efficiently to build success “virtually.”

How you manage visitors can leave a lasting impression on potential and existing customers. Whether your guests visit your corporate headquarters,  satellite office, or worksite, companies need an effective way to greet, direct, and serve customers in an increasingly tech-driven society.

Is your visitor management system creating an impressive first interaction with your customers? If you are hesitant in answering or wondering what areas of the interaction flow you should be concerned with, we’ve put together nine ways that excellent visitor management improves the user experience.

Constant Availability 

If you run a small business, it’s possible you don’t yet have the resources for a full-time receptionist at your office to greet and guests, induct visitors,  announce visitations, or provide directions. In the instance you do have a live receptionist, there are numerous reasons to limit in-person contact in today’s world.

A virtual system like ALICE is always available. ALICE greets visitors no matter when they stop by and never takes a sick day. Your team members don’t have to worry about losing potential customers or interactions if they can’t be there. ALICE is there to guide them.

Direct Visitors Without Delay

Arriving at an empty reception area can be frustrating for visitors, especially those who require assistance. This can become a friction point, and the beginning of a negative customer experience before the personal interactions even begin. What if they had immediate help to check-in for a meeting and could find the information or people they need without delay?

The ALICE visitor management system serves as a virtual receptionist that is available anytime. With helpful features to recognize visitor arrival, video prompts that initiate action by asking the customer what help they require and intuitive easy-to-navigate flows designed to aid visitors through a check-in process for scheduled appointments. To ensure your customer service can add a more personal touch when needed, ALICE also has an employee directory that can connect visitors to your designated internal resources through phone or video communications.

Protect Your Business 

While some businesses don’t necessarily need to staff a front desk receptionist, some companies require in-person activity. Not having the ability to greet guests as well as screen visitors for various health and security concerns can put the business, employees, and other customers in a potentially risky situation.

A virtual solution like ALICE can help keep your office safe and secure, ensuring a confirmed checklist of security questions or screening activities are completed consistently. Through recent technology updates, guests can now check-in with the ALICE receptionist when they arrive, receive a health screening, temperature check, and confirm that visitors are wearing a mask before accepting entry.

Safety and security will always be a priority for the success of your business. With a virtual solution to welcome and process guests, you have an untiring gatekeeper to screen every guest and help prevent a potential public health issue within your building.

Print Visitor Badges

Approved visitors deserve recognition! While onsite, a visitor’s badge helps employees welcome and greet guests. A badge also confirms that guests have passed through the ALICE screening process, successfully checked-in, and are approved to be in your workspace for a meeting.

Guests feel more welcome and your office stays more secure with a personalized visitor badge. ALICE can generate badges that include a photo, name, organization, and more to help visitors feel official and more than “just any” guest.

Deliver Information On Demand

In this age of digital technology and Googling for a quick answer, waiting an hour (or day) for a returned phone call or email can feel like an eternity. The ALICE visitor management software can deliver information on demand. From videos to documents, preloaded websites, and even the local weather, visitors have the answers they need when in the office—right away.

Scheduling Without Delay

Few things deter a meeting with a client (or potential new customer) then scheduling delays. When visitors can’t connect with you or your assistant to get an appointment on the calendar, they’ll eventually give up and find a company that has time for them. Using the ALICE visitor management system means guests can schedule a virtual or in-person meeting at any time using a calendar system.

Keep Employees Informed

When a visitor arrives and successfully checks-in with your virtual receptionist, ALICE keeps your employees informed through designated communications like an email, text, or request for a meeting. Guests should never experience delays in responses to inquiries. ALICE makes sure your guests connect with employees no matter where they are in the building or remote environment with an alert using the Employee Directory feature.

Verify Visitors

An efficient visitor check-in and health screening system is crucial to impressing visitors and creating a feeling of security and safety for team members as well as guests alike. However, you can’t be sure who gained access to your business and employees without verifying IDs during a workplace visit. In the past, this would require a paid individual to process and verify ID in person.

Using the ALICE visitor authentication and management system to scan and verify IDs eliminates the previous need, in addition to the cost, for this role. With a visitor screening database, ALICE can match a government-issued identification card to your approved guest list to increase and maintain your business’s security.

Deliver Safety Information

When guests arrive, making sure they understand the safety protocols for your workspace is an absolute must. After check-in, ALICE is designed to present company-approved documents or videos explaining topics like safety requirements, emergency exit locations, and mask protocols. Keeping this information current is easy to do and ensures your team is always up to date. This visitor management system process lets guests know the measures your business takes to maintain a clean facility and protect employees and guests, creating a favorable atmosphere of safety and security.

Make Sure Your Visitor Management System Delivers the Best Experience

Visitor management is a critical aspect of building customer relationships and growing your business. The best experience helps guests connect with your services and employees.

Make sure visitors are safe, approved, and feel welcome! Contact us to learn more about how ALICE can greet and direct visitors while protecting your company’s security and safety.

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